Friday, July 17, 2009

Mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock - MACC explanations implausible?

A good man went to the MACC (to assist them in their investigations) and came out a corpse. How can we expect MACC or the police to protect the common man?

- Charles Santiago (MP for Klang)

According to MACC investigation division director Shukri Abdull, Teoh Beng Hock was called in only as a witness ... but a witness interrogated by MACC in its 14th floor office from 6 pm till nearly 4 am, for 10 hours? What kind of witness interview was this?

A witness denied the company of his lawyer - why?

Teoh Beng Hock was to marry today - would he have jumped? Would he have loitered in the MACC building? He had his car there!

The Malaysian Insider reported the Selangor CPO Khalid Abu Bakar stating: ..... tonight the authorities had classified the death of Teoh Beng Hock as sudden death and do not see any evidence of foul play so far.

Of course, Malaysians know that it's quite normal that 30-year old men jump to their death on their wedding day.


  1. With this case, now i'm convinced of the underworld's gang linked to Selangor govt..ot at least that was my first thought upon hearing this case

    It's either suicide OR the gang's work to shut his mouth further..but i doubt it's suicide as he has so much to look forward in life

    ps: Can't believe i actually voted thugs to run my beloved wonder vices activities around my areas are mushroming and prospering

    pps: What can i expect from a political party whose assemblyman protect illegal buildings, karaoke lounge etc

  2. How to establish that he was released by MACC at 3.45 am?

    Between 3.45am to the finding of his body at 4pm, who has been in Teoh's contact, physically or via other mode (sms, phone call. etc)?

    Where is his handphone?

    Can his phone telco company download his sms or history of his call made and call received?

    Look at the CCTV at MACC who has been in contact with Teoh.

    Only until at the above is establish, then only we can get a better picture rather than emotionally speculate.

    RIP to Teoh.

    Deepest condolences to Teoh's family members

  3. After 10 hours of continuous interrogation for a long period of time, the mind suddenly gives up and the victim can no longer think properly. MACC investigation division director Shukri Abdull would also end up dead a few floors below his interrogation room after receiving such harsh treatment. He can always try it if he doesn't believe me.

  4. All investigation and interoggtion by the police , PDRM and MACC, MUST be video taped (minus voice) from the beginning until the release from the premise, to ensure the person is released physically safe.

    The will avoid suspicion of brutality!!!!

  5. Anon 7:52 AM, July 17

    You are bloody stupid! He was in the MACC building - they have to take responsibility for this.

  6. "do not see any evidence of foul play so far."

    smooth criminal ? wait a minute, it's not even a criminal if the death involves oppositions. welcome to malaysia, where you can even meet your death even you are a "witness" in interrogation.

  7. ;-) we're now witnessing insinuations that Teo Beng Huat had links with triads - such a shameful attempt.

    We all know who the biggest mobster-godfather is in Selangor - look at his ostentatious wealth. Even the MACC and the police dare not touch him.

  8. you know what's the saddest thing, some malaysians even have the tendency to joke that teoh committed suicide because he's going to "marry", and his death purposely planned by high hierarchy DAP members so that the latter can buy time and shift MACC's attention from them.

  9. it is not strange that he did not return home immediately.

    he is surely cramped and tired. so freshening up (short walk around the building to stretch the legs) and resting at the pantry are not extraordinary or suspicious. in fact not wanting to drive half asleep is the responsible thing to do.

    suicide shouldn't be ruled out. it is not extraordinary that someone who by appearance should be happy (getting married, good job) may harbour depression. i recall the death of popular Hollywood actor, heath ledger, rich beyond dreams, have a lovely daughter, loved by millions, still he was hooked to anti-depressant medication. this world and age.. don't judge a book by its covers.

  10. I agree with Anon 3:11 pm 17 July

    Suicide at MACC makes total sense. I quote
    "A. Kugan died in police custody from “drinking water.” Choong Soy Soy died in police custody after “slipping in the toilet.” Francis Udayappan “escaped prison, jumped into a river, and died” (how he was beheaded is yet unknown)."

    Some more he was only resigning from his job, preparing to head back to home town and get married. This is clearly a suicidal pattern, right?

    By the way, did anon 3:11 pm 17 July tell you the world is flat and we fall to hell upon reaching its extremity?

    It all makes full sense I and anon 3:11 pm 17 July tell you.

  11. I am anon 3:11 pm 17 July.

    Hello Eric. I request that you actually read and comprehend what I wrote instead being a smart ass.

    I never said the cause is suicide. I said it shouldn't be ruled out by just relying on outwards appearance of someone's life. Saying he is getting married, thus no way it is suicide is pre mature.

  12. you know that there's this joker (not one, but many of his cohorts add spice into the discussion) at my workplace said "tak habis habis opposition protests making full attention of this".... "if DAP really care, there are so many other deaths in custody and why they only bother this when they were in the midst of corruption investigation" .....
    worst of worse, they're even making sarcasm of it, saying Ean must be the real murderer.

    some malaysians are really hard to differentiate between politicking and MURDER!

  13. Hello repeatitive Anon.

    I did read and comprehended you are making no sense whatsoever. Unless you indeed believe that Kugan died from drinking water, Choong Soy Soy from slipping in the toilet and Francis Udayappan escaped prison, jumped into a river, and died (how he was beheaded is yet unknown).

    Your comparing an aide to politician to a Hollywood actor, in line with the persistent track-record of Malaysian enforcement agencies, just shows how far-fetched your thought is. Unless you have some kind of agenda, which may be why you are so keen on being anonymous.

    I may be a smart ass, but you are talking nonsense.

  14. RPK's article is an attempt to spin and lay blame at MACC.

    Read our hyperlinked article and ask yourself.

    Will MACC go to the extent of slitting someone's wrist and tearing his pants?

    RPK said it is an accident. Is it an accident?

    RPK should now ask his good friend, Ronnie Liu what happen?

  15. Halo Eric.

    You didn't comprehend my posting.

    I didn't compare those two individuals. Read my post again... I said that outward appearance is unreliable. Then I highlighted a popular example that most will know. Someone like Heath Ledger was living a fine, affluent life. By appearance, he should be happy. However, despite all the wealth, he was hooked on anti depressant.

    Someone like Beng Huat is gonna marry soon. By appearance, he should be happy and the cause of his untimely death being suicide is impossible. However, knowing better that outside appearance may hide ills inside, we should not rule suicide out completely.

    if you are still unable to comprehend... well, then I suspect you are just trolling.

    BTW you are jumping the gun by connecting those cases to this particular case. From the onset, you want to steer this case in a particular direction. If anyone has an agenda, it is you.

    I hope your reply will be of more substance, if it continue as it is, I will just ignore your post.

  16. And the police say there is no evidence of foul play.

    This reeks to high heaven of murder. Or at the very least manslaughter.

  17. @The Unspinners

    How not to lay blame at MACC's for the death of people they have in custody?
    Will PRDM go to the extent of killing dozens of lock-up prisoners? Will RELA go to the extent of killing hundreds of immigrants in their camps. I am afraid it is yes to both counts. So please forgive us if we think MACC has joined the fray.

    If only you'd read the very person you're accusing, you'd know there is little love lost between RPK and Ronnie Liu at the moment.

    Can we now go back to the topic at hand: the death of a witness in MACC's custody or are you just here to change topic (The Unspinners spinning?) and deflect focus?

    @Repetitive Anon,

    Am I to understand that your comparison with a Hollywood actor is more relevant than other deaths in Malaysian enforcement agencies' custody? How's that so, may I ask?

    Why don't you apply your "knowing better that outside appearance may hide ills inside" to all parties at hand and not immediately rule out foul play (as PRDM is already doing by diagnosing "sudden death")?

    BTW I have not asked you to rate my posts, do ignore them if it so pleases you.

  18. And I forgot: "Teoh was expecting first child " @

    "Teoh Beng Hock [...] was to be a father as he and his fiancee were expecting their first child."
    "[They] were supposed to register their marriage [...] got engaged two weeks ago."
    "Teoh’s brother [said] “The deceased was a jovial and friendly person and the last we met was last week when he told me that he would be taking engagement photographs”"
    "[last Sunday Teoh had] returned to Melaka to make the wedding preparations."

    Hardly sounds like a compelling case if you ask me. When you can simply and painlessly ingest a bunch of pills, suicide from the 14th floor of a drab civil service agency quite simply holds no water.

  19. Anyone thinking of committing suicide ? Please do so at the MACC HQ , you'll get full coverage and instant fame , die a HERO or a Martyr , rather than committing suicide at the railway tracks , jump down from Petronas Twin Towers or drink poison . Nobody cares and only a short write up or none at all ....wakakaka

  20. We don't have a pro forensic department like the on in the Western countries, it will be hard to determine whether he is push before been thrown down the building by thugs.

    There should be surveillance camera to capture who is going into the building between that time.

    You need to be a real terrorist to fight terrorist like the Bush Family who dare touch him?

  21. chaptokam, ordinary joes are not allowed to enter the macc building unless invited. However, since you are a MCA card carrying member, you are entitled to enter there any time of the day. And when you jump from the 14th floor, please make sure you don't leave a 2-month foetus in your wife's belly. wakakaka

  22. wat a pity guy...(T~T)

  23. good riddance

    he is a well know womeniser and a corupt guy in seri kembangan. everybody knows he is the right hand mad to a famous TRIAD member. u remember the cristal gem triad gang case in SK a few months back. the one with the people jailed in shop houses

    he got a hand in that just so you know

    ask any dap member in SK and they will tell you what a bastard this guy is

    i dunno why people blaming BN for this. I am a DAP member in SK and i must say his death is welcomed by all. he is a SMUDGE in DAP. too bad he wasnt brave enough to expose his taiko.

    may u rot in hell

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