Friday, July 24, 2009

Deceitful disgraceful disinformation

According to Wikipedia:

Disinformation is false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. It is synonymous with and sometimes called Black propaganda. It may include the distribution of forged documents, manuscripts, and photographs, or spreading malicious rumors and fabricated intelligence. Disinformation should not be confused with misinformation, information that is unintentionally false. […]

In politics, disinformation is the deliberate attempt to deflect voter support of an opponent, disseminating false statements of innuendo based on the candidates vulnerabilities as revealed by opposition research. In both cases, it also includes the distortion of true information in such a way as to render it useless. […]

Unlike traditional propaganda and Big Lie techniques designed to engage emotional support, disinformation is designed to manipulate the audience at the rational level by either discrediting conflicting information or supporting false conclusions.

There’s a lot of that coming from the UMNO blog, including a so-called Big One. Some 'claimed' they were merely quoting another blog.

The Star Online has published one such case in Fresh twist in Teoh’s death case (Update)

The sinister aim of the disinformaion is to show that the DAP ADUNs in Selangor are corrupt and that Teoh Beng Hock could have been a victim of their corrupt practice.

According to the logic of the disinformation, Teoh must have been murdered for RM2,400 while a certain UMNO person is laughing away in his own RM24 million created ‘Bali Hai’, and I am not referring to the late Deros of Klang,also of UMNO.


  1. The "scanned docs" on that blog that claims to expose don't even get the facts right...

    The spending is for Sg. Pelek, and lists Ronnie Liu as its rep. Ron is actually repping Pandamaran, which is quite far off. Sg. Pelek belongs to BN.

    Wong Chuan How is a Sepang counciller.

    And details of the allocs can actually be seen on Ronnie's website:

    Another EPIC FAIL for the BN agents. They can't even do a good job faking.

    Help to cache or archive the site before they alter it KT.

  2. Yes Sg Pelek under BN, but RL supervised it as it was under opposition. Got it?

  3. BEyes

    read it for yourself - self explanatory......

    Asked why he took charge of the state allocation for the Sungai Pelek constituency, he said there were caretaker assemblymen for each constituency won by Barisan representatives.

    “This was decided by the state exco because we do not trust Barisan assemblymen,” he said.

    Liu also explained why Sepang municipal councillor Wong Chuan How was a recipient of many payments in the constituency.

    “Wong is not a contractor. Sometimes cheques go to my service centre first, and Wong is the account holder to my service centre. This happens when we cannot issue cheques directly, such as (payments) for curry puffs, canopies and PA system,” he said.

    This happens when we cannot issue cheques directly, such as (payments) for curry puffs, canopies and PA system,” he said.

    Ronnie ..No petty cash voucher ???

    Rebutting every point made by the blogger, Liu said there were glaring errors in the blog – including documents listing expenses for programmes implemented in January and February last year.


    Ronnie the headline .!!!

    Selected documents containing list of projects for Sg Pelek constituency
    Documents containing 83 projects (item 89 to 172) in Sg Pelek constituency given to one Wong Chuan Chow. The constituency is under the purview of Ronnie Liu.

    It states Item 89 to 172
    item 88 dd 05.03.08 - Era Terbilang
    item 89 dd 04.07.08 - Wong Chuan How (start here..look at the date )
    item 172 dd 20.11.08 - Wong Chuan How ..

    Ronnie why bother to quote item 88 and before ? when the blog explicitly quotes 89 to 172

  4. Ronnie , what's your say on this ? that the number of massage licenses issued are all fictitious , doctored ?

    Massage parlours still mushrooming in PJ

    DESPITE the freeze in issuing licences for massage parlours in Selangor by the state government last year, such premises have been seen mushrooming at a rate that had even changed the outlook of popular spots in Petaling Jaya.

    Areas like SS2, Kota Damansara, Sunway Mentari and Damansara Utama have grown from being popular spots to seek food and are now hot spots for those looking for a good rub.
    Hard at work: MBPJ enforcement officers raiding a massage parlour recently.

    A check by StarMetro recently noted that such outlets had multiplied and many had opened within the last six months.

    During a recent visit to an outlet in SS2, an operator told us that business was tougher than before as almost all shops are offering deals of up to 50% discounts for customers visiting during lunch hour.

    He said many in the area were old operators but new ones were slowly seen occupying vacant lots.

    A masseur, who only wanted to be known as Wong, even pointed to a shop which is now under renovation and said it would be turned into a massage parlour.

    “We were told that no one can apply for new licences but we still see new ones coming up, maybe it is easier for those running a big chain of parlours,” Wong said.

    Just like Wong, many are aware that applications for licences had been put on hold but they wonder how newer outlets were still able to operate with a proper licence in hand.

    Wong also said the council did conduct raids on the premises and sometimes this caused problems as well.

    “Once, when they came and I showed them our licence, the officer told me that my licence could be fake and they needed to check on it, I had to close my shop for three days because of that,” Wong said.

    He also added that licences for foot massages were much easier to obtain than for those who wanted to operate both foot and body massage parlours.

    “It is easy but we don’t earn much from foot massages, which is why everyone wants to do body massages,” Wong said.

    He added that some outlets did not have the proper licences for body massages, but they still provided the services illegally.

    The outlets in Petaling Jaya have similar opening hours starting at 11am and finishing at about 1am.

    A drive to Kota Damansara saw more than 20 massage parlours in full operation, some occupying up to two floors of a shop house with large banners promoting the list of services available.

    Whether it is for your foot, body, shoulder or neck, these centres have it all covered with health descriptions and benefits of each therapy.

    Workers in such outlets comprise a mix of locals, Thais, Chinese and Myanmars who are all well trained but speak very little English.

    One masseur from China who wanted to be known as Lin said the job was easy and paid well.

    Lin said she could earn up to RM1,800 in commission monthly and had no worries on the accommodation as it was provided by her employer.

    The 27-year-old said business at the centre picked up from 9pm onwards, hence the afternoons were quite relaxing.

    She added that the agent would send them for classes where they were taught the Taiwanese massage style before they could start working at the outlet.
    rest of article here :

  5. Comparing the documents posted on and Ronnie Liu's pusat-khidmat-komuniti-dun-n56-sg-pelek.doc

    There are some data missing . All the items and payment amount are correct and identical , so how could Ronnie say its doctored ? In his document , there's no mention of to whom the payment was made to ..whereas in t4tgh there's mention it was paid to Wong .
    Coming to the first item :
    item 1 ) Penyewaan mesin fotostate untuk tempoh setahun bagi kegunaan Pusat Khidmat Komuniti DUN N56 Sungai Pelek ; 7200.00 paid ...

    Isn't it cheaper to buy a fotostat machine costing about a thousand plus ringgit and give it to the pusat rather then renting ( penyewaan ) it at a cost of 7200 a yr ? and for every subsequent year ? Imagine if it was rented for four years , it would have cost nearly 30000 ringgit ! Could have bought a lot of equipment for that sum . Doesn't make sense ..I must say .
    So Ronnie what say you ...?

  6. Well it is stranger still coming from RPK under No Holds Barred on this Truth for Teh Beng Hock under the Headline :
    Was Teoh Beng Hock assassinated by the DAP?
    Now that is what I called really strange , why did he RPK chose to use that caption ?
    Is he telling us something that we only guess and that he knew about it ? Oh Yes he gets insider information and documents , including classified documents and SDs .
    So I would say he's telling us something about what he knows in a way he cannot be accused of whacking the DAP .
    Now that is really really strange , but spin ? hell NO !! its a message .

    The other thing is besides insinuating that Teoh Beng Hock was assassinated by the DAP the other blog Truth for Teoh Beng Hock didn't mentioned anything at all or even tried to insinuate that TBH was assassinated or murdered by anyone ..
    All it did was to release selected documents containing list of projects for Sg Pelek constituency
    Documents containing 83 projects (item 89 to 172) in Sg Pelek constituency given to one Wong Chuan Chow. The constituency is under the purview of Ronnie Liu.

    So what does that tell you ? That RPK is in the know ? Very strange ...I am beginning to sense that he knows something after all

  7. New article and update ..

    MYSTERY: Fictitous community projects to siphon money?

    By Malaysia Betul

    The implicated parties the mentioned in the blog Truth for Teoh Beng Hock namely, Ronnie Liu, Ean Yong Hian Wah and Wong Chuan How called for an immediate press conference last Friday.

    Ronnie's response was expectedly a denial. He riled about few factual errors spotted regarding timing. Further, he was irate at the blog's revelation of method to extract commission for DAP Assemblymen and DAP.

    The Pandamaran Assemblymen vehemently refuted the details in the list. He said each application for allocation is supported by letters as well as photographs. It is up to the District Officer to scrutinise or reject them.

    He said, “The complete set of documents is available at the Sepang District Office.”

    Wong was reported by Malaysia Insider as saying, “Many of the projects listed in the documents in the blog are fictitious.”

    He was not aware of some of the projects in the list.

    Let's leave aside standard political answers to deny and lambast their opponents. The revelation on the commission breakdown requires further evidences. Just focus on Ronnie Liu's claim of his complete list and Wong's claiming no knowledge of certain projects.

    The list published on the Internet could not have appeared out of thin air. Items claimed by both cannot be simply fabricated. For that matter, let's assume Teoh Beng Hock did made a copy for someone to keep and reveal in the event his life is endangered.

    If all is right and exist, doesn't that raises the possibility of fictitous projects not known to Wong but placed in Wong's name in the 'real' list revealed by the blog? The fictitous projcts becomes the conduit for someone to siphon money out of the Assemblymen allocation.

    It is easy to dispell it aside as small but the modus operandi is more serious than those rent seeker taking percentages. This is fraud and success at the smaller scale only leads to attempt for bigger size fraud!

  8. chaptokam, 2 issues:

    (1) I ddin't know that as a MCA bloke you believe in RPK wakakaka

    (2) you mentioned: "... let's assume Teoh Beng Hock did made a copy for someone to keep and reveal in the event his life is endangered ...", but can you make such a libellous comment of fraud based on your own unsubstantiated assumptions? If I were you, I would immediately withdraw those comments.

  9. Bro Kaytee

    1)Sometimes that joker RPK has something up his sleeves , not all the time bullshitt times when he writes I can tell its bull.. but on this occasion he choose to use that caption which amazes me ..when there's no reason for him to use that or do I have wrote as its very strange !!!!!
    Doesn't mean that I believe him ! right bro ? ...wakakaka
    2) reproduced from another blog written by one Malaysia Betul , so I guess its ok !!nothing really libellous , what if indeed he had done it ? made a copy for someone to keep ? its so easy now , just plug in your pen drive and everything is copied .

    On the other hand the fish could me falling for the bait by making police reports . Now it has attracted the police into this issue besides the MACC . A fish will never get caught if it knows how to keep its mouth shut .
    I am also certain that the party responsible for the blog t4tbh knows what its doing , verify all the documents before posting them , and I am also very sure they can expect police reports and law suits form the enraged party .
    I believe more exposure forth coming . This is not just a simple blog that sprung up overnight .


    Hey Chapto, looks like your blog has come up with "more revelations".

    5 pages of handwritten calculations written in Extra Large Font Size.

    Ha ha ha ha ha!

  11. BrightEyes

    Wow suddenly it has become my blog !!

    Wakakakakaka..........lets get a ..what do you call a writing specialist ? one who deciphers the owner of the writing ? Anyone available in Malaysia ? hahahaha !!
    Wonder who's the writer ? any guess ??

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