Monday, July 20, 2009

Penang Gerakan Youth has full confidence in MACC

Malaysiakini’s CM's 'abuse' of funds: File a complaint Gerakan told reported:

Penang Public Accounts Committee (PAC) wants the state Gerakan youth to lodge an official complaint to enable the committee to probe the movement's allegation that Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had misused public funds to stay in a luxury bungalow.

PAC chairperson Jagdeep Singh Deo also wants Gerakan youth to provide details and evidence to the PAC. Referring to a Gerakan youth report last week at the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) Penang office, Jagdeep said PAC shall investigate the allegation to protect public interest.

But Gerakan Youth said porrah.

MKINI reported: In an immediate response, state Gerakan youth chief Oh Tong Keong said the movement preferred MACC to probe the case because it had full confidence in the agency.

Yay, good news for MACC – in the midst of the current angry outraged seething public, MACC still enjoys the FULL confidence of Penang Gerakan Youth – break out the champagne.


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  2. Say Kaytee you can't win all can you ?? At least those young urns in Gerakan will keep the sandiwara lively ....wakakaka

  3. Well said Gerakan Youth, we also have our full confidence that Gerakan shall never ever be in Penang AGAIN.

  4. jom, ramai2 balik Indon, Gerakan also welcome to join

  5. Nobody can stop Gerakan from political suicide. Few MCA speaker already change their tone in their blog, one even remove early statement. MCA also choose the political suicide path.

    Karma never stop working.

  6. What the Gerakan Youth Chief said is not unexpected of idiots who are insensitive to the people's feelings just to gain a few political points. I am glad Gerakan Youth recorded their confidence in MACC, says a lot to us Penangites.

  7. thanks, spineless KPI chief. full confidence in MACC? to do what? wanna check with Teoh?

  8. "Few MCA speaker already change their tone in their blog, one even remove early statement."


    MCA changed their tone? heck they denied they (OTK gave a press statement) have uttered that statement, and blamed opposition for stoking political sentiment....

    even NTV7 news poll said the opposition are turning the tragedy into political issue....

  9. In other words, Gerakan or Mr. Oh Ting Tong will be the "witness".
    Will the MACC grills Mr. Oh Ting Tong from Gerakan for 10 hours as he is a 'witness".
    My advice to Oh , make sure it is not a 14th floor. And you cannot bring a lawyer along.

  10. I have full confidence that Gerakan is already just a distant bad memory to the people of Malaysia, and I have full confidence DAP and LGE in particular can afford to start ignoring them. In particular, there is no longer any reason to refer to KTK by name. Just let them wither away and die, and focus on more important problems!

  11. KT,

    The drama by some Pakatan's people does not illustrate the public stand. Majority of the public and even the family of the decease want the truth.

    What you are insinuating is not the truth but politic. If you a man of caliber you should reserve your judgement until the investigation is completed and what the authority have to say. It is premature to do so at this stage.

  12. upshot, public don't trust police and now MACC - we don't have any hopeful expectation for the police investigation to find out the truth - afterall, didn't CPO Selangor, Khalid, said right from the very start that there was no foul play in Teoh's death?

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  14. MACC should not be allowed to handle case invloving less than $100,000 involving state government otherwise this will lead to abuse of power and waste of tax payer money to investigate something that's not beneficial to the public.... of course all form of corruptions including giving kacang putih is unforgivable but small amount should be handled by police using the normal process and not with hidden agenda to topple opposition government.

  15. I don't think Gerakan will have full confidence in macc had Koh TK's son, and not TBH, who had fallen from the 14th floor after being interrogated for 10 hours non-stop

  16. Dont jump at the MACC.
    They are just doing their job.
    Here we are clamouring for MACC's blood.
    Yet we are the ones who want fair, transparent govt with no taint of corruption.
    Focus on the people who dont like MACC questioning Teoh.
    They fear Teoh will blurt out the secret.
    They rattle when its just a questioning, to seek out the truth.
    If there's nothing to hide, why is Teoh dead?
    Now the dead rells no lies.
    I dont think the MACC will be so inhumane in conducting the interview.
    As usual we always blame the wrong people.

  17. There's proof from 3 (thus far) living person that MACC is racist or/and brutal:

    (a) Tan Boon Hwa was abused racially, threatened with violence including threats against his wife, tortured by being forced to stand still for four long hours with food or drink (can MACC do this to anyone, let alone a witness? tindakan Kempetai/Gestapo)and recently threatened by CPO to make a statement on an earlier police report or be charged for making a 'false' report (WTF? How can a police report be deemed a false report on the syiok-sendiri-ness of the CPO to threaten - in any country, a police report is a police report - if the police wants clarification, there are many ways to achieve that, but threat is not one of them,

    (b) Dariff Din (admittedly no violence threatened but) questioned for hours on his ethnic origin (why, what for?) until MACC officer was satisfied he's a Muslim and Malay - Din said after he was confirmed as a Malay, it was all smooth sailing,


    (c) an UMNO bloke (sorry lah, for being in wrong UMNO camp) was assaulted by MACC officers.

    Given such an appalling record, we need to ask why Teoh died in MACC custody in a MACC controlled building?

  18. Gerakan still around? Hey don't they know they were rejected by Penangites?

  19. Oh they are screaming for blood and burning down the churches and condemning the religion just because a few priests sodomise some young boys !! hahaha that's taliban reasoning , philosophy , ideology and mentality .
    While the parents of the boy are more rational in thinking , please do not politicise the issue , but rather they want a royal commission of inquiry to get to the truth .
    Looks like they have more sense than those crackpots .wakaka

  20. Priests sodomising young boys is akin to bank managers running away with your deposits. Or like policemen entering and emptying your homes at gunpoint. Worse, it's like male teachers raping their female students.

  21. If u r a constructive blogger, then pls f the guts and balls to identify yourself correctly.

    Cheers Bro

  22. Gerakan members are showing signs of desperation lately... even LGE's rented bungalow also want to have a say. Really childish bunch of people. The more they open their mouth, the more people have no doubt about their stupidity. My friends and our families have vowed never to vote Gerakan again. All no balls against UMNO. Haven't heard a single whimper from Gerakan about Khir Toyo's mansion....

  23. Greenbug
    Dont you regret voting Pakatan?
    Do you like what LGE is doing to Penang?
    If you dont know please ask Chaptokam.
    Or better still KT.

  24. Let me say from the outset that I symphatise with Teoh's family for their loss.
    I feel sad that Teoh will never get to see his unborn child.
    No one but God has the right to end a person's life.
    But I don't like what this is leading to - accusations of racism towards the MACC.
    I think if it is Mamat who was the victim, there will not be a hue and cry.
    How many Malays died while under police detention or while escaping from the police?
    But Malays being fatalistic people always will say in the event of death it's fate determine by Allah.
    They will cite Prophet Muhammad who faced worst trials and tribulations to spread Islam.
    This should be a case for police to decide but since the blue men is also looked upon in suspicion it's no go.
    We now have a populist government and they will agree to calls for a Royal Commission of Inquiry.
    I am all for all it too before this turns into an ugly racist war.
    It should establish was Teoh pushed off the building by person or persons who were suspects, was the MACC too strenous in the interrogation or Teoh couldnt stand the heat and do himself in.
    The way I look at it the MACC will not want Teoh dead.
    They will benefit more since Teoh is helping them in the probe.
    It's those who are aftraid of Teoh blowing the whistle if he is not guilty of the crime too.
    This case also has dampen the MACC's enthusiasm to weed out corruption.
    Let's have closure not only for Teoh's family but also for 1Malaysia.
    If the verdict is death by misadventure, Teoh should not die in vain.

  25. wow, from MACC misconduct to race issues!

    plus its just accusations by a few men, without even supplying any proof whatsoever. their word against MACC. just WORDS and air liur. but hey, why not just swallow things like a bad pill and hope it'll make everything better!

    i knew this would somehow get out of control, i'm guessing there are some people who are very happy with the current progress of things

  26. Can somebody post pic of the Oh idiot in case we bump into him, we can say out loud what a bastard

  27. Bless Penang Gerakan Youth's little dumb hearts.

  28. I recently had a motor accident.. nobody was hurt. The incident however, opened my eyes to the corruption in the police force. The traffic branch police who takes picture of the accident car demands a payoff, not much, RM10 to RM20 depending on which station u are. Then the investigating officer also collects sthg, according to my workshop, they paid RM150.

    The minute I met the IO, he was keen to know which workshop is handling my car, and asked if I hve their business card. When I said I did not have the contact info, he gave me his HP no and tell me to get the workshop to call him.

    Corruption all around us, and it just makes me so angry that, for a probe for a suspected corruption involving merely RM2,400, a life is lost.

    While the royal commission is looking over the methods of MACC's investigation procedures, I suggest they also look at how they priortise their cases and optimise their so called limited resources!!!

  29. I have my whole life been a supporter of the opposition, so I am biased. I vote DAP for check and balance. MACC wants us to believe that a DAP elected rep would stoop so low as to misappropriate RM2,400. Say, they misappropriate the entire year's allocation, hey, its only RM500,000.

    Isnt it easier and more lucrative to just do some jumping?

    Anyone who joins the DAP must be mad to do so, for monetary gain. U want to be rich, go join MCA!!

    You can accuse DAP of anything, but greed? You must be out of your mind.

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