Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nazri Aziz ignores racism, & attacks calls of justice for Teoh BH

When I read of the comments by Zainul Arifin, the group managing editor the NST Group, I was gob-smacked by his condemnation of critics of MACC, accusing them of attempting to undermine Malay institutions – see The Malaysian Insider’s Kit Siang wants Nazri to warn NST boss over racial overtones.

I was gob-smacked not so much by his racist comments but his assertion that MACC is a Malay institution.

If I remember, all public institutions are Malaysian in character rather than that of the Malays, or Chinese, or Indians or whichever ethnic group.

By so asserting that MACC or the Police Force are Malay institutions, Zainul Arifin hasn’t done these two organisatiosn any favour, au contraire.

A Malaysian citizen has died under strange circumstances while in the custody of MACC. Thus people, the so-called critics of MACC, want explanations from MACC why a man, called in the anti graft agency as a mere witness (a) was interrogated overnight, for as long as 10 hours, and (b) left the MACC building in a body bag after the interrogation.

Would this be racist on the part of the so-called critics? Was their demand to know some answers a ‘challenge to Malays leadership’, as alleged by Zainul?

I was going to ask how in the world did he, with such a mentality, get to become group managing editor of the NST group? But I might have already answered my own question.

Then, Zainul asked why Khalid Ibrahim, the MB of Selangor would question “those of his own race to act fairly” - Kenapa Menteri Besar Selangor, seorang Melayu, meragui kebolehan orang sebangsanya bertindak dengan tulus dan adil?

Those of his own race.

That most regrettable leitmotif of Zainul Arifin, the bane of our Malaysian society.

And the ridiculousness of the situation has been Nazri Aziz warning Pakatan to stop politicising Teoh Beng Hock’s death while keeping quiet about Zainul Arifin’s outrageous blatant racism.

And we wonder why MACC (and the Police) would dare do what they have done.

The story of the MACC's contrasting treatment of a RM2,400 case versus one of RM24 million (yes, millions), leading to a tragic and senseless end for a mere witness has driven Dr David KL Quek, president of the Malaysian Medical Association, to lament in Malaysiakini's SOS - Shocked, Outraged, Saddened (extracts):

It is sad that in the process of trying to enforce the 'law', a young man with so much potential has been so ruthlessly cut down, his life truncated so prematurely, that he had now left behind a bride and his orphan child to be!

This cynical loss of life, so senseless and so unnecessary, points to perhaps another growing culture of arrogance when another's life was dehumanised and cheaply disposed of ... Power of authority was all that mattered.

This is indeed not something isolated, it is now appearing to be a pattern of ingrained autocracy, unchallenged power among enforcement agencies such as the police and now the MACC, with no foreseeable oversight in place.

Custodial 'torture', unregulated investigation methods, custodial injuries and deaths, now appear to be commonplace, and are occurring with a regularity that showcase our enforcement agencies' callous disregard for human lives and their imperious unconcern for human rights.

When will our helpless, disempowered citizens get justice?

When indeed!


  1. Kaytee,

    Chaptokam cut & pasted identical comments in your 'Penang Gerakan Youth has full confidence in MACC'
    (1:36 PM, July 21, 2009) and 'The Ignominy of MACC' (5:27 PM, July 21, 2009).

    Do you think you ought to let him know you're not deaf and that he needn't repeat himself?


  2. This is the latest last line defence strategy to defend the indefensible.

    No one thought 'A Chinese man died while in custody of Malay MACC.' It is a figment of Nazri's wild imagination that MACC is a Malay or any kind of race (as of right) based Institution. It is funded by common taxpayers' money and Nazri nor any other UMNO poitician has no right to claim any personal ownership of it.

    By referring to it as a Malay Institution, Nazri is himself perpetuating the very thing he says should not be politicised or undermined - Racism and politicisation of Govt Agencies!


    We are all of one Race, the Human Race!

  3. I believe it was Ngeh Koo Ham who said that he thinks all this may be a precursor to a power grab in Selangor. I think this is a precursor to something much worse.

    Conditions are becoming increasingly conducive for a racial incident. This rubbish of referring to MACC as a Malay institution is deliberate flamebait to raise the temperature.

  4. I think another round of Operasi Lallang is coming very soon .
    And i guess that Tg.Razaleigh is about to jump.
    As he can move around freely in his own party.

    The govt medias are spinning TEoh's demise as a racial issue and aided by fuel thrown out by Apanama.
    None of which actually helps the normal people whom are facing rising crimes and rising corruptions.

  5. A discrepancy of a mere 2.4 sen in an expense account will send macc officers raiding Pakatan Rakyat centres

  6. 22 years of Tun Mamakutty and we still see his hidden hands in everything sinister about this country. I am really depressed.

  7. I understand what Nazri and Zainul Ariffin are aiming at.
    The racial overtones of the many people criticising and blaming the MACC for being responsible in Teoh's death.
    Even you cited MACC as racists or/and brutal in your reply to an earlier posting.
    Of course MACC and police are not Nalay institutions.
    But they are peopled by many, infact majority Malays.
    The police, army nd fire brigade are looked down by non-Malays and only Malays are fit to join the three forces.
    The trouble with us is that we see racism or conspiracy if it involved non-Malays.
    You guys never had it so good as now with the 1Malaysia concept.
    Just look at China. Same race but different religion lead to unrest.
    I am thankful the Nalays here are accomodating.

  8. UMNO will never do anything which does not serve its racial agenda. Can anaybody remember thje last time UMNO did anything for the good of ALL Malaysians willingly. The Royal Commission is for the purpose of cleaning the blood of Teoh Beng Hock from the hands of Najis and his band of UMNO bastards.

    Statements released by the MACC seems to suggest that the officers involved in interrogating Teoh 'lost' him. The poor man's handphone was not given back to him. This shows thatb Teoh was not allowed to leave the MACC building as claimed. Was it an inside job? If it were, who would have the clout and the resources to get this murder done? I get the feeling the blood on the hands of these bastards was put there by someone within UMNO. Can't see how Najib was going to benefit from Teoh's death. UMNO's fraticide has just claimed it first death.

    Be wary PR things are about to get really bad for the bastards in UMNO want too much and have too much to lose.

  9. Those in power do not heed and those who heed are powerless. Ramlax

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