Friday, July 24, 2009

MIC Youth purchasing land for Kg Buah Pala?

Malaysiakini Kg Buah Pala: Make offer to right party, MIC told

I am so happy that MIC Youth has taken up the cudgel for the poor villagers of Kampung Buah Pala. They might just swing it where DAP couldn’t – afterall they have great karmcheng with Koh Tsu Koon, the former (wakakaka) CM of Penang – BN buddies.

None other than towkay punya son Vellpaari and MIC Youth national coordinator, T Mohan (as reported by MIKINI) … visited the villagers last night and assured them that MIC would not let up on its efforts to buy the land for the villagers.

The village residents' association secretary J Stephen Draviam said the villagers gave the MIC entourage a rousing welcome to the village.

"We are happy that MIC leaders have come forward to support our cause and buy the land for us. We will work with anyone who wants to help us.

I say yay to MIC Youth.

But alas, they went to the wrong bloke, Penang CM Lim GE, to purchase the land.

Ng Wei Aik, the Penang DAP socialist youth secretary, suggests to MIC to go-starn sedikit and seek the current land owner Koperasi Pegawai Pegawai Kanan Kerajaan Pulau Pinang.

Good on Vellpaari – he might even aircon the entire village. Afterall he did that for his dog’s accommodation.


  1. Hey Vel Paari, where dah you went all this while. Why come and try to be hero at the tail end of the case? Oh better know that CM Lim Guan Eng or the state government don't own the land dah, its the developer and they will laugh in your face with your RM3.2 million offer dah.. poh dah! Opportunist!

  2. Vel Paari, better to use the RM3.2 million to pay back the other poor Indians who had been conned into investing in MAIKA shares....

  3. Vel Paari, Sujatha's coming after you...

  4. Someone sent me this letter and I thought it appropriate to pass the message .

    Dear Penangites & Malaysians

    I am ordinary Penangite whom love diversity of Penang and presently helping the residents of Kg Buah Pala to fight the eviction by the Developer. I am not a politician or aligned to any political parties and I do not have any political aspiration either. I am not a Hindraf or MIC-BN
    Collaborator working against PAKATAN Government. I came across a very frightening " Kg Buah Pala Horror Story" upon studying the documents of Kg Buah Pala in the last three weeks upon receiving SOS from the Village.

    Kg Buah Pala Villagers presently remains about 300 illiterate and uneducated Indians whom ancestors are the workers of Glugor Estate under Helen Margaret Brown Estate
    planting nutmegs in Penang during the British days. Presently they are cow herds and selling cow milk to make a meagre living.

    Before Independence the Village Land was acquired and held under Lot 698 North East District under Crown Trust of the Straits Settlement Act for housing purpose for the estate workers .Most of the Land have been taken by State and developed except of very small piece of Village Land which housed the estate workers quarters now know as Kg Buah Pala which is the only final remnants of Glugor Estate which planted
    nutmegs in Penang.

    They have been struggling for last 50 years against previous Penang government to save the Village from being torn down and to claim their rightful Malaysian Land
    Titles under the Torrens Systems. Their struggle is common knowledge to vicinity Penangnites like at Bukit Gelugor residents.

    The previous State Government under YB Koh Tsu Koon initially approved the Village Land Alienation in favour of Cooperative in the Year 2005 and again in the 25th April 2007 for 50% premium reduction payable by the Cooperative.

    The Villagers took the State Government, Cooperative
    and the Developer under YB Koh Tsu Koon to Court in the Year 2007 to save the village and claim their rights on the Land and at that time YB Koh Tsu Koon have not
    issued the Malaysian Land Title to the Cooperative because the cooperative have not paid up the premium for the Land Alienation. Their rights on the Land was protected because Malaysia Title was not given to the Cooperative.

    Prominent DAP & PAKATAN Leaders came to village as WHITE KNIGHTS during the Election Campaign 8/3/08 and promised to save the Village from BN Land Scams if
    they win the Election and form the Penang State Government. Every Penangite knew the DAP Election Mantra in Penang was " Land Scams ... YB Koh Tsu Koon ...BN Government".

    At that point of election time as at 08/03/08 the Malaysian Land Title for the Village Land has not yet been issued to the Cooperative because the Cooperative have not fully paid
    the premium and have not settled the Villagers as per YB Koh Tsu Koon conditions for the Land Alienation approval to the
    Cooperative in the Year 2005.

    When PAKATAN formed the State government on 8/3/08, The
    Malaysian Land Title was only issued to the Cooperative on 27/3/2008 after premium balance sum of RM 2.24 million was paid on 14/3/2008 to the present PAKATAN Government . The Malaysian Title was issued to Cooperative within 19days after PAKATAN became the State Government which extinguished the Villagers rights to the Land under Lot 698 of Crown Trust Straits Settlements and
    they were exterminated in a Court of Law !

    The market value for the 6.5 Acre Village Land is about RM 60 million. The Cooperative only paid RM 3.2 Million to the Penang State Government for the Land. The PAKATAN government have knowledge of it when they accepted the Balance Premium of RM 2.24 million on 14/3/2008 from the Cooperative before issuance of title on the
    27/3/2008 to the Cooperative.

  5. contd

    Now YB Lim Guan Eng claims that previous BN Government did the Land Scam and approved the Land Alienation on 25th April 2007 below market value and he has no choice but to issue the Title to the Cooperative. Is Lim Guan Eng telling the truth ? Did Guan Eng tell the villagers and Penangites that the below price of the land was also in the Cooperative surrendering a piece of land owned by them opposite the High Court to the Government for the expansion of the Sessions Court .
    Why is it that only partial declassifying of the minutes are done ? Why is it that Guan Eng never mention this in his speech ? All the details are down there in the minutes of the previous Exco meetings ? Is YB Lim Guan Eng telling the Penangites that inspite of all the Legal Expertise he has in his party and in Pakatan that he could not have saved or attempted to save the
    Village or the Land which is valued over RM 60million ? That YB Lim Guan Eng has no choice but to issue the Land Title to the
    Cooperative within 19days ( 27/3/2008) when he came the CM on (03/08/08)?
    With full knowledge of the issue since it was the main issue during
    the GE and promised by his candidates ? Now he is claiming that the BN Govt have fraudulently alienated the land in Penang to the Cooperative .
    Is that so ? Or is Guan Eng lying thru his teeth to the villagers?

    Now YB Lim Guan Eng claims that the previous State Government under YB Koh Tsu Koon did the Land Scam on the Village Land and He personally did not make any
    promises to the Villagers!!!!

    After much pressure from the Villagers, YB Lim Guan Eng have
    only released PARTIAL exco minutes documents which points the finger at the previous government whom gave the approval on 25th April 2007 and balance premium was
    only paid on 14/3/2008 to PAKATAN Government and Malaysian Title was issued to Cooperative on 27/3/2008. Why is that only Partial Documents are being declassified and released to

    Under S.81(2) NLC 1965... in any Land Alienation approval , the Premium must be paid within a specified time in the Notice of Payment ( Borang 5A) otherwise the State Approval shall be deemed lapse and the Land Alienation Application shall be withdrawn!!!! . The usual practice for time limit for premium payment usually is only 3 months from the issuance of notice of premium
    payment. If YB Koh Tsu Koon approval was on 25/4/07,what would have been the time limit for the payment of premium??? The Time period is 11 months... as the
    Cooperative paid the Premium only on the 14/3/08 to the Pakatan Government led by YB Lim Guan Eng?

    Why did the PAKATAN GOVERNMENT accepted the RM2.24million from the Cooperative on 14/3/2008 even though they knew the Land was worth more than RM60million???? Why didn’t DAP State Government didn’t make a fuss or claim Land Scam when they were issuing the Malaysian Title to the
    Cooperative or attempt anything in Court of Law to prevent the loss of RM 60million worth of Land? Is YB Lim Guan Eng telling that he has lost 60 million worth of Land in first 19 days of being the Penang CM???

    Under s.78 National Land Code , Until the issuance of the Registered Land Title in favour of intended applicant Proprietor, the Land shall remain with the State until such time. Therefore the Kg Buah Pala Land was in PAKATAN
    Government hand from 8/3/08 until PAKATAN government issued the Malaysian Title on 27/3/2008 !!!!!! Couldn’t have the PAKATAN Government with all the prominent lawyers in their stable save or attempted to save the Village within the provision of Law or to prevent the issuance of the
    Registered Title to the Cooperative on 27/3/2008 especially where the Land was in hand of PAKATAN Government????? And to prevent the loss of Land valued RM 60million to the

  6. contd

    It is very interesting that Penang Chinese Chamber of
    Commerce President Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping is supporting YB Lim
    Guan Eng on handling of Kg Buah Pala issue?? What would be the interest of Chamber of Commerce.....$$$$$$?

    The Villagers had placed their faiths and hopes in PAKATAN and rallied for PAKATAN during 2008 Election hoping that their struggle over 30 years to get their own Malaysian Land Title shall be over when PAKATAN forms
    the government which seen as WHITE KNIGHTS for the People .
    Their Adun is from DAP and always told them not to worry and was assured them that their land is safe and they should continue their Court struggle and fight for the Land .

    Little did the Villagers realize that the Malaysian Title has been issued by PAKATAN Government to
    the Cooperative on 27/3/2008 without a hint which has murdered Villagers in Court of Law and brandish them as squatters and trespassers.

    The Villagers was betrayed of the highest kind by the present State Government whom i believe sold out the Villagers in favour of the Cooperative and Developer. As We are all aware, No matter which ever government rule the State the Developers will try to
    play their cards to take advantage of prime land in the State.
    As one reporter told me... " Government may change... but lies does not change"

    Phew !!!very long letter !!

  7. MIC coming out with RM3.2 mil to buy back the land for the settlers is another propaganda.I don't believe MIC got the money to save the settlers.It is only empty vessel making the noise.Let's see what is the next move Samy and his gangs are up to when he could not do anything for them during Koh's time!

  8. chaptokam,

    MIC very great lah. they even took away a piece of land for themselves in Bandar Utama. You know whats the land for?

    yes, its meant for a TAMIL SCHOOL.

    MIC now really chaptokam cause the land is worth hundreds of million now.

    Really short and in doubt check with Samy Vellu.

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