Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UMNO sore losers, PKR new warriors

Malaysian Insider published an article 0-3 but Najib is hopeful, which gave us a glimpse of what we already know, the reason for UMNO money politics and why those who lost in party elections for important party positions would be the ones most likely to defect ...

... as in the case of Bota assemblyperson Nasarudin Hashim a member of Perak Umno who defected to PKR, as reported by Malaysiakini on Sunday.

The Malaysian Insider had written:

Every Umno president has been forced to “respect’’ the wishes of the 2,000 Umno delegates and reward successful candidates at party elections with Cabinet positions.

So it did not matter if you were corrupt, incompetent, average or a chauvinist. If you snared a senior party position, you were a shoo-in for a Cabinet seat.

Shaken by the results of Election 2008, Abdullah flirted with the idea of loading his Cabinet with at least four or five top Malay professionals.

He finally buckled to pressure from the party and only selected Amirsham A. Aziz and Zaid Ibrahim. He loaded the Cabinet with politicians, considered heavyweights in Umno but average by the rest of the country.

Najib has drawn up a list of credible individuals who have the brainpower and stature to be ministers but is already being told that he should not be too adventurous.

In short, stick to the old formula of promoting Umno politicians who bag the most number of votes at the party elections.

Tarnation, there's gold in them darn divisions' votes!

UMNO has become a monster that is eating itself up ... but unlike the story of Cronus eating up his children, UMNO is the story of its 'children' eating up the parent Party.

Malaysiakini reported that
“...There had been talk that Nasaruddin might quit Umno after he lost in the contest for the division head post of Parit Umno, two months ago.”

But of course Anwar Ibrahim pretended it’s otherwise and claimed the Nasaruddin’s defection
“... reflected the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave.”

One thing about Anwar, you can alway rely on him to make a grandoise case out of nothing more than a man who was a sore loser and who knows it would be most unlikely for him to be re-nominated as UMNO candidate for the Bota State seat in the next State elections because he didn't succeed in becoming Parit UMNO Div head.

Nasaruddin’s froggie stunt is no difference from that by another former UMNO man Zahar Hashim, who lost the bid in the now abandoned military helicopter deal. See my post
Zahar Hashim - whistleblower or sour grape or frog?

In the post I wrote:
Bloke has left UMNO to join PAS. He was the former division leader of Umno Petaling Jaya Selatan.

Would he be considered as a frog? kaytee opines a definite 'no' as Zahar doesn't hold any parliamentary or DUN seat.

One would only be considered a frog if one deceives the voters into voting for one's candidature as that from Party A, but subsequently absconding with that mandate to party B. Slimy deceitful a$$h()le.

So while Zahar wasn’t a frog, Nasarudin Hashim definitely is, because having won the Bota State seat under the UMNO banner he has taken the ADUN position over to another party.

But of course - as I believe, recalling only from memory thus apologies in case my memory has failed me - Haris Ibrahim wrote (words to the effect), just what sort of people do we think are frogs (quick, wash your hands) and may kaytee add, just what sort of party accepts such frogs - wakakaka!

UMNO accepts frogs, so does a splinter party of UMNO, namely PKR. The acorn sure as hell didn’t fall far from the oak tree.

But Anwar Ibrahim is jubilant, as he sees resurrected possibilities of his half-past-six 916.

In Malaysiakini report
Don't be too sure, Perak MB tells Najib Perak MB Nizar Jamaluddin warned DPM Najib that there may be other BN state representative hopping across to Pakatan Rakyat.

Nizar virtually confirmed what I have written, that defectors haven’t been the noblest of pollies, as they looked after their own interests while hypocritically claiming they did it for their constituencies.

Nizar said there could be 3 more UMNO ADUNs, adding that the trio were disappointed with UMNO, stating:

"But it is only one of the reasons, as they were supposed to contest for the divisional chief posts (in the Umno divisional elections last October) but were ordered not to, while some lost in the elections. It was Umno's internal problem. Nasaruddin said his joining (PKR) was due to disappointment, internally."

;-) ain’t it always that way, all about the interests of numero uno.


  1. I make no secret of my distaste for UMNO and Barisan Nasional in its current form and behaviour.
    It either makes serious reforms very soon for the benefit of all Malaysians or it deserves to be sent into the opposition.

    This, however, must be done through the ballot box.

    I don't like the idea of frogs at all. They are all slimy creatures from a sleazy party. You cannot build a Federal Government using such characters.

  2. My distaste for frogs has not diminished given the disgust we all felt in how the legitimate government of Sabah was dismantled by UMNO and by the fact that the federal govt pull the total weight of the judiciary against any legality in party hopping, ie signed letters to resign and go for by-election should one leave the party.

    However, given this case does not affect any change of government, I welcome it, so that UMNO will have a taste of its own medicine.

    I do agree with you that we all must suspect the credibility of frogs.

    Going for by election is the way to go.


  3. I suppose maybe the Ends justify the Means ?

  4. At this point in time, I tend to agree the ends justify the means.
    If Anwar & Co. are no good, we can always vote them out the next elections...

    For me, the last straw was seeing people arrested just for wearing the "wrong" T-Shirt. And the total inaction over the IPCMC.

    I say, Kick The Damned Bloody BUMNO Bastards Out !

  5. "If Anwar & Co. are no good, we can always vote them out the next elections..."

    ... or I guess they would always "leapfrog" their way back into Putrajaya ;-) will of the people, yadda yadda...

  6. Well, we know kaytee's position on katak-katak, i.e. they should resign and stand for a by-election to confirm whether their voters support their jumping ship. Fair enough.
    Could kaytee share his thoughts (unless I have missed your post on this) on a PM-DPM transition plan? Whereby the voters sent a simple BN majority to the Dewan Rakyat on a platform with AAB as a PM. However, after one year, the said AAB "transfers" the premiership to the DPM.
    Now unless I am mistaken, only the Agung can appoint the PM and there is no constitutional provision for the DPM to take over as PM in case the latter resigned. Actually, there is no mention of DPM at all in the constitution. My understanding is, by extension, the aspiring PM should call for general elections to ensure voters do vote him in.
    I understand the honourable principle you are asserting (alongside Karpal and LGE) and respect it. However, assuming Najib becomes PM this March, should not we spend at least the same amount of time asking for Najib to call for a general election as we should for any ADUN/AP switching over to whatever side?
    Thanks in advance for your reply, if any.

  7. Observer, if you and kaytee do not mind, I would love your comment on the above too.
    Good night.

  8. UMNO blood Group A. PKR blood gropu also A. You figure out what we will get when PKR takes power.Ramlax

  9. UMNO blood Group A. PKR blood gropu also A. You figure out what we will get when PKR takes power.Ramlax