Monday, January 12, 2009

Israeli military steals food from Palestinians

Extracts from Middle East Online's Jordan princess warns of growing anger over Israeli raids against Gaza

Jordan's Princess Haya, a UN messenger of peace, warned on Sunday that growing Arab anger and frustration over Israel's war in the Gaza Strip, could spiral out of control. […]

Haya, who chairs the Amman-based Tkiyet Um Ali charity organisation, said 300,000 Palestinians in Gaza are "facing death and frustration."

"We are supposed to send 15 trucks of aid to Gaza every day starting today," she said, adding that each truck carries 5,700 food packages.

"But I have just heard that the Israelis are reducing the capacity of each truck by 10 percent."

"Why would they need to take 500 food packages of each truck? One package can feed three people for a month."

She's being diplomatic - she should have said 'The Israeli military STEALS food from Palestinians'!!!

"I am frustrated like the people that nothing is being done. It's nearly impossible to operate and the world needs to stand up and say this," she said.

Jordan, which signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994, is sending daily aid shipments to Gaza, where the 16-day-old war has so far killed around 880 Palestinians.


  1. My, she sure looks cute !

  2. I must say the Palestinian propaganda machine has been very effective, at least in this country.
    My yellow banana family, normally not easily fallen to leftie stuff, has fully bought into the "Israel is Evil" mantra.
    My balanced position (to me anyway) that the fighting has to stop to prevent more humanitarian suffering, but Hamas must be considered as just another warlike combatant, was shouted down...
    I suppose Ktemoc and co. should congratulate themselves. Their propaganda line has been very successful.

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  4. Oh! They must be running outta virgins up there with the current rates of matyrs coming in!

  5. ktemoc, thanks for your blog. YOu've exposed a bunch of hypocrites ie. your commentators, who revealed that they are worse than animals, or the Israelis themselves. I feel disgusted that they are Malaysian, enjoying the benefits, the peace of this country. Be gone you low-life ingrates. The world don't need the likes of you. I spit on you!

  6. there are lotta wusslim zealots out there... who only believe what their religous leader told them.

    That's who stupid this wusslim are!

  7. I have deleted that cut & paste spamming, but I haven't gotten rid of it completely.

    Bloke was Sing Lau who said ...

    Sami Alrabaa: Hamas prefers war as an alternative to progress

    "The occupation of Iraq and the rise of Islamism have provided Arab regimes with new opportunities to defer socio-political reforms"

    By Sami Alrabaa

    I say again, I welcome comments but not spamming - just post a summary of your articles plus the link and that then won't inconvenience the post's reading flow in the comments section - those who wish to read the full article can always use the link.

    Only bloke who can post full articles is yours truly ;-) coz it's my blog


  9. Kay Tee,

    My apology for pasting the whole article. Read that article which sees the same situation from a different view.

    Your suggestion is mighty right and sensible.

    sing lau

  10. For any serious discussions, a balanced perspective is always useful. As the saying goes, "the wall has two sides".

    The following video was made by a Palestinian Arab and posted on YouTube.

    Watch and listen to the producer's views about Hamas' questionable actions and standards. Like many uninterested bystander in the Middle East conflict, I was, more than a little suprised. At least a voice from a Palestinian himself!

    Copy and click on this URL :

    And broaden your view.

  11. No No No
    A wall only has one side.....I can only see one side.


    We will see who is the real war-monger over the next few days

  13. Be careful, she is part of the problem.