Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Human shields in Gaza

Look at this nice man with a young sweetie and an equally sweet kid (baby goat). Omigosh, he's Benjamin Netanyahu, prime ministerial candidate for the coming Israeli elections. Gosh, how cuddly, how cosy, how charming.

Look - these were 4 Palestinian babies, but very very dead babies - they died together with their mum when they were hit by an Israeli tank shell - were they used as human shields?

Look - this was once a nice Palestinian sweetie, just like the one Netanyahu was so cuddly with - was she used as a human shield too?

Look - 3 very dead Palestinian babies from one family - hit by tank shell too - and Dad? What can I say except to ask him what the Israelis have told us - were they employed as human shields?

Look - another Dad but more stunned coz he's holding his very dead sweetie - human shield, Dad?

Look - another dead Palestinian sweetie - human shield?

Look - Uncle and niece - not quite like Netanyahu and the Israeli sweetie because these Palestinians are no longer alive to cuddle any baby goat.

3 very very very dead Palestinian babies - thanks Israel!
I will pour out my anger on you;
the fire of my fury I will blow on you.
I will hand you over to brutal men,
who are skilled in destruction
You will become fuel for the fire –
your blood will stain the middle of the land;
you will no longer be remembered,
for I, the Lord, have spoken.

[Ezekiel 21:31-32]

OOOH, look - it's wonderful Benjamin and the sweetie and kid again! Hmmm, could Netanyahu be possibly using her as human shield?
Of course not, silly, he's just cuddling her, unlike those Palestinian Dads and Mums who used their babies as human shields.

From today's Sydney Morning Herald:

On Monday, when the Israeli tanks rolled into Gaza, 20 Palestinian children between the age of two and 15 were killed.

Those American supplied Israeli aircraft also hit three ambulances in Gaza since the campaign began, killing seven medics. Then a medical building owned by a relief organization not connected to Hamas was also bombed. According to SMH, the building was destroyed, along with an ambulance, three mobile clinics and donated medicine.

Israeli army spokespeople say they have no records of any of those strikes. Naturally!

Health official Raed Arini said he has stopped filling out the space on death certificates left for ‘reason for death’.

He said succinctly: “The reason for death is the Israeli army."

photos from Canaryppers blog's The Children of Palestine: A Photo Essay on Israel’s War Crimes in Gaza


  1. Yes, the dead Palestinian kids are human shields.

    What was Hamas thinking when it started lobbing explosive rockets into Israel ?

  2. Makes me feel like strapping on a bomb and walking up to the US Embassy Gates...

  3. Anon of 9:04 AM, January 07, the correct verb that you should use ought to be 'were', and not 'are'.

    Once, prior to the vile violent and vicious Nazi-like indiscriminate murderous killings by the Israeli military, those Palestinian children indeed 'are' sweet innocent children, like the sweetie Benjamin Netanyahu cuddled.

    But alas, with the criminally callous and cruel firing of an Israeli tank shell or Israeli helicopter gunship high calibre machine gun shell or Israeli fighter released bomb, they migrated from your 'are' to the reality of 'were'.

    As for your rhetorical question, you really don't want an answer because you already have (your own conceived) one in your head. Besides, it could be quite frightening for you too on what the correct answer is.

  4. America Sucks would do much, much better if he straps on a bomb and walk up to Ismail Hamayieh of Hamas

  5. If a driver drives his car dangerously, and as a result, his kids die in a crash with a 30-tonne semi-trailer , HE is the real killer of his kids, not the giant semi-trailer.

  6. Nobody shed tears for Georgian civilian dead when the Russian army invaded.

    Nobody shed tears for Tibet when China crushed the Tibetan protests with tanks and heavy-calibre machine-guns.

    I guess the Georgians and Tibetans are not "cute".

  7. Want a Qassam for lunch ?
    They are quite harmless, you know.


  8. Very disappointed with Kevin Rudd, who has turned out to be another Zionist-crastrated eunuch.

    I thought he was a "New kind of politician...."....poof...

  9. All Are Guilty, wrong analogy - the correct one should be: what if the 30-tonne truck cum semi-trailer was driven by a callous criminal who was instructed to drive his vehicle deliberately into your house or school, and in the process killed your kids .....?

    Anon of 12:18 PM, January 07, do you know for sure? Besides, as is now confirmed by independent (either UN or EU observers - can't remember which, but which include British military officers) the Georgian were the aggressors who attacked first. Don't believe me? Read this http://feeds.bignewsnetwork.com/index.php?sid=427634

    The Georgian President is now viewed as a war criminal for his reckless and indiscriminate attacks on Ossetians. The pompous big-headed idiot believed he had the unreserved backing of the USA but alas for him and many dead Ossetians and Georgians, he soon realized the unpalatable reality of big power strategic politics when the US only provided a lot of mouth and some very limited logistic support - Georgia was nothing more than a pawn manipulated by the USA in its neocon resurrected Cold War to threaten Russia.

    But it didn't excuse the megalomaniac aggressive ambitions of Mikheil Saakashvili to appropriate centuries-old disputed territories.

    Now, certainly the Chinese had brutally suppressed Tibetan protests but I am not too sure where you obtained information that the Chinese authority had crushed the Tibetan protests specifically with tanks and heavy-calibre machine-guns?

    ... or were you trying, through mentioning the Chinese use of tanks and heavy calibre machine guns, to ameliorate the unique viciousness of Israel's disproportionate attacks? ;-)

    To me, both China and Israel were/are brutal and vicious if tanks and heavy calibre weapons were used agaisnt women and children

    Anyway, even if nobody shed tears for the Tibetians (assuming what you claimed was done to them has been true), does that mean no one should for the Palestinian children? I fail to see your logic, other than a feeble desperate attempt to excuse the Israelis for their unmitigated cruel neo-Nazi malevolent vicousness, considering they are forever claiming to be Children of the Holocaust, thus meriting special sympathies.

  10. Ktemoc,
    15/3/2008 Tanks in Lhasa, Beijing issues an ultimatum to the Tibetans


    There was a clear footage posted in YouTube of a Chinese ZTZ96 main battle tank firing its main heavy-calibre machine gun into the 2nd floor of a Lhasa house. Nobody was shooting back at them...Unfortunately I lost the YouTube link a while ago.

    I'm not saying one should ignore the plight of the Palestinians. I'm pointing out the hypocricy of some of these "champions".

  11. Any photos of Israeli kids killed or maimed by Hamas rockets ? Just curious.

  12. I was just imagining a hypothetical terrorist outfit sitting on a neighboring country, constantly firing rockets at our towns, causing much damage and killing our folk occasionally. Would our Govt will be carefully weighing the "proportionality" of the response? The priority wd be to stop the terrorists.

  13. yes, Famos Amos, globally it's known that people stop terrorists by killing their children.

    However, Malaysia's first PM did a silly thing by adopting one. But then, Tengku was a Malaysian, not an Israeli.

  14. dear KT,

    i cannot fathom such violence, such need for retaliation, when it was merely some home-made rockets from a rebel faction of Hamas. It's like when a rascal throw a rock to your house, you went to his village and killed and burned everything/everyone. wtf?


  15. We don't live in the neighbourhood. Its almost impossible to understand the bad blood there.

    Israelis have done awful things to Arabs in the past
    Arabs have done awful things to Israelis in the past.

  16. ok, KT & WY Kam: Lets say you are calling the shots in Israel. And you got this Hamas and Hisbollah & every kind of outfit sitting in yr neighborhood, firing rockets deeper & deeper into your country, killing your folks (incl children, only your PR people cant get the right pics shown on the right channels or newspapers). How are you going to stop these chaps ? Take a rotan and check their credentials carefully before lightly tapping their backsides ? And that too, before you swing, look around to make sure no Palestinian kid is in the way, lest he/she is hurt ? And puhleeeze, dont say you are going to sit down & talk to these violent folks and convince them to take up far? Get real.

  17. Though the Middle East was the cradle of much of what the rest of the world holds dear as "civilised values", the territory itself has been a downright f***ing nasty and uncivilised place for centuries.

    Israel itself was founded tough-guy survivors of the Holocaust who were determined to be the meanest SOB thugs in the neighbourhood if that's what it took to ensure Israel's continuation.

    So don't try to apply your drawing-room values to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

    And I have absolutely no illusions that if the balance of power were reversed, the Arabs would have absolutely no compunction to slaughter thousands of Jewish babies.

  18. Thin about it this way, WY KAM. I'm going to move next door to you and shoot at you and your family and friends every day. What are you going to do about that? People are dying. No one wants to come over to your house. You try to convince me to stop, but I don't give a rats a** about how you feel, because your very existence offends me. You call the neighborhood watch and the local police, but they tell you to just let me shoot you, because they think it would just be golly darn awful if some of MY family and friends got hurt too!

    No sit there and ask yourself what to do? Are you just going to sit there while I take potshots and your family and friends? Are you going to try to talk me down? That won't work. Or are you going to try to fight back? Just ask yourself that, and you'll begin to understand the Israeli mindset.

  19. Sadly, anon, all your arguments about the so-called nasty neighbour have no context. You should ask: Did you steal your neighbour's land, chase him out of his home and then lock him up in a racially designated areas a la Bantustan called Gaza and various fragments of the West Bank?

    The truth stares at you in the face but alas, you can't or refuse to see.

  20. violence begets violence ... let's emulate gandhi, you strike me, i fast. maybe when hamas set rockets to israel, israelis should protest to hamas by fasting .... does this is what the peacemaker mean ?

  21. why israel bomb schools and hospital - because they are paranoid. how confident are you that hamas would not use schools and mosque and hospitals as base. the end justifies the means, eh ? sure israel has intelligence on this (though somehow it screws up) and they are not stupid. they only had 7mil population, not like china where thousands or 1mil deaths mean statistic. and every single of them has good quality life, just imagine at one fine day, you get bombed by some maniacal suicide bomber or rockets. palestinians and hamas should aware when attacked by israel, civilians suffer the most casualties and they still continue the fight without effective and strategic organization.

    maybe for long term peace, israeli should vacant middle east to usa and germany where their grandfather comes from.

  22. Oh... I see your point KTemoc. So, lets say that I'm the nasty neighbor. Lets say that WY CAM's great-great-great-great-great-great-a-few-more-greats grandfather owned the neighborhood. But when the unfortunate tides of history came knocking at his door, he got foreclosed on and had to abandon the area. Then my great-great-great-a-few-more-greats-grandfather moved in. So it's my family's land now. But then, (gasp) some bigshot from down the street tells my great-great-great-grandfather that it's actually still WY CAM's family's land. After all, they had the older claim. Clearly, this in intolerable. So my shooting WY CAM now, a couple generations after the fact, is perfectly justified! WY CAM and his lot ought to go back where they came from! Even though that's here! I will fight until every last one of WY CAM's family is dead, because it's my land, even though it's his land too, and I'm going to fight to get it back.

    Are you serious, KTemoc? The truth is that that innocent Palestinians are dying because innocent Israelis are dying. And innocent Israelis are dying because not-so-innocent Palestinians can't give up a thousand-year-old land dispute. The bad guys are Hamas. End of story. The truth stares you in the face, but you either can't or refuse to see it.

  23. "The bad guys are Hamas. End of story"???

    Who has been continuously stealing/gobbling/taking-by-force the land of the Palestinians?

    Not only that, who has been barricading the Palestinians in the Bantustan region of Gaza and the several fragments of the West Bank?

    Now that's the truth staring at you in the face but alas, you can't or refuse to see.

  24. Waa... how sad... Israel is pure evil... they took land... waaa... -_-

    Funny thing though, this land grabbing. I think they call it war. People fight. Some win. Some lose. Land changes hands. It's over. The European colonists of the Americas slaughtered thousands upon thousands of Native Americans for their land. The Chinese annexed Tibet for land. The British killed the Zulu in southern Africa for land. The Romans destroyed Carthage for land. Japan invaded China for land. Every battle that has ever been fought between anyone has had something to do with land and who gets to keep it. So it is with Israel. There is no Palestine. By international agreement, Palestine no longer exists. The land that used to be called Palestine is now Israel. The evil is not in fighting for land. If that's the ultimate evil in the universe, then this planet has already been sent to hell in a handbasket.

    No, the true evil is the slaughter of civilians. Hamas slaughters civilians. Israel slaughters civilians. Why does Hamas slaughter civilians? Because they lost a land war, and they can't let bygones be bygones. Why does Israel slaughter civilians? Because they're trying to slaughter Hamas, but Hamas likes to hide with civilians. If Hamas felt like fighting on an open field instead of shooting rockets from the roofs of hosptials, there would be no civilian casualties. Therefore, Hamas become the bad guys. They choose the option resulting in the maximum possible civilian death toll for either side. It is not who has the land. It is the death toll. That is why Hamas are the bad guys. End of story.

    See now, we can keep saying the truth is before each others' eyes, and it is, but it doesn't change anything. If Hamas had looked for a peaceful solution that didn't involve explosions, this entire incident would never have happened, no Israelis or Palestinians would be dead, you would not have made this little page about dead babies, and we would not be having this debate. Ergo, Hamas are the bad guys. It can't be said any simpler.

  25. Anon, I don't believe there's any profit in continuing this debate as you have asserted " I think they call it war. People fight. Some win. Some lose. Land changes hands. It's over."

    So, you accept war as a profit venture for the victorious! So be it!

    And I don't know where you learn that " By international agreement, Palestine no longer exists." wakakakkakakaka

  26. Don't run away from reality, KTemoc. This is life, not happy happy fun land. That is how things work, have worked, and always will worked.

    Do I accept that the winners of a war profit? Duh. That's history. No one wins a war without profiting from it. The Romans came home with the wealth of Carthage. The Spanish came home with American gold. The Allies absorbed huge amounts of German wealth in both world wars. The Union profited handsomely from reparations from the South after the American Civil War. If you do not think that wars are fought for profit, then either you are ignorant in your history of the world for the last five thousand years, or you are suffering from denial.

    Have you ever heard of the Treaty of Versailles, KTemoc? They Central Powers were forced to sign it after they lost WW1. One of the things it happened to say was that the Ottoman Empire, which ruled over what is now Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq, had to be dismantled. The Ottoman empire was broken into pieces and given to the winning powers. That is when the British created the area known now as Palestine. British Palestine. It was a colony of the British Empire. And then, after WW2, Britain and its allies agreed to give the land back to the Jews, who had the oldest land claim. It was their homeland. Did the Arab countries whine about this? Yes. And it's true, many of them still refuse to recognize Israel as a country. But that does not change the fact that for every country that says Israel is not a country, there are three that say that Palestine is not a country.

    You want to know where I learn things like that? I study history and educate myself before I make a biased opinions, unlike some other people. You aren't one of those, are you?

  27. Anon, when a person (like you) insists on upholding the ideology of 'right is might', then what further use is there in debating justice?

    Wars have been fought for a lot of other causes, like religion (the shism leading to the creation of Pakistan, and the problems of Northern Ireland, and definitely the creation of Israel, the dreams of Jews), race (Rwanda, creation of Israel) and even football in South America wakakaka - maybe you were referring to the USA when you claimed 'profit' is the only motive wakakaka

    Your "Britain and its allies agreed to give the land back to the Jews, who had the oldest land claim" contradicts your proclaimed ideology of "tough shit, you lost it in a war since the beginning of AD. Time has since moved on."

    The problem with you is you can't make up your mind on what your ideology is, ... which has been why I see no added value in debating with you wakakaka

    A fine example is your reference to the Treaty of Versailles which of course supports your 'right is might' ideology, but though you claimed to have studied and educate yourself, have you really learn (from your studies and education)? ... because you have obviously failed to appreciate that the Treaty of Versailles was a punitive and draconian treaty which unfair conditions eventually brought Hitler to power and consequentially the drastic event of WWII.

    And those set of unfair and unjust conditions in Palestine are likely to bring about the terrible conditions which led up to WWII.

  28. typo switch-around in my comment of 5:55 AM, January 09 above ;-)

    what I had intended to write (re your ideology) should be 'might is right' [and not 'right is might' - my bad]

  29. Yet again, KTemoc, you miss the point. And before we go any further, did you know that the 'wakawaka' thing you do is really annoying? It's hard to take anyone who says 'wakawaka' seriously.

    But let me address your new points.

    First of all, I never said might is right. I deal in facts. I said that it became Israel's land, because the British had control and they gave it to the Jews. That's it. There's no ideology in that. Don't put words in my mouth.

    And whatever starts a war is at best a side issue. Every war is fought for profit. Every war. Roman. European. American. African. Every war. Pakistan was created because the Indian Muslims wanted land. They got it. The problem of Northern Ireland is caused because the IRA wants the island all to themselves. They want the land. Israel was founded because the Jews wanted land, and they got it. The Rwandan Massacre occurred because the Hutus wanted control of the country, i.e. control of land, so took it from the Tutsis. The war between El Salvador and Honduras was not because of a football game. It was over land, and the football game was just the spark of violence. Land is the oldest and most permanent form of currency on Earth. Every war is for profit, be it for money or land. Every war.

    The Brits are not me. Their views are not my views. If I was there at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, I would have advocated leaving the land in the hands of the Turks. It wasn't my decision, though. But the Turks lost, and Britain and company decided to form the land they gained into the nation of Israel. It's not about my ideology, it's about the facts. Now the land is Israel's land. Period. That's why Hamas has no claim to it. They lost ownership at the end of WW1. The land was British, and the Brits chose to make it Israeli. Done. Nothing more to say.

    The Treaty of Versailles is actually a perfect example of my point, which only proves that by attempting to use it against me, you fail to understand my point entirely. Of course the Treaty of Versailles was unfair. Everyone knows that. But that doesn't matter. My point is that Britain, America, and the other victors profited from the defeat of the Central Powers. They got land and material wealth as the spoils of war. It doesn't matter if they were 'fair' about what they took. It doesn't matter if their treatment of Germany would lead to the rise of Hitler. That's irrelevant.

    Was the treatment of Palestinians fair? No. But it could have been. They could have continued campaigning peacefully for equal rights and perhaps even total sovereignty, and in a few years, little by little, probably would have gotten them. But the moment that Hamas started shooting rockets at towns, they became terrorists. Hamas effectively damned all Palestinians. But you were right to compare Hamas to Hitler. They are violent, fanatical, genocidal, and more interested in death than what is best for their people. Just like Hitler. And just like Hitler, they will lose. And when they lose, they will be worse off than they were before. That is why Hamas are the bad guys.

  30. First of, and the most important issue I want to take up with you is that it's not 'wakawaka' but 'wakakakaka' where there is only one ocassion of 'wa...'


    Secondly, please don't put words into my mouth by stating "But you were right to compare Hamas to Hitler." I said no such thing.

    Thirdly, I regret I can't give you a full response right now (bread butter requirements) but certainly I'll do so this evening (either through a comment in this post or as a new post altogether) - be patient ;-)

  31. my reply unfortunately has to be by increments due to my other pressing commitments, but as I made a promise to respond, here are some instalments as a start:

    You wrote: "... this land grabbing. I think they call it war. People fight. Some win. Some lose. Land changes hands. It's over."

    It's over? Isn't that an affirmation of your ideology of "might is right", to accept the victorious as a fait accompli?

    My dear chap, it's never over until justice prevails - yes, this may take some while but that's just time.

    Then you wrote: "There is no Palestine. By international agreement, Palestine no longer exists. The land that used to be called Palestine is now Israel."

    I've never heard such preposterous nonsense - what international agreement?

    Your "... but Hamas likes to hide with civilians ..." have you shaemfully or blindly peddling Israeli propaganda - please read Robert Fisk's http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/fisk/robert-fisk-why-do-they-hate-the-west-so-much-we-will-ask-1230046.html to familiarise yourself with some of Israeli canned lies for their atrocities.

    I'll continue tomorrow ... goodnight and don't toss & turn ;-) oh I forgot wakakakakakakakaka

  32. You said it right here:

    "because you have obviously failed to appreciate that the Treaty of Versailles was a punitive and draconian treaty which unfair conditions eventually brought Hitler to power and consequentially the drastic event of WWII. And those set of unfair and unjust conditions in Palestine are likely to bring about the terrible conditions which led up to WWII."

    By your own logic, you've compared the rising of Hamas through unfairness of Israel to the rising of the Nazi party through unfairness of the Treaty of Versailles. I don't have to put words anywhere.

    The individual case is over. But there is always another on the horizon. In the beginning, Rome was in Etruscan territory. Then it was in Roman land. Then it was in the land of the Ostragoths. Then it was part of the Italian city-states. Then it was part of Italy. Land changes hands. By might? Usually. Right? Who cares? It's irrelevant. If you prefer to call that 'might is right', that's your choice. I prefer to call it 'accepted reality'.

    Have you ever seen a picture of a Hamas military base, KTemoc? Of course you haven't. There aren't any. Hamas fights from civilian buildings. That's a fact, not propaganda. Logically, where else would they be? Part of the reason that Hamas is defined as a terrorist organization is because they fight from hiding in civilian buildings.

    Although I did misquote you, and I apologize. You do say 'wakakaka', and that is even more annoying.

    And lastly, tossing and turning is for people with guilty hearts, KTmoc.

  33. you're grasping at straws (looking at the superficiality at the surface rather than the underlying true ocurrence) re my remarks about the inequity of the Versailles Treaty. Unfair conditions will always evoke a fightback (the consequence), which in the case of Germany unfortunately bought a mad man to power (a incident unique to Nazi Germany because of time, circumstances, personality and opportunity).

    Unfair conditions for the Palestinians will also (in fact already has) evoke fightback (the inevitable consequence) but whether its leadership will be as mad as Hitler remains to be seen. What has been seen is that the leadership of Israel is as murderous as Hitler and his Nazis. The new Hitler is in Israel.

    Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations for only one reason - because Israel says so, thus the Yanks have accordingly said so, and those who are afraid of the Yanks quickly join the chorus. The Israelis said so because Hamas is fighting against them to recover their land, and therefore it becomes convenient and expedient for the Israelis to label their enemies as terrorists. We in Malaysia have lots of experience and exposure to similar convenient and expedient political labelling.

    Your " Britain and company decided to form the land they gained into the nation of Israel" is as preposterous as your "There is no Palestine. By international agreement, Palestine no longer exists. The land that used to be called Palestine is now Israel." I am flabbergasted by either your distortion of historical facts or your lack of knowledge.

    Then, back to T of Versailles, your comment/assessment that "It doesn't matter if their treatment of Germany would lead to the rise of Hitler. That's irrelevant" sent a frightening chill through me.

    Irrelevant??? Millions of people around the world died, including 6 million Jews and you called that 'irrelevant'?

    You frighten me by your lack of conscience or unawareness of the mass killings and unmitigated sufferings because of war (doesn't matter which war), and your terrible distorted version of history leaves me equally cold.

  34. Did you seriously just compare Israel to Nazi Germany!?!? And you think I'M distorting history!? There is no commonality between the two! Hitler killed Jews because he hated Jews. Israel kills Palestinians because they're firing rockets on Israeli citizens! Nobody attacked Germany, they started a war with the world. There were no German deaths before Hitler started annexing Eastern Europe! There are no death camps where Palestinians shovel the dead bodies of their friends and relatives into furnaces! There is no SS, executing dissenters! Israel is nothing like Nazi Germany, and such an accusation only goes to prove that you are the one who has been listening to to much propaganda. Your own, perhaps.

    And furthermore, I've stated the facts about four times already, but either they're too high level for your thinking ability, or you are so desperate to prove me wrong that you ignore what I've said and insult my intelligence and integrity. I'd be flabbergasted, but frankly, I sort of expected it. After all, you did make a blog page supporting a terrorist organization and criticizing Israel's attempts to defend itself. If you were open-minded and unbiased, we wouldn't have to be arguing this.

    Since it's clear that you're only hearing what you want to hear, let me say it in simple terms, like I would to a little child:

    The conflict in the Gaza Strip is because of Hamas, a terrorist organization, who are recognized as terrorists because they murder civilians and attempt to overthrow a sovereign nation. The nation of Israel is sovereign because the majority of the world agrees that it is. Israel was created as part of the Treaty of Versailles, where Turkish land became British land, and then an independent country. When this occurred, the area of land known as Palestine ceased to exist. It became part of Israel. In Germany, which was treated unfairly in the Treaty of Versailles, a radical group called the Nazi Party took advantage of sore feelings caused by this treatment, and used it to brainwash the public and commit many horrible things. They were defeated though, and peace was restored. In Israel, a radical group called Hamas took advantage of the sore feelings of native Palestinians who didn't want to be part of Israel. They used these feelings to brainwash the public and commit many horrible things. They have not been defeated yet, because they are smarter than the Nazi party was. They hide amongst civilians. They shoot from hiding. They have no army, and no military bases. They target civilians, not enemy troops. That's why we call them terrorists.

    What can we learn from this, little child? First of all, if people, any people, be they Palestinian, German, Indian, American, Malaysian, could learn to accept that they have lost a conflict and try to make a better world, this would not be happening. World War Two would never have happened. Half the wars of this planet would never have happened, and we would live in a much happier society. But people have proven that they can't let bygones be bygones, so things get much more complicated. People attack each other over ancient disputes. Then we have to try to figure out who the good guys are. Today, Israel is the good guy, and Hamas is the bad guy. Why? Because Hamas started the combat, and attacked civilian targets. Israel retaliated by trying to attack Hamas fighters. Some innocent Palestinians died. That's very sad, but unavoidable at this point. There were many ways things could have happened to prevent these deaths, but Hamas ignored these and chose the most fatal path. That is why they are the bad guys.

  35. ok, well first of all to all the people who think these kids are used as human shields...your definitly wrong. i am a proud american muslim and FROM palestine and these children were bombed by the people your supporting.
    re-read this:
    "they died together with their mum when they were hit by an Israeli tank shell - were they used as human shields?"
    ofcourse not! you need to emphasize on "hit by an Israeli tank shell". i mean just because your american and palestinians arent DOES NOT mean you take the jews side. America itself has plenty of Muslims and everyone whos saying all of this proves how selfish and self-centered you are. These are innocent children and the fact that youd say they were used as human shields is just.....pathetic, low, stupid, sad, and just so CRAZY! just think about it...if you were a kid in palestine having no choice but to stay there being tortured and suffer from YOUR people, would you want people to say all this your saying? nooooo! these people are my family and its not like i hate jews or ANY religion or culture, but i just hate the specific people who put others down because of there race. GOOD JOB PEOPLE. YOUVE DONE WELL.