Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Politicised pariah piranhas

Malaysiakini - My 'biggest mistake' was to sponsor Khairy's MyTeam ...

... so says Tony Fernandez, the AirAsia man.

Fernandez said his airline's sponsorship of Malaysian potential football talent, involving Khairy Jamaluddin's MyTeam, had unfortunately and unjustifiably led to rumours that Khairy, the noted SIL, owned a 40% stake in AirAsia.

Naturally Fernandez repudiated those wild rumours, and went on to show how he had lost out to MAS on two separate contracts (one with DRM-Hicom and the other, Defence), adding graciously, in a proper and fair competition ... which he asserted AirAsia shouldn't if he really had the contacts or association with the Fourth Floor, as alleged.

Leaving all the above aside, kaytee read something in his interview with Malaysiakini that had me nodding my head ;-)

Fernandez lamented that the result of all the wild allegations and irresponsible rumours have been due to a 'vicious' community of bloggers who merely hentam him without checking out facts or appraising his company objectively, (presumably) based on the allegation of his 'association' with SIL.

He said: “It's guilt by association. I'm ‘collateral damage’, aren't I? There's just a vicious community of bloggers out there who just spout hate. I've tried to engage them. I've even invited them here.”

“They're willing to bash me and use racial slurs. There's one good thing, though, and that's they've called me fat. So now I'm motivated to be thin! When I read the blogs, I see, ‘Hey Fatso!' But I'm going to show you I can be thin!”

... with Fernandez laughing at his own 'resolve'.

Aiyah, Tony, I saw Kenny Sia getting the same 'vicious' treatment.

Thus, I agree with Fernandez's description of that particular community of bloggers as 'VICIOUS'. He
has used a most appropriate word to label their mindless mentality.

If you want to witness their particular brand of vile vulgar viciousness, just read the comments in places like Malaysian Insider and the website of my good blogging mate, Susan Loone.

Admittedly not all comments at Susan's or Malaysian Insider's have been vicious, with some being rather constructive and enlightening. But those who commented in the manner that Fernandez and Kenny Sia had experienced, had been like bloodlust-driven piranhas, posting nasty comments as if they were in a feeding frenzy. I even suspect that they might have been trying to outdo each other in their viciousness.

Once I discussed this with Susan and ..... wakakaka ... sorry, our conversation has to be classified ;-)

There's no brain power involved in their vile comments ... just mindless vicious reactions to anyone they don't like or whom they see as against their political views or ideology. Those piranhas disgust me with their guttersnipe remarks.

In the blogosphere or even a kopitiam kongsamkok (omong kosong), it's perfectly alright to disagree, debate, argue intellectually, even heatedly, but piranha-ish mob-rule mentality shouldn't be allowed to prevail.

It's the sort of mad mob mentality that saw the derailing of Apcet II. Maybe Dr Syed Husin can still recall (assuming now he still wants to) the frenzied shameful hooliganism demonstrated at that international event. For more, read my Who was in charge when Apcet II was attacked by thugs?

Penangites would describe their remarks as 'cheen chnea tork' (extremely poisonous)

You know something? I am glad the pollies those piranhas are supporting aren't the ruling party yet. It's frightening that these people can be worse than even the current mob in power.


  1. I think the worst is when you get accused of doing things you didn't do. And when you defend yourself, they said "why you so defensive! That must mean you're guilty!" It's die-die both ways. You try to put forth a legit opinion with facts and figures, and the mob demolishes you ignoring everything you say.

    I think it's called the tall poppy syndrome. When someone is mildly successful, there will always be a bunch of people who inexplicably hate them to the extreme. Even someone as heroic as Barack Obama cannot get away from it. (Not comparing myself to the President of the USA of course)

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why civility, respect and all good manners that people accord people when they meet face-to-face go out the window when people go online?

  2. The problem with Tony Fernandez and Air Asia is that they are up against the ultra super (false)patriots who recognize the threat AA poses to MAS which had been mismanaged and plundered before Jala took over to restore a semblance of order and profitability.

    The fact is the same LCCT biz model was available to MAS but it failed to recognise the potential and did not carpe diem!

    Now these ultra super (false) patriots will go all out to rubbish and possibly sink AA because they see it as a Bumi vs non-Bumi battle.

    Tony and AA deserve to succeed because it is an original entrepreneurial endeavour which was also open to any Bumi to conceive and make a success of.

    But all said and done, it will be criminal of the Govt to give the green light for a new LCCT airport at Labu. It makes no economic, financial or business sense for the nation as a whole. It will be a complete waste of scarce economic resources and more so when there is a full-blown economic and financial crisis threatening the Globe.

    The Govt should clearly strong arm MHB to negotiaye fair terms with its largest paying customer or sack the gaji buta lot at MHB to get its ass moving on maximising profits and bsiness opportunities at KLIA.

    There is also that red herring that Rocky and other estanlishment bloggers and critics of AA drag out i.e. that AA has not paid its debts to MHB. Strange is it not that MHB has not taken legal measures to recover the debt? Here is a mystery that need transparency. Why is MHB pussy-footing over this issue? Is it because MAS is also in the same boat?

    It would also be interesting to know how much MAS owes the Govt for aircraft leasing charges and other loans. Remember, MAS no longer buys planes; the Govt does it and leases it out to MAS!!

  3. No, Ktemoc, I think you have got it wrong on the identity of the bloggers who have heavily attacked Tony Fernandez.
    They are not your usual favourite target (you know who they are). In fact I don't notice they bother much with Tony, one way or another.

    The bloggers who have been merciless with Tony are actually mostly UMNO types, but of the anti-SIL, anti-Badawi and Mahathir worshipping stripe.

    Just to set the record straight.

  4. I agree with donplaypuks. I've been to the current LCCT and been repulsed by the massive crowds there. That place needs upgrading, but now is probably not the time.

    And I think MAHB should be doing it, since it's their job to manage airports.

  5. Observer, perhaps there are a few UMNO but anti-SIL types who hate Tony Fernandes, but I've also observed the hard-core pro Pakatan hammer him with undeserved intensity.

  6. I have a lot of respect for Tony Fernandez from the early days of Air Asia. The airline's success with the Budget Carrier model has required a tremendous attention to efficient and disciplined execution, which I have no doubt was heavily dependent on his leadership.

    However, in recent years his business dealings have been quite clearly associated with a group of individuals who are closely associated with Badawi and SIL. Its not vicious innuendo - just do a bit of digging into Air Asia, Tune Money, Tune Hotels etc. and you will find the relevant names.

    In addition, he quite publicly morphed into a partisan campaigner for Barisan Nasional during the run-up to GE12 - once he did that he was a fair target for The Other Side.

    I still have a lot of respect for Tony as an Executive. But its pretty obvious he has fallen into the common illness in Malaysia called "political businessmen".
    That's not just a personal matter, because he's using his political connections to maneuver public funds and public decision-making to his advantage. That makes it a matter of public interest.

    That's his choice, but I don't respect that part of his business dealings.

  7. BTW, ktemoc, so much pointless pontification against the justified Israeli terrorist cleanup in Gaza.

    But not a single word on the recent Thai army atrocities against Rohingya Muslim immigrants from Myanmar.


    You see, some people don't deserve the criticism they get.

    Others, however, do. Like yourself for example.

    Just sayin' you know.

  8. Ktemoc is....a hypocrite....Yes, an unvarnished one..

  9. Observer, I wasn't just referring to those who attacked Tony Fernandez but those vicious commentators in general who also frequent Susan Loone's blog. In fact my post was more about the piranhas rather than Tony Fernandez's business.

    velo, I am a blogger, free to choose any subject, event or topic I wish to comment on. I don't have an obligation to blog on everything (not possible lah) or what you want ;-) I suggest you start your own blog wakakaka.

  10. I don't feel much pity for Tony. Much of his company's trouble is of his own handiwork. When AA had it good, they treated their customers like dirt, and I can personally attest to this. Then, they started expanding like crazy & added more & more planes, despite high fuel prices & the impending world economic crisis.

    And there's the cavorting with politicians...

    I had a chat with an old school buddy who now works in the local aerospace sector. Based on what he knows & his encounters with those who dealt with Tony, our AA boss is one person who always wants to have it his way, and will not hesitate to run down or annihilate anybody in his way.

    Just like Mahathir. Always thinking big, demands everything be done 'My Way', and will crush anyone that's an obstacle. The two men deserve each other.

    To his credit, he has created an airline that gives affordable air travel for Malaysians & broke MAS's price monopoly. For that, some people in Khazanah, the Mahathirists, and the anti-Indian racists have a vendetta against him.

  11. "velo, I am a blogger, free to choose any subject, event or topic I wish to comment on. I don't have an obligation to blog on everything (not possible lah) or what you want ;-) I suggest you start your own blog wakakaka."

    Hey, thats your right. Wouldn't suggest it any other way.

    Just saying, it makes you look reaaaal hypocritical when you foam at the mouth to protest a war 10,000kms away and keep shtum when state-sponsored brutality and racial targetting happens on your doorstep.

    It ain't some far-off african war, its thailand dude. Like, just across the border y'know.

  12. Ktemoc 'cheen chnea tork' (extremely poisonous)

  13. Just lease KLIA & MAHB to Tony.

    Sets the KPI and let him runs it for 3 years ... no result ... fire him!

  14. I'm absolutely disgusted with the current tone of political discourse in the country.

    I voted for DAP my whole adult life - the last 7 general elections. I supported their integrity, their defence of the rights of the common people and for a check and balance in Parliament.

    But I will not be voting for DAP again come GE 13 - because this time a vote for DAP will be tantamount to a vote for Anwar Ibrahim and the PKR mob. Yes, I call them a mob.

    It is no longer unimaginable that we could end up with a PKR-led Federal Government, with DAP's full collaboration - and to me that could be the worst thing that ever happened to the country.