Thursday, January 08, 2009

Anwar Ibrahim misleading on PAS hudud intention

He isn’t called the Lion of Gelugor for nothing.

Redoubtable Khalsa warrior, Karpal Singh always shoots straight when speaking out, sometimes to the lamentation of his DAP colleagues.

I can imagine them squirming as Karpal thundered aloud at what Big Bhai saw as bovine dust, and muttering beneath their heavy breaths: “WTF, why can’t that Bengali keep quiet for once and act dunno or at least be more diplomatic . Now we’re f*!” ;-)

But Karpal brooks no nonsense, especially from wrongs, as he courageously did when the Perak Prince Regent ‘chopped’ MB Nizar off at the latter’s knees in an unnecessary show of his regal powers, and incorrectly so.

Karpal roared at the Prince’s unconstitutional meddling with the powers of an elected representative. The grubs all came out of the woodwork to threaten him with lèse majesté, and shamefully his party members left him standing alone at what they thought was a Thermopylae.

But he prevailed and a couple of months later, we witnessed the Prince quietly tap dancing away from where Karpal had told him to stay clear off.

Ah, the Bhai – like Buddha he believes “The greatest gift is the gift of Truth” and damn the f* consequences.

Yes, he has been threatened more than once with, as mentioned, lèse majesté, charges of sedition and violence, where he was once slapped by a Malay chap who along the way to the court lost his balls and cowardly told the judge that he was ‘controlled’ by a spirit to do so ...

... and even ate nasi kosong Kem Kamunting a number of time, but those wannabe bullies might as well try to stop the Shan-e-Punjab Express roaring along its track at max speed ... downhill all the way ;-)

Well, Karpal has done it again, this time to Mr Man Man Lai – no, this time he didn’t hammer Anwar Ibrahim for proposing frog hunting as he (Karpal) had previously done so.

According to the Star Online Mr Man Man Lai had said
PKR will not reject PAS’ plan to implement hudud law.

He also dismissed Karpal’s remark that the PAS proposed legislation was unconstitutional, and assured his audience that there was no need to reject the hudud proposal as it was only applicable to Muslims.

But in Malaysiakini news article Karpal: Anwar's statement on hudud misleading the Khalsa warrior shot down Anwar’s statement as a fallacy!

Fallacy! Wow, the dictionary defines it as ‘a deceptive, misleading, or false notion, belief …

Karpal lambasted Anwar, saying the latter’s statement was, as reported by Malaysiakini:

"... diametrically opposed to PAS’ avowed aim to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state" which Karpal believes would also mean the indiscriminate implementation of hudud laws.

He continued: "This has been PAS’ stand from its inception as is clearly reflected by the statements by former and present leaders of PAS. In fact, (PAS spiritual leader) Nik Aziz is on record to have said on Dec 22 last year that PAS would implement hudud laws with or without the support of DAP and PKR."

"In light of this statement, there is a fallacy in Anwar’s assertion that hudud laws would only be applicable to Muslims."

Hmmm, I rather believe Karpal for three reasons, namely:

(a) Karpal knows his law (while Anwar knows a lot about Shakespeare and Paul Anka's songs) and has many time caught many people (including a certain royalty) on the wrong legal foot.

(b) Karpal is a straight shooter ;-)

(c) Karpal is not a man to man man lai.

… ‘nuff said!


  1. Well said, sir!
    May Karpal's tribe increase.

  2. Dear all,

    Rest assured that the Hudud Law is strictly for Muslims only. Please discard any comparison with saudi's gov since we need to really understand it before making any false accusations or assumptionsa.

    What is crystal clear here is the non-Muslim friends should not be worried of Hudud. Just like fasting in Ramadhan, its only compulsory for the Muslims and only Muslims will be fined for not fasting in Ramadhan.

    Rest assured of this....

    Islam will not force any law upon the non-muslim friends.

  3. If you look past the flowery language, this blog really only has two things to say

    Overseas - Israel and the US are bad
    Malaysia - Anwar Ibrahim is bad

  4. Er..Karpal Singh may be a lion , but he sometimes behaves like a dinosaur too, ie resistance to change ..

  5. Anon of 11:11 PM, January 08, 2009, just a friendly advice - I wouldn't say that if I were you coz the BN will seize on your statement to show a link between kaytee's overseas and domestic dislikes wakakaka


    Anon of 11:19 PM, January 08, 2009

    you mean he has old fashion values?

  6. Hudud is applicable only to Muslims where the infringement is specific to Islam but applicable to everyone where the infringement is universal, like for example theft.

  7. Way to go, Karpal!

  8. But I must hasten to add that we need Anwar for his tremendous iconic and unifying values.

  9. Wakakaka....precisely...I'm insinuating that Ktemoc is a BN operative...

    BN already seized on that low-down are just helping their gutter work..

  10. I have reservations about different laws being used on different people in a country. Yes, the Syariah is applicable now upon Muslims but only within a narrow purview.

    To then have hudud for Muslims and precedence/secular legislative law for non-Muslims just divides us further. I also take umbrage in that (as I understand it) Muslims will be unable to then choose secular law over Hudud. In a country where someone born into a Muslim family is unable to officially change their beliefs I think it is unfair to apply Islamic law on them on the basis of their official religion only with no reference to their actual beliefs. Freedom of religion is denied to people born into Islam in Malaysia.

    I have many friends who are officially Muslim but practice the religion not at all or only selectively. They would (I presume, I have never asked admittedly) that they would prefer secular law to apply to them.

    It is an area of muddy waters. I think if there is going to be two parallel law systems, individuals should be able to choose which one they prefer to be applicable to them irrespective of their religious beliefs, but still I'd prefer only one system be in place. Whether that be the current system or a well thought out and explained Islamic system can then be decided by the public.

    I must say I am not actually against hudud insofar as I do not know the details sufficiently. If Malaysia can implement British law and have that largely accepted by the populace it stands to reason that we may all eventually accept yet another rule of law, be it Hudud or even something else.

  11. Even with the limited jurisdiction which Syariah courts currently have, we already have so many messy inter-religious cases in the inevitable gray areas at the boundary.

    Having a criminal justice system which is for Muslims only would be dangerously divisive.
    Many crimes in this country occur where the victims and the perpetrator(s) are Muslim/ non-Muslim and various combinations of the above. How do you try the case ? You could have the incredible situation where, for the same crime, with the same evidence, a non-Muslim tried under the Penal code is found guilty, the Muslim tried under Hudud is not guilty, or the other way around.

    Pening lah !

    If that is not a sure way to split up this country, I don't know what is!

  12. Aiya KT boy , your anwarphobia has plagued you again lah, Anwar Ibrahim is the hope for Malaysia if you ask me.

  13. BUMNO and MCA know they just have to say "Huuuduuuud" and the average non-Muslim will go scurrying back to voting BN.

    What they have been totally silent about is the slow, steady and very real Islamisation of this country over the last 25 years. You have to be an old fella like me to have seen with my own eyes how much less inclusive and less tolerant this country has become.

    PAS cannot implement Hudud, because the Federal Constitution is very clear on the area of jurisdiction of Syariah courts - Islamic family law - marriage, divorce, property succession, offences against the precepts of Islamic. We haven't even got to the point of "for Muslims only".

    Ah, If UMNO and PAS get married, they may get their 2/3 majority to amend th constitution. But PAS within PR, no chance.

    So, this Non isn't scurrying back to BN over this Hudud thingy.

  14. Things don't look so good for BN in KT right now.

    Theresa Kok was treated like a Rock star when she went around town.

    Anwar Ibrahim was mobbed when he went walkabout in Kampung China. I have not seen a Malay national leader welcomed with such genuine warmth from ordinary Chinese folks (not counting the business elite) since the days of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

    Pak Lah had that possibility back in 2004, but he burned his welcome after he chose to pander to UMNO supremacists.

  15. Karpal Singh , should'nt you also be whacking your very own Lim Guan Eng for breaking DAP's day in day out,year in year out pledges for local council election.

    Now that DAP/LGE is controlling Penang state government, what is his excuse for not holding local council election ?

    Is this your style of selective criticism ?

    Er.. KT looks like this applied to you too, no ?