Sunday, January 04, 2009

Gaza - some photos

This Israeli man is keeping fit with a spot of jogging on the Israeli side of the Gazaan border (see the IAF tanks and armoured cars in the background?).

This is a recommended sporting activity to have a healthy life style.

The Palestinians on the other side of the border have also been interested in jogging.

The kind Israelis have decided to help them participate in the health sport by sending advanced fighter jets like F-16 and F-15E with rockets, bombs and heavy calibre machine-guns to encourage them to jog faster, much much faster than the Israeli man above had been doing - aiyoh, faster means 'healthier' ler.

The Israeli government believes that women and children should be able to run faster than the man above, with of course some Israeli encouraging shouts of 'Schnell, schnell, schnell!'

Of course if you don't jog fast enough, you won't be healthy and the following had been what happened to some Palestinian boys who ended up in a very unhealthy state.

Remember matey, if you don't jog schnell, schnell, schnell enough as the kind Israelis have instructed advised, you would end up as the laddie below, which BTW was the fault of the government those Palestinian had so foolishly, in a democratic election, chosen to represent them.

Warning Note: Errr ... 'democracy' in the Middle East (like in Palestine, Lebanon and Iran) is dangerous and likely to be invalid without prior approval from the USA and Israel.

To inspire you, look again at the peaceful serene setting within which this Israeli man jogs to maintain his health.

And as those unhealthy Palestinians in Gaza probably need more help, those tanks (in background of the photo) have been sent aswell to assist them jog better. And don't forget:

Schnell, schnell, schnell!

[a useful phrase for Palestinians, especially toddlers and women, if they can't jog in a schnell, schnell, schnell fashion: Ich ├╝bergebe]

photo credits: Middle East Online and al Jazeera


  1. I say, your Photoshop skills have improved a lot.
    Congratulations !

  2. Mossad has sent a death squad over here to "do you in".

    Epitaph on your tombstone:--

    Here lies the Malaysian Goebells
    Who specialized in the Final Solution
    Now blogging in The Great Internet In The Sky

  3. Are you sure the jogger photo is not totally out of context in either time or place ?

    Time - in happier times, even 3 weeks ago, it may have been perfectly ordinary for an Israeli to be jogging near the border.
    Israel is a heavily militarised place - army tanks parked around the place don't mean much.

    Place - The relatively green environment seen in the picture - trees and grass by the roadside is not typical of the Gaza border, which is quite a dry, harsh climate.
    There could always exceptions, of course...

    You may argue this is a trivial objection, but I think your posting the casual jogger picture was meant draw an emotive or even angry response..

  4. The photo is recent and from an online news portal. The object is less of the jogger (perhaps only from the photojournalist's artistic point of view) but more about the background, the invading forces. Photo was taken on the Israeli side of the border during the air bombardment prior to the land forces invading Gaza.

    Nonetheless it shows the contrasting environment, where on the Israel side an Israeli felt safe enough to go jogging, whilst on the other side, it has been a matter of life and death for Palestinian children evading the rain of rockets and bombs, some of which were indiscriminately targeted at schools.

    As I had blogged in, the slaughter has not been about the bullshit of responding to rockets fired by the Palestinians into Israel (tho' it serves conveniently as the official reason) but about political grandstanding by two prime-ministerial candidates, Ehud Barak and Tzipi Livni, who want to show Israeli voters they are just as tough as leading PM candidate Benjamin Netanyahu.

    It's murder of the most terrible insidious reason, for individuals' personal political interests, but WTF, to the Israeli neo-Nazis, those Palestinians are nothing more than untermenschen (subhumans or 'animals'), to be sembelih as and when required.

  5. I love the Mark Steyn article as posted in Major Swami's blog.

    "In Gaza, they don’t vote for Hamas because they want access to university education. Or, if they do, it’s to get Junior into the Saudi-funded Hamas-run Islamic University of Gaza, where majoring in rocket science involves making one and firing it at the Zionist Entity. In 2007, as part of their attempt to recover Gaza from Hamas, Fatah seized 1,000 Qassam rockets at the university, as well as seven Iranian military trainers."

  6. I've set up my Google feed to pull both Ktemoc and 7th Rangers articles on Palestinians vs. Israelis automatically to my Inbox as they appear.

    Interesting to read both sides of the story, its like two different worlds....

    Personally, I'm saddened but neutral on the issue. As far as I can see, Neither side are angels, but Both sides have a legitimate case.

  7. I have to sympathize with those who even bother to read a person like Mark Steyn; that would not be unlike a German skinned head quoting David Irving wakakaka

    These are what prominent personalities in the western media have to say of Mark Steyn:

    James Wolcott of Vanity Fair says that he asks himself, "how can one man be so wrong" when he reads "the latest dimestore prophesy from neocon jester Mark Steyn, whose occult powers of clairvoyance never fail to fail him." wakakaka

    Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic wrote that Steyn was, "...long on colorful rhetoric but short on dry facts."

    British journalist Johann Hari wrote in the New Statesman: "Steyn's prose has a jangling musicality; like Ann Coulter, he writes in a demonic demotic that makes you chuckle even as you retch." wakakaka again

    Boston Phoenix media critic Dan Kennedy said that Steyn's column was an effort to "rally the spirits of his fellow warmongers: by demonizing anyone who dared to criticize the war."

    And here's an example of what Mark Steyn wrote, that Barack Obama was “black, and white, and Hawaiian, and Kansan, and charismatic, and Congregationalist, and Muslim. [...] He was raised in an Indonesian madrassah by radical imams, which is more than John Edwards can say.” ... surely erudite 'pearls' of rigorous research wakakaka, in the eyes of a redneck neocon.

    Then, Scott Horton, lawyer and Harper's writer, commenting on Steyn's ethnic labels, including one that referred to Muslims as "sheep-shaggers", said "It would be quite an understatement to call this language intolerant. Indeed it can easily be paralleled with ethnic stigmatization that has occurred in the most vicious societies in modern times."

    But then, Muslim bashers are attracted to the writings of such people to enjoy their Muslim bashing articles. These people (like Holocaust denier David Irving) make a living by being controversial, probably to cater to a niche group of customers - their books and articles find comfort with 'some people', and that is what matters, commercially.

  8. Anon of 10:48 AM, January 05, the difference between 7th Rangers (plus Major Swami) and kaytee is that the former are staunch evangelistic Christians who hold a specific attitude towards Islam and Muslims, whilst kaytee is a Chinese Malaysian aethist - now, does that say it all wakakaka.

  9. Ktemoc,
    I've been following the 7th Rangers blog for a long time, and I don't think its right to make a generalised swipe at them as having "a specific attitude towards Islam and Muslims" implying their being anti-Islam, which is not true.

    The blogger has strong views on what he sees as extremist acts and tendencies by some Muslims and countries which call themselve "Muslim". But the writer, as far as I have followed his blog, has not written anything specifically anti-Islam. I would be the first to protest if he did.

    Criticism of the failings and wrong doings of Muslim people does not amount to being anti-Islam.

  10. Uh-Oh....Schnell is a standard musical term for Fast tempo, of German origin, I think....

    Aiyoh....I feel so bad to see the word so often used in beautiful musical scores associated with the death and destruction in Gaza.

    Question - are you sure Israeli soldiers really say "schnell ?"

  11. retired ranger, if I had wanted to say 'anti-Islam' I would have.

    My 'staunch evangelistic Christians who hold a specific attitude towards Islam and Muslims' covers a range of attitudes towards Muslims and Islam, ranging from mere suspicion or wariness to outright hostility, but you may be sure there is no friendliness - never the twain shall met.

  12. typo, last word 'met' should be 'meet'