Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PAS Youth & sweet Rihanna

Malaysiakini - PAS Youth: Boycott Rihanna concert!

Well ..... the predictable right on schedule!

PAS Youth has called for a boycott of the mid-February concert featuring Rihanna, which it claimed, to protest against the suffering of the Palestinian people.

Then Kamaruzaman Mohamed, the FT PAS Youth chief, decided to have two bites of the cherry, stating, ‘ere his voiced support for the Palestinians has even faded, that the Rihanna concert “does not match with the local culture”, and that by having Rihanna in Malaysia would be a “disgrace to Asian culture”.

Wow, from politics to culture! What next? The economy?

Rihanna - Malaysiakini photo

It seemed Kamaruzaman couldn’t quite make up his mind because he then switched the reason to being against Rihanna (currently living in California) paying tax to the USA, a strong and generous Israel’s ally.

Hmmm, a bit of finance there (in income tax) sprinkled with populist politics.

Switching back (from anti-USA) to culture again (and social problems), he emphasized that “PAS youth wing will consistently protest against concerts that does not portray the positive Asian culture and which might create social problems in the country.”

So what about Inul Daratista? Isn’t she Asian? And isn’t her songs of the dangdut genre?

In fact the Indonesian dangdut originates from a mixture of Arabic and Indian music, and was developed some 35 years ago among working class Muslim youth.

Hmmm, the development of the Argentinian tango was also of working class origin and puts the dangdut together with it as dances of the ordinary people instead of the upper strata of society.

So why did PAS objected to Inul when her dangdut act has both Arabic and Muslim pedigree ...

... and of a working class origin too! Aiyah, PAS snobbishly sombong already?

And talking about Asian Culture, why did PAS object to the muhibbah Kongsi Raya celebrations? Hasn't it been a tradition and culture of Malaysians to celebrate their festivals together as muhibbah (rather than religious) events?

The answer to all these rhetorical queries is that PAS is still hanging on to its age-old and unchanging misogynist and parochial attitudes.

But no worries lah, nowadays PAS has become so popular with many non-Muslims that some Christians have abandoned the cause of Lina Joy in favour of PAS and its hudud, when they know fully well that under the hudud, Lina Joy may face capital punishment for apostasy.

And would Lina have said as did Steven Dietz: "One should rather die than be betrayed. There is no deceit in death. It delivers precisely what it has promised. Betrayal, though ... betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope."

O ‘Principle’, thou unfaithful self, failing to stand steadfastly firm. Thou hath hopped across the divide (like a frog) to sleep with the enemy.

Thus, after reading Malaysiakini Herald defies gov't ban on 'Allah' where Father Lawrence Andrew, editor of the Catholic Herald newspaper, said he intends to use the banned word of ‘Allah’ until the courts rule on the issue next month, I feel that may be an appropriate decision as afterall, one can embrace Allah swt as much as one has embraced hudud.


  1. UMNO Youth called for a boycott of Coke, PAS Youth called for a boycott of Rihanna.

    I don't support either campaigns, but I don't really so any difference in principle between the two. I DO notice you strongly object to one and you supported the other ?

    Somehow I'm not surprised...maybe this should be renamed KT's UMNO blog..

  2. PAS will only allow Rihanna to perform in this country if she agrees to don a burqa for her entire show, revealing only her eyes. May I suggest that old fatso Rafidah A.P. impersonate her. In that burqa, nobody would know the difference and she only needs to lip-sync like during the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. After all, it ain't over until the fat makcik sings.

  3. Funny why you show only the face of Rihanna in your blog but not the first image result when you image google the word Rihanna, even when you set Safe Search Mode as on.

  4. Ktemoc, relax.
    If you, or anyone else, wants to watch the Rihanna concert, go ahead, buy the ticket and enjoy it.
    I will defend your constitutional right to do so to the last drop of my pork-eating, beer-drinking, Magnum punting blood.

  5. I get the feeling Ktemoc vs. PAS is taking the appearance of a George Bush-style "You are either AGAINST them or you are FOR Hudud."

    Shades of grey, varying spectrum of opinion all considered hypocritical.

  6. Anon of 8:37 AM, January 21, 2009
    - wakakakakaka - good one! I love it.

  7. Maybe what was PAS Youth said is true. Or maybe the time is not suitable to bring US artist to perform at Malaysia. This is because nowaday, all peoples are talking about Palestin issue and boycott for US and Israel products, then Celcom will bring Rihanna (also US product!!?) to perform in live concert in Malaysia... For me, the time is not suitable.

  8. wtf is wrong with PAS youth.i'm sure Rihanna will gonna obey the dresscode guide given by the organizer and the ministry the same when Gwen Stephanie whe she did her concert here.

    so is it entirely Rihanna fault to be an American citizen?what about Malaysian students that's currently studying there?aren't they also in the same position as Rihanna is when the students buy and do biz transiction in USD?

    the rakyat aint as dumb as you think oh PAS youth.

  9. Rihanna is not an American citizen. She is a Barbadian (a citizen of Barbados in the Carribean, which like Malaya was a former Britsh colony). She is located in Califormia for her recording.

  10. Cant say I'm too surprised..it was just a matter of time before a protest like this would happen..then we wonder why so many international acts prefer to go to Spore..can u blame them ?

  11. I think the best thing to do now is make it an effort to throw shoes at PAS people to show our disapproval of their actions

  12. throw shoes at PAS people? They will throw kapak bungkus back at you!

  13. PAS aren't Talibans, lah.
    Only an ignorant punk sitting in front of a computer screen in Australia would write like that.

  14. Dengar kata, DAP and penyokong-penyokong pada dasarnya Anti-Islam.

    Betul-ke ini ?

  15. DAP sejak azali lagi mmg anti islam.. tak tau ke? kesian kau PAS man

  16. yg bohong dgn memakai nama Allah swt (Saya mimpi Allah katakan calun ni ..... wakakaka) adalah yg anti Islam No 1 ;-)

  17. >> throw shoes at PAS people? They will throw kapak bungkus back at you!

    We'll just throw lit Molotovs back at them. Jubah + serban + incendiary weapons equals The Human Torch(es). :p :p :p

    Jokes aside... seriously, no one is forcing these PAS fellas to see Rihanna in concert. Tak mau tengok, tak paya pegi.

    Rihanna is one symptom why music sucks today, btw...

  18. Sebagai orang Islam, kami wajib (atau cuba sebaik mungkin) mengamalkan Islam secara keseluruahnnya. Tak boleh ambil yg kami mahu dan buang yg kami rasa tidak perlu. Kami mesti berpuasa di bulan Ramadan, menutup aurat, sembahyang 5 waktu, dsb. Dalam masa yg sama, kami juga wajib menghormati adat dan agama orang2 lain. Jika benar2 ikhlas, pemimpin DAP dan PAS berbincanglah utk mendapat persetujuan bersama. Kenyataan politik kedua2 pihak hanya akan menanamkan sifat benci dan dendam antara satu sama lain.

  19. After believing PAS would have been an agent of change with the KT win, I'd believe that the humpback turtles have a better chance of surviving than me under any PAS rule.
    And I know where to shaft my umbrella up PAS.. see PAS Gone Bad on Good Gurl Rihanna www.jonathan66-my.blogspot.com