Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paula Khoo - have you forgotten her?

... most of all, I ask those who were involved in the Penang candlelight vigil, to go and support/help Paula Khoo.

She is now all alone.

Put your money where you candle was!

Don't abandon Paula Khoo!

For more details, read Where is the support for Paula Khoo?


  1. If Paula Khoo is a teacher in a govt school, she should start packing her bags because the educational ministry is going post her to a new school a few hundred kilometres from her home, possibly in Pahang or Johor. Then she can hold nightly candlelight vigils with the orang asli in the jungles there.

  2. Ktemoc,

    Just want to express my deepest apprecation to you and other blog readers for your concern, prayers, support and solidarity during these trying moments. It truly means a lot to me and honestly, the journey has not been an easy one and now I can just wait upon God and see what the future holds for me.

    God bless you and yours plus your readers...

    Just me,

  3. O Ktemoc,
    Fearless Defender of Palestinian rights in Gaza,
    Untiring exposer of Anwar Ibrahim Bull-Dung in Malaysia

    Why the deafening silence on custodial deaths in police custody in Malaysia ?

  4. Anon of 9:16 AM, January 26, 2009, long before you came on to my blog I have published sufficient posts to speak out against cases like the one suffered by A Kugan.

    Read these 3 just as examples:

    And I have added my voice for Indian Malaysians (I believe) more than other non-Indians. Read:

    Additionaly I raised my voice by way of my (admittedly amateurish attempts of) poems for Indian Malaysians including Hinraf:

    and a blight on Indian leadership in

    In Facebook I am a member of the group "A.Kugan - Victim of Police Brutality" - see

    and my FB status currently says this:

    "Kaytee wishes all Gong Xi Fa Cai but do also think of the Palestinians, Kugan's family and Paula Khoo"

    The reason why I haven't blogged on Kugan is that it's a very hot topic and doesn't need one more (insignificant) blogger like kayteemoc to rail against the police.

    I believe that injustice/murder is already well taken care of, unlike Paula Khoo's case where no one seems to be concerned at all for poor her - she has been used and abandoned like a tissue - that's where I see my duty as a SOPO blogger.

  5. "she has been used and abandoned like a tissue"

    oh please!! you don't know the actual situation. she's not all alone. we, the organisers of the vigil are with her always. we promise her we will be with her on 28 jan, when she was at the police station end of nov. last year, where we were there too.

    and just last tuesday, 5 of us gathered together with her at a restaurant to give her support for her up-coming visit to the police station this wed. and for sure we will be there with her this wed.