Monday, January 19, 2009

Jeanne d’Arc & Jailani d’Azalina

Jeanne d’Arc, a mere 19
Fought for God and country
They burnt her at the stake
T’was a Christian thing to do

Initially disowned, a heretic?
Then heroine, a sweet saint
Ha, a useful name for pollies
To brandish for patriotic votes

She fought for her liege King
but who abandoned the Maid
To the English from beyond
Oh, such disloyal royalty

Jailani d’Azalina, a mere 26
Saw God in a wrong country
Wanna burn her at the stake?
Just the fate for an apostate

Initially embraced, a heroine
A sweet 'saint' of Christianity
Crusaders fought for the Maid
To the last drop of her blood

But she was soon abandoned
Along the path of expediency
Her usefulness is hudud-ised
No more memory of Lina Joy

(1) Kuala Terengganu - politics & strange bedfellows
(2) Lina Joy - Victim of religion or Votive offering to religion?


  1. Lina Who ?
    What was all that about ?

  2. Hundreds of millions of dollars needed to help Gaza's civilians

    Gazans have a new proverb today:
    "If you have no money, don't ever fire rockets at your neighbor"

  3. It gets better, kay tee. this same group you are alluding to now is actively campaigning to get Dollah to stay. No prizes there for guessing why.
    Them be saying BN hypocrites, them no better.
    So where does this leave ppl like me who don't trust, don't believe both sides?