Friday, October 03, 2008

Racist Malaysians

When I read Malaysiakini Furore over racist blog posting I thought to myself, f*, this is just the sort of stuff someone will seize on to divert attention from Ahmad Ismail … or the Kulim Wonder.

Another version of Namawee, so to speak, though the offending issue is different.

Mind you, not that it didn’t happen. Blogger Sammy, alas a sweetie, of
Life is a Drama is certainly living up to her motto of ‘A life without a dash of conflict and colour will not be a complete one’, except she chose the theme of colour a wee too literally, and consequentially is now reaping the ugly conflict.

According to Athi Verenggan of Malaysiakini, Sammy went ballistic when two alleged Indian youths snatched her mobile phone left on a table while she was having lunch.

She did the silly thing by resorting to cynical stereotyping of Indians in the worst ways, and then made things worse for herself by posting the entire racist raving rant on her blog.

I don’t intend to repeat her words here for two reasons: (1) they are all available on Malaysiakini and (2) they have been most hurtful. I am truly disappointed by such racism and worse, sheer stupidity.

After she had ‘woken’ up from her rage she realized the enormity of what she had done and apologized, but when I read her blog this afternoon I thought she could have closed the whole issue (or at least most of it) by making an unreserved apology, instead of qualifying it by stating she apologized to ‘educated’ Indians, whatever that meant.

Much later in another post she admitted being told that her apology had been ‘grudging’.

She posted:

I realised this is getting way out of hand. I was also dubbed as 'grudgingly apologised' in my later post. Since text has no tone and emotions, I don't know how to make it sound sincere but I do hope to get this out as sincere as I can. Again, I will apologise and say sorry to those I've offended, Indian or no Indian. I hope this official apology does not sound 'grudgy' again.

I was not racist and was acting out of my anger the last few days. If i've to face the police, then yes i will to explain the whole situation. If i were to hate indians, I would not wear saree on my Indian friend's birthday party because that would be ridiculous. Whatever I said earlier, I have no intention to hurt any Malaysians. It was merely out of anger so I did not construct my sentences properly. Maybe it was my bad English

Once again, I'm sorry for what I did and I will face the consequences.

(Update): I might be constructing sentences quite badly now. I do not know what sentence is right or wrong anymore.

Here, I offer an unconditional apology to every single person out there who I've offended. I'll not be unfair to other races again and I'll learn to only get angry at those who really hurt me instead of generalising them according to race.

Well Sammy, if you apologised only to ‘educated Indians’, then one wonders whether you are saying ‘uneducated Indians’ aren’t worthy of your apology?

Then that’s not an apology. You shouldn't have tried to be a smartie cat and hold back for a bit of 'face'. You were not and should not be in any position to merit and enjoy 'face' as you did something very very evil.

But I am glad you've the commonsense to upgrade your apology to one that's unconditional. But more important than your unconditional apology, you must never ever make any racist remarks, or better still, don't entertain racist thoughts.

kaytee sees Sammy as a young (still immature) person who has not given real thoughts to what she had published in ‘black & white’, but look, there’s no excuse for venting one’s anger by badmouthing an entire ethnic group.

But should she be forgiven?

While I am glad Hindraf had raised the issue, I think we all should forgive her because she has apologized, though we shouldn’t forget the incident, as a reminder to all of us to be careful of reckless remarks against anyone’s ethnic belongings.

Unfortunately, while I believe Hindraf and Indians in general may bring themselves to forgive her, the authorities may not for the reason I stated at the very start of this post.

In the end, we need to remind ourselves too that the majority of Malaysians have prejudices because of our upbringing, cultural indoctrination and environment.

Some of us have managed to rein in those prejudices but we should not yet congratulate ourselves until we have eliminated the evil lying dormant within us.

More than 2 years ago, I posted
All types of racism to show that racism lies within most of us.

Beautiful rojak rejected as Malaysians

UPDATE: RS Thanenthiran of Hindraf said they would accept Sammy Chan’s apology.

“We understand now that it was a ‘spur of the moment’ outburst. We sympathise with her loss of her phone. We hope that the lesson learnt from the controversy will help her to be more careful in future."

Good on you matey.


  1. Hi,
    Though I am compelled to forgive Sammy for inborn and nurted prejudices against a particular race, I cannot with conscience forget that Indians tend to be generally associated with all things bad because of the skin colour. I have been called 'crow', 'a dark cloud', 'pariah', 'anjing hindraf', 'belakang kuali', etc by people like Sammy. While we may dismiss her bigotry to education, nurture and what nots, we cannot forgive her insensitivity to put those prejudices into words in her blog. Where was her common sense? Just cause she wears a sari means she loves us Indians? Oh please...she wears it maybe due to its obvious allure and sexiness (and sincerely I doubt she could do justice to the costume!). Your words Sammy were too insulting. I doubt this incident teaches you anything. I wonder about the Indian friends you say you have...what kind of people they could be to stay your friends. But then we Indians always tend to be most forgiving and forgeting...therein lies our weakness. We allow ourselves to be downtrodden. This is really sad but hey...that is life for an Indian. Always the drunks, gangsters, and 'pariahs' ....why? Cause we allow it to be! Disheartening as Sammy's remarks are, it is a wake up call for many 'educated' and 'non-educated' to realise that Sammy has made very uneducated assumptions on us people as an ethnic group. I hope Sammy realises as mad and as revolted I am, I DID NOT resort to stereotyping her race and etnicity. Sammy is herself...not her entire race. Let it rest and ponder on who we could all strive to be...sigh.

  2. i wish our polis will tangkap her, lock her up and ask her for ketuk ketampi to teach her a great lesson ...

    better still the botak minister should be stern to all these racist wannabe (yesterday is yesterday, today is today, let's all be strict for now on) and lock her up in kamunting for good....

    that girl probably comes from rich background and having silver/platinum spoon feeding her, that's what usually cake vs bread ppl behaviour about.

  3. I believe the 1st and an easier step is to remove the necessity of filling up 'RACE' in all application forms. NATIONALITY which should be either Malaysian or Non Malaysian should be sufficient.We need to take the 1st step towards ONE RACE.

  4. Just because two Indian guys stole her hp, she had to stereotype Indians.....wonder what kind of upbriging she had?

  5. To Pathmanathan Chinnan Nadeson, you asked, ".... wonder what kind of upbringing she had?" Well, I can tell you this, the UMNO kind, and her years of education under the racist system, and this is the result of what has become of our young, like Sammy.

  6. friends.....

    at some point of your life in malaysia, you did the same, blurt out racist remarks in the midst of an outburst...some openly, some quietly.

    to yearn for her punishment and you are a racist yourself especially she is a young girl.

    do not throw stones yet.... until she repeat again in defiance.

    nontheless, she deserves to be reprimanded.... just don't blow up the issue.

    but most importantly is whether our government has done anything so far to improve race relation.

    the government should call on all leaders representing different ethnic groups to sit down to discuss sincerely and come up with a long lasting solution.

    let it be a lesson for all to experience....and be a better person after this.

    qua salah mhh ai gong, cheers!

  7. To Billy,
    I am also a result of the "UMNO kind of education system"...but I do not consider myself a racist...anyway, my question should have read "what kind of upbringing she had at home?"

  8. how can you not be racist living in a colourful world?


    what would you say when your hard earned money was cheated by 2 yellow-skin men?


    what would you say when your daughter was robbed by 2 chocolate-skin men on bike and she is disfigured?


    what would you say when your car windows keep broken by 2 black-skin men again and again?


    not about justifying her action but just to show how much misery we face in malaysia now.

    qua salah mhh ai gong, cheers!

  9. To klsusie, I repeat, I do not stereotype...

  10. To klsusie again...U asked how the govt has improved the race relations in Malaysia? I shall ask how the people have improved race relations in Malaysia?
    A criminal is a criminal...I am not stupid enough to stereotype others

  11. if you look at her profile, she DOES have indian friends!. I mean Friend..

  12. Hi there

    This is a place where lots of people search for news and some does it differently.
    This could be a case reference for all of us to remember.

    This is non politic please dont let it continue further, a sincere apology was posted and accepted..
    Please move on dont you think there are more important issue to harp about...

  13. How does that justify that she is not racist?

  14. i cant wait on the outcome of police investigation. ooi, what happen to Ahmad and his goons? selective application of the laws again?

  15. I think there are some who are trying to charge sammy as a criminal...i believe its because she is just a girl. If i am not mistaken there were politicians and teachers who has made very racists remarks...some not even willing to say 'sorry'...are they criminals also ? Why no charges made ?

  16. Well, I seriously believe that she wont be charged....well anyway, who bothers about "3rd class citizens" like us Indians anyway?

  17. qua salah mhh ai gong, pathma,

    my dear friend,

    a person blurt out racist remark after being seized, i think is still something forgivable lah....

    just like we say fcuk the judiciary, fcuk the police or fcuk the government is somewhat stereotyping but we mean only one particular moment...certainly not everyone of the above places are bad.

    why one becomes a criminal is a long story but one may not be a criminal if we have an able and concerned government.

    study and education is the key to a better malaysia.

    there should be a consistant law to take care of these issues to deter one from shooting out without going through the brain especially in the public.

    i vehemently condemn sammy's action which could provoke further disharmony among the people.

    lets us all learn from this and stop stoking fire please.


  18. To klsusie,
    Besides stating here that you vehemently condemn what Sammy said, what other actions have you taken to vehemently condemn her posting?

  19. Hey guys, let's get to the root of the problem.

    Why do M'sians stereotype races?

    Was it the upbringing or there're some basics to these stereotyping?

    Methink that it's the latter and that's why Hindraf was formed - basic needs of this community were not provided by the gahmen, and thus resulting in undesirable acts being committed.

  20. To Anonymous,
    What is your justification behind the reasoning that "some basics to these stereotyping" is the main reason that Msians stereotype other races?

  21. if you ask me her words are more directly racist than Ahmad Ismail and certainly more downright offensive than Namawee's song.

    she is an idiot. i accept free speech but i condemn what she wrote.

    there is hate within in all the ethnic groups. we seem to think that the only racism we should highlight are those that come from the 'malays', and those from the chinese towards the malays.

    but people should not politicize the issue just to show that a chinese can be racist towards indians.

    - anonymous (a new one, not the one before)

  22. what do you say of the chinese drug king pins who sell the drugs mainly consumed by majority Malays and to some extend by indians too. These chinese destroy the very fabric of the adolescence youth by turning them to full fledge drug addicts and destroying their entire future.
    What do you do to these yellow skin pigs.

    ANSWER lah........

  23. To anonymous (the last poster)
    I seriuosly believe that you should be more considerate with what you say! You seem racist to the core.

  24. dear Pathy,

    BE forgiving........Buddhist says

    i don't know what the muslim, christian or hindu says.....

    for me, i say qua salah mhh i gong.

    as for sammy, what is the punishment fit for her? you say.

    young man, an old adage that goes, "that can be forgiven, do forgive...

    she had already said sorry, do you still want her to be strip naked to be paraded round the city?

    or send her into kamunting in order to kill your fires.

    your fire is burning stronger and stronger......close your eyes, take a deep breath, that will make you world of good.

    hihi, cheers!

  25. I wonder how she would have reacted if she had lost something more valuable that the damn hp.

    She is no young girl......she writes well and has the maturity to rewrite her apology.

    She is a disgrace to bloggers.
    Remember,the blogging community is the only movement that marches relentlessly to dump racist leanings.After 50 odd years, the minorities have found some solace via the blogging community.And suddenly,you see a moron trying to undo all these good.

    She can rewrite her apologies a thousand times......but she has sinned.....and it would take a while for her to come clean.

    Tell you what baby - shut down your blog....take a break....go visit Mother Thresa's sanctuary in Calcutta....remove your color visors for once.....and come back clean.It's redemption time for you babe....


  26. To klsusie,
    I seriously believe you wouldn't have written the same thing if some Indian guy like me had written anything derogatory about Chinese Malaysians. Am I right?

  27. people may privately curse at each other (or at each other race) but not this shit of a woman who thinks she owns a phone made of gold.
    She condemned the whole indian community and challenged ppl to sue her. What kind of fucked up apology to "educated" indians. She thinks the entire chinese community are from Oxford or Yale?
    I will say as long this kind of a shit woman lives in malaysia, there will be plenty of Ahmad Ismail emerging. Looking at his famous statement again, he may not far from the truth.

  28. By the way klsusie, my name is Pathmanathan..u may call me Pathma or Nathan...not Pathy.

  29. Pathmanathan Chinnapaya Nadeson,
    GROW UP SMALL BOY. The more you give in the more you get fucked up by other races. DONT TALK LIKE MIC

  30. Small boy? Well, wonder how I should call someone who doesn't leave behind a name? Coward? Gutless? I dunno? But please do not disrespect my father's name. Thanks...I believe the MIC has not made any statements regarding this matter. Hoe could you make a comparison then, I wonder?

  31. anon 11.39

    surely you are a victim of yellow skinned people, yeah, its ok, we can understand but don't repeat that...lest you be idenfied as a racist.

    talk logic now... who grows opium?
    afghanistan? burmese? are they yellow?

    if you truely follow islam teaching,... heh, you borned a muslim, didn't you? how old are you? surely studied koran many many years, surely long enough to understand drug no

    if these things can come into malaysia, hello, ask yourself, the gomen yellow? police yellow? immigration yellow?........or chocolate?

    just blame we have not a very good gomen and stop seeing so much yellow, could be jaundice, you know.

    drug no good....

    gua salah mhh ai gong, cheers!

  32. u can wonder till the cows come home asshole

  33. just drag her lar in kamunting aka isa. malaysia is better place without racist like her who likes to stereotype ppl. i hope the botak minister true to his word to be stern with all the racist remark (have to be fair with other isa detainee too). otherwise, the offended ppl still can take action like boycott her company or stop employing her - that will certainly teach her a great lesson....

  34. Cows? I don't believe I live in a farm mate

  35. What can I say ?

    Except that she is an idiot !

  36. denzook, great guy. great comment.
    she will no doubt end up in kamunting as i hear soon ada banyak vacancies. she can take along pathma for company , not as a detainee. ha ha ha . Good nite

  37. pathma,

    i know you are hurt, hurt badly by those cruel racist remarks.

    just take that i am siding for sammy, she is my know and probably her mom.

    i don't want her to get hurt because of one out of mind senseless behavior.

    i mean good, i say sorry on her behalf to all indians in malaysia and around the world.

    we are malaysian, we are one, we should see that these things never surface again, God's willing.

    gua salh mhh ai gong, cheers!

  38. not necessary to live in a farm to have 3rd class mentality

  39. denzook, great guy. great comment.
    she will no doubt end up in kamunting as i hear soon ada banyak vacancies. she can take along pathma for company , not as a detainee. ha ha ha . Good nite

    12:15 AM, October 04, 2008

    by saying this you deserve to be in kamunting more than her and should be set together with those terrorists...

    qua salah mhh ai gong, cheers!

  40. yeah... nadeson... release that anger.....

  41. from my experienced.. i involved in 2 car accident.. the 1st - when the guy hit my car, he come out and say im sorry and willing to pay. 2nd - when the guy hit me, he come out and said to me " LU KENAL SAPA SAYA KA?".

    to all readers, u think yourself wat kind of person is the 1st and wat kind of person is the 2nd?? i wont blame sammy for her statement she wrote on the blog.:)))

  42. "by saying this you deserve to be in kamunting more than her and should be set together with those terrorists..."

    Like hitler in 1920s who stereotyped all the jews for backstabbing the germans while they fighting in the front line during wwi, this girl stereotyped the whole community for being robber and rapist and "drunkard bastard". you know how volatile the relationship between races in the country, who knows her "opinion" and logic of her thinking might trigger a riot in the country, just like how the nazi leader resulted the germans to persecute the jews. to be fair with other isa detainees locked up for being seditious, the ministry should be stern and considering locking her up in kamunting.

  43. "the 1st - when the guy hit my car, he come out and say im sorry and willing to pay. 2nd - when the guy hit me, he come out and said to me " LU KENAL SAPA SAYA KA?"."

    yeah, the 2nd one is some chinese ah beng who think they own the road and untouchable (haven't you read in malacca years ago there's a chinese guy killed the driver with a bat and drive away). the 1st guy is some bespectacled indian guy who feel guilt for causing damage to the car....

  44. denzook too... let it out... let that anger out....

  45. denzook,

    you do have a point.

    that's why you need to have a fair government! is ours fair?

    if the government is unfair, there will be lots of discontentment and hatred and silently it promotes and breeds racism.

    picking a girl and harping on the issues only perpetuate the unfortunate incident... she had said sorry.

    she is many many time better than those neverlearns, never say sorry never think, never analyse, never improve and keep sweeping racial issues under the carpet, balless to discuss openly.

    excuse, excuses...another 50 years we will still be running on the spot or may be worst, we become another palestine state, where the people go on forever chanting, mine, mine, mine.

    remember, malaysia is ours, no one is more supreme, then we can move forward together, strong.

    gua salah mhh ai gong, cheers!

  46. managed to find the cache article:

    and she SAID "SUE ME you idiotic Indians. SUE ME, darn assholes."


    how can indians in malaysia tahan with this statement. it simply hard to telan, and to get away without any punishment will make indians no dignity at all.....

  47. "f the government is unfair, there will be lots of discontentment and hatred and silently it promotes and breeds racism."

    compare with ahmad ismail pendatang remark with the recent case, the former is so inferior. the latter even challenge the community to sue her. since the isa incidents, the ministry should have set a strict conduct and show no tolerance to any some racist such as this. and demostrate to rakyat that the ministry "cakap serupa bikin", just prosecute her with ISA (or any existing law such as seditious act). i'm sure many ppl will agree with this, you can't simply let this go by a simple apology.

  48. i rest my case...dear danzook

    but remember what i said, malaysia is ours, not yours, not mine, not his, not theirs but ours.

    to pit indian against chinese may make some people happy but its detrimental to malaysia, to no one's good and is not a joke.

    stop the mine, mine, mentality lest we become another Pariah country.

    gua salah mhh ai gong, good nite

  49. yup, kamunting is a great place for 'occasional' racists like sammy davis... er chan (hope you are not a little bit pregnant). rpk says the food there stinks. that's exacty what sammy dahling would say about those not from the middle kingdom. have fun dahling. we will miss you racist rants.

  50. since malaysians like to use singapore as example:

    she can repent, yeah best if she repents in jail (or kamunting)......

  51. From all that I can make out over here, the Chinese will blame the government if it is their fault, and the others if it is not their fault.
    Not that there aren't fairminded people amongst all races, but the general stereotypes will be like this. Blaming the government for all ills, while what would they actually do to improve their children's civic sense. If one beliefs that they can stay in a country, within their own community with morphed view of the rest of the world, then Ahmad's view could not have been too far off its mark.
    Wrong is wrong, it doesn't matter who committed it, the criminals who stole the phone, and the girl who made the wholesome generalised comments. Both are guilty for different offences and needs to face the appropriate music in accordance with what the law states. Defending anyone of them will only bring out individual's underlying attitude towards the two different problems over here.

  52. denzook:

    "the 1st - when the guy hit my car, he come out and say im sorry and willing to pay. 2nd - when the guy hit me, he come out and said to me " LU KENAL SAPA SAYA KA?"."

    yeah, the 2nd one is some chinese ah beng who think they own the road and untouchable (haven't you read in malacca years ago there's a chinese guy killed the driver with a bat and drive away). the 1st guy is some bespectacled indian guy who feel guilt for causing damage to the car....

    you should be sent to kamunting with your lovely darling if that's the case since you have just stereotype that the chinese ah beng who think the road untouchable... what a stupid reply... can you please think of sammy's parent who are worried for her future and etcetc. be mature of once. please at least think with your brain!! what if I insisted to prison you in kamunting based on your earlier remark despite your apology.

  53. aeromaverick, i think you've just made a generalised comment as well. thought you did not mean the 'whole chinese' community. intentionally or not, what can i say? should you be punish according to the law my friend? i should hv just lodge a police report against this blog, and see how many racist here could be charge under isa due to their 'unintentionally racist remark'

  54. Hah, this girl writes she hates Indians and she gets lambasted and rightly so. But no one seems to care about a somewhat influential UMNO-aligned website and forum where many people openly and quite happily call for Hindu temples to be demolished, claim that all Chinese are communists, calling for the Chinese to be massacred, calling non-Malays names like keling and babi and lots more.

  55. Although her words were offensive and downright hurtful to many, but the truth is what are we doing right now? She was angry, hence her stupid action, but what did we do? We bash her back, mock her, curse her, although apology (partially) was given. So what does this action of ours make us?

    What she did wasn't right, but the whole issue was blown out of proportion. I sincerely would like to believe that Malaysian can be a mature lot, but looking at the comments here and there, I seriously doubt it, and I think some of us are no better than she is, right now.

    May peace be upon us, bro and sis.

  56. Look at where Sammy Chan has put us. With Anti ISA rallies all over Malaysia, with high spirits for the release of the Sin Chew reporter, YB Teresa and YM RPK soon, yet we have unethical and irresponsible blogger like Sammy Chan.

    Syed Hamid, looks like Sammy Chan is a threat to national security and well being of the public in general. She should be locked up for her own safety I suggest. Ha-ha-ha!

    The ISA detention is cruel, as how described in
    I am against ISA, ever since I got word of Ops Lalang during my schooling days.

    IMHO, ISA is not the answer for Sammy. File a charge against her, be it sedition or whatever that fits the glove and drag her sorry arse to court. Give her a chance to prove her innocence or stupidity. If she is found guilty, let her serve her time. She is no juvenile although she behaves like one. She did ask for it...literally!

    she SAID "SUE ME you idiotic Indians. SUE ME, darn assholes."

    P.S -
    Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you (Matthew 7:7)

    Open unto you the gates to your cell. Muahahahaha!

    Careful what you wish
    You may regret it
    Careful what you wish
    You just might get it
    - King Nothing ( Metallica )

  57. 3 things bind us Malaysians together, namely sports, food and racist exchanges wakakaka

  58. Lets face it... in spite of all our 'muhibbah' and 'tolerance' that we advertize to the world, we Malaysians (Malays, Chinese, Indians, dll's) are still very racist.

    Unlike those Mat Sallehs, we're better at hiding it and dishing it out in more subtle ways. Crisis situations (like getting your cellphone snatched) helps to bring it out & reenforce it...

  59. I wonder what would have happened if the thieves were Malay instead...

  60. Sammy Chan

    I forgive you you are after all very human and as humans we all make mistakes .
    I can also understand why you make those remarks majority of those involve in criminal activities are their kind . Got two of my relatives had their handbag and gold chain snatched away also involves their kind . Well take it easy and get a new handphone . I'm sure its not the handphone cost but rather your contacts all lost .

    Have a good day .

  61. This racist mentality is unfortunately lost on those bigots whose construct of anyone they encounter is the accumulation of prejudices and experiences.

    It is not like as if we all do not have preudices or assumptions. Indeed these keep creeping up in our intercourse with our fellowman all the time. On someone who you have not met, you still make assumptions about him or her based on the little information that you may have of him or her. Upon first setting your eye on that person, that person's dressing, demeanor, diction, tone,all these then chip away at the earlier assumptions. But that is the way of man I suppose.

    It is not like as if we do not have prejudices. We all have. But displaying prejudices is something that should never be entertained of course.

    The lesson for Indians over this episode is another reminder of the stereo typing that silently works against them in many an instance. True or not, until such time this is completely eliminated, it is something everyone has got to work on. Being silent about it does not necessarily cure it. So, in a way, just like Lim Keng Yaik once made a boo boo of a statement for which he too apologised, maybe its an appropriate reminder of the realisties that impact onthe society. After all over the Raya Open house, did not The Star, by its ommission in the reporting try to show the presence of the HINDRAF supporters at the event as a commotion. And what did they omit? thepresence of the ant-ISA group with people like Haris Ibrahim and ernard Khoo and so on. By reporting it as a commotion, when there was none, and making it look like it was only a HINDRAF event, what were tey hooping for the reader to conclude? Indeed between that reporting and what Sammy said. I'd rather feel more comfortabe with Sammy. At least the evil was clear for all to see. In that Star's reporting, the knive that pierces is invicible.

  62. aeromaverick,

    no one can escape stereotyping, you are stereotyping....

    the question i would like to ask you is whether there is or are, races you particularly dislike and did you ever try to put an effort to analyse it and understand why...

    probably you don't feel a thing when teresa is called a babi but you would feel extremely fired-up when sammy say of the indians or lets put it another way, you ask me how i feel, may be, same same.....

    indians, generally are mild people, how can i escape generalising? but yes, i hope the indians would not lose their heads and throw molotov or go amok.

    can you or i able to solve this if not the goverment? don't you think the 50 year-old government should seriously, i mean seriously start thinking of this...

    some people just hate singapore because they dislike certain race in there but the truth and success story is for everyone to see and if we don't want to learn from them, whom should we learn from?

    e.g. they put different races in housing estates to allow them to mix and learn each other's culture and sensitivities and most importantly, wicked people wanting to burn their neigbour houses...think twice!

    here we say we can't do this because of religious factors.... hello, why people can, you cannot?

    almost everyday i eat un-halal food like the muslim slaughtered kentucky chicken and mcdonald burgers... if i think is against my religion, then i don't eat lah... so many fried-chicken here and there what.

    if so takut, like one pretty mat salleh girl told me "might as well stay at home, but you are going to miss so much in this wonderful world"

    always feel proud of what you are but do not dominate others to feel proud of what you are.

    gua salah mhh ai gong, cheerio, susie love.

  63. denzook

    Cool it man !! Everyone has their outbursts once in a while !!! you won't be talking like this if she's your daughter !

  64. Dear KLSUSIE,

    That is my point. It took such a remark from me to bring out the defence in full force from you. You felt the need to explain, the need to find analogy, the need to justify on the first part two parts of my comments. Why? Is it because of years in indoctrination to defend ones race et la?.... Or is it out of some genuine feeling of slight, that has to be browbeaten back. As for how I felt about other races. I was born and brought up in Sabah. I DID NOT COME ACROSS SUCH ATTITUDES TILL I REACHED THE SHORES OF WEST MALAYSIA. And the Chinese in Sabah are definitely different. Maybe that is the reason MCA does not work in Sabah, for that matter in Sarawak. I belief, KLSUSIE, you profess the ideas of PR, but are still enschewed in the realms of BN/MCA chauvinism. Otherwise one would be able to look at issues without the partisan attitudes.
    And then comes the issue of civic sense. I admire Singapore, and feel some of their policies are great, but not all, though they do better in almost all areas compared to Malaysia. But do they do well in all areas compared to the rest of the world?... I do not think in a regimented society one would eventually generate a thinking society, the strenght of creativity et la. Even their leaders such as LKY understands that and have been trying to sort out things along these lines. Try doing this in Singapore, and defend it on the blog, all of us will be watched and warned, to put it mildly.
    Last of all, my race is not important, and I didn't get emotional over these postings, just my observations only.
    To your question of what I think of other races, and what I felt of the Honourable MP being called names; I am self employed, running a company with a staff strenght of 37, in four different countries. No one race dominates under my watch. And all are allowed to express themselves to the hilt, professionally speaking. Nobody thinks that he/she is more important or clever due to his background. I do 100% external business, without any govt patronage so one does not have to think I am patronising anyone or the government in general. Infact, I for one, voted the PR on 8/3.
    My point being, KLSUSIE, one can make a lot of noise about all these things and what the government should do about it, but what are you doing to bring down the wall of misconception and chauvinistic thinking, and create a better sense of fairness, universal thinking, and respect for mankind as mankind in the next generation. Or in other words, are we atleast trying to be true followers of any of the greatest religion that we profess to follow, because all these are definitely talked about in the holy scriptures.

  65. Well Anonymous, what can I say, it took a such a comment for you to react and put up the flag of racist vitimisation, "generalisation" and all that, is it?
    The tone earlier was all about "forgiveness", "lets move on" and all that.
    So, anonymous, did it hurt somewhere deep in you? If yes, that is how exactly how everyone else feels too. Like I said, both the criminals as well as the "generaliser" are guilty, period. And if you feel I am guilty too, Yes, but it is more akin to shooting the messenger trying to get across the message, rather than anything else.

  66. calling chinese and indian names such as pendatang or keling are no tantamount to such statement:

    ..they carry the reputation of being stealer, robbers, rapist, idiots, morons, drunk bastards, and the list goes on...

    You Indians got no hands and legs to work and earn money is it? ....

    if these statements uttered by some 22yr (not kid anymore, mind you) old lass forgivable and go unpunished, it is a big joke! Especially if it to say that the person is at anger? if her handphone kena robbed, it is because of her stupidity unable to take care of her things (you know this is malaysia, not first world country, even italy there's bound to have robbers and snatch thieves) and instead blaming of herself, she lashed out the whole ethnic and challenge them to sue her. typical silver/platinum spoon feed to her rich mouth brat, she can repent, yeah, repent at jail or kamunting just like some other first world country e.g sgpura did...... since many ppl admire singapore so much.

    it reminds me in ktm station long ago the guard released the snatch thief after he "pleaded" and repented. can you take this!

  67. "Cool it man !! Everyone has their outbursts once in a while !!! you won't be talking like this if she's your daughter !"

    don't think my son/daughter will behave this way! with proper upbringing, no way the child (and this girl is even 22 yrs old!) will write such as this without considering the aftermath.... even old tdm spanked his children to discipline them. she's 22 yrs old. she had to responsible for all her inconceivable action - don't blame parents.

  68. I agree with denzook, there more important matters of the State that begs for our time rather than this juvenile case.

  69. why bother compare ahmad racist remarks with sammy comments....did ahmad call yellow skin malaysians drunken,bastards? well....u treat ppl the way u want to b treated...kudos to ahmad!

    and yea..y do yellow skin ppl seem to hav problem wit everyone? their mp insulted muslims for the azan...and they complain of unfair treatment?dammed pigs!

  70. Wow Dan, you seems to be a blast from the past! We have a baitor here with in! Along came with the motive of "Divide & Rule, and thou shall rise"...

  71. Get real people, we are far from non racialism, thats the fact. Why we distinguish and discriminate other ethnic group were due to the growing up environment culturally and experiences acquire from school and working places. We learn the bad about other ethnic group and turn prejudice against them. Yes, off course its hurt when things are said against our liking, but let be honest on this, those racial and biased views were widely talk about among each ethnic group. Most of us are able to manage to deal with the situation to say the right thing at the right time, it is better to be a hypocrite than to be called racialist which is taboo... Ahmad Ismail and now Sammy are bold but naive to say it out, so they got the trademark.

    But will the punishment get us anywhere? and the answer is big NO.

    Its always the case that we cannot see our weaknesses and need others to tell us so, perhaps we need to be strong and open minded to accept those criticism and improve on those rightly said.

    If the Chinese and Malays said that the indians are not trustworthy, then its up to the indians to improve on their trustworthyness. Likewise, if the Indians and Malays said that the Chinese are miser and getting all the wealth, then the rich Chinese should do more on generosity to help the poor. If the Indians and Chinese think that the Malays are lazy, then the Malays should improve on their productivities.

    That should be one of the changes we opt for which rightly come from us rather than expecting other to do for us.

  72. XieAn, I agree with you, as long as you were one of the chaps who felt the same way when Ahmad made his nazist remarks sometime back. Otherwise, your wise comments will smack of double standards and a whole lot of psedo-intellect analysis to suit ones need of the hour.
    In any case, in a society such as ours, with all its faultlines and sensitivities, we all have to give a huge sense of accommodation to each other's feelings and space for the benefit of doubt on our noble intentions.

  73. To top it off, the blogspace has been exploding with all sort of "cries of liberty" since the last GE. We spoke of the need for Bangsa Malaysia, unity against the reining regime and all that. But when an issue like this comes up, everyone went back to the well defined line of actual control, defined by race.
    Do we, the Rakyat of Malaysia, deserve a homogeneous system of governance, free from all shackles of neo-colonialism brand of policies of the ruling regime? Are we ready for such a change? Can we be genuine and shed the sheeps clothes and show our true face and feelings, without sugar coating? Otherwise it is a case of the trading one bigot policy for another, isn't it?

  74. if you mean well, that's all i care

    if what you wrote is true, you are a citizen exemplar but unfortunately what you wrote has a tinge of hate and anger.

    please don't miscontrue that i am defending but i feel i should do my parts to educate the misinformed non-chinese fellow citizen likewise everyone should do his or her parts to allay mistrusts between races.

    for instance, i am only drawing the good things about the lion city, not saying they are faultless but you quickly shown me your fangs, ready to strike.

    in S.E.A many natives are jealous of the chnese because they are all over their countries which sadly is the truth but that's history.

    chinese are here to stay, they are not here just yesterday, many things over few hundred years have become the norm of malaysia.

    but one thing the natives should remember, the chinese did not conquer their land like the west, they were here to do business, worked and toiled.

    the chinese school cannot just be torn down at the whims of some bigoted politician citing them as mini china.

    if the government is sincere, then please come up with a fomula that is agreeable and fair to all, i am sure the chinese school can go.

    don't just say halal food is good for you and therefore one must live like a muslim...hello?

    tap the best of each ethnic group while regulate wherever possible and not rigidly snap from one to another with the excuse of equal distribution of wealth.

    you can't force orang asli to be doctors when they are good at carving or agriculture... so help them florish more in these particular fields.

    chinese are good in business and business alone with china, taiwan singapore and hong kong are enough to bring sumptious meals for all of us.

    if we depend on indonesia just because you like them is going to make all malaysian go hungry.

    be pragmatic and carry on the good work of bringing prosperity to malaysia.

    stop wasting your energies distrusting the chinese, bring hardship to them while not benefitting yourself

    i would not want to be royal to the bumi to be disloyal to the malaysians.

    i hope sammy-incident be a lesson to learn but not a catalyst for racial riots.

    cheers! qua salah mhh ai gong, susie

  75. Dear KLSUSIE, I honestly meant well, and spoke the truth. That is why I write under a psedo name, so as to express freely.
    Please belief me when I say that there are no "fangs" to any of my comments. Religion and food is a personal choice, and respect and give respect is what I belief in.
    I bore no ill feelings towards any particular races, any where in the world. Ill mannerisms, rudeness, cruelty, jealousy, and all other forms of human negative attitudes are not race specific. If that were not true, how come in some Western Societies, the Indians migrants happen to be doing a lot better than the local populace, as well as, the Chinese over there?
    One will find bad apples in all societies, and crime is not the personal traits of any one race.
    Hope you will not find this comment too caustic in any manner KLSUSIE, for it was not meant to be like that in the first place.

  76. Hi aeromaverick,

    If your were to gain access to my earlier post regarding Admad you will note my consistency in this matter.


  77. Dear XiaAn,

    Noted, and thank you.

  78. 'I hate Indians. It’s bad enough they are famous for being drunk and rude (most of them anyway). Now they carry the reputation of being stealer, robbers, rapist, idiots, morons, drunkard bastards and list goes on…'

    'I am not trying to be racist but it always Indian. It’s Indian fault. I don’t care if I am sued for racism.'

    directly quoted frm sammy chan blog

  79. Dear truth hurts,

    Like I said earlier,

    "Do we, the Rakyat of Malaysia, deserve a homogeneous system of governance, free from all shackles of neo-colonialism brand of policies of the ruling regime? Are we ready for such a change? Can we be genuine and shed the sheeps clothes and show our true face and feelings, without sugar coating? Otherwise it is a case of the trading one bigot policy for another, isn't it?"

    Cheers :-)

  80. Hi
    KT nice write on our gurl sammy.

    well sammy did a whammy with her outburst that made some generalisation about a race. did propose she make her blog private if that is what she wanted it to be in the first place.
    so is she ISA candidate since those who replied like threatened all kind of physical abuse at her as well as made equally racist slur against her and her Chinese DNA?
    but sad we have vigilantes who seemed more a pharisee than our simone sammy. it's sad BolehLand likes to persecute those who are kinda of 'ordinary' than those who are even more guilty over this racist thingy. If these pharisees put everyone under ISA protection we will have empty streets, towns and cities similar to those we experience during major festivities
    see sammy in

  81. sumtimes i wonder if sammy meant all indians ...besides tamils(south indians)...there are brahmins ..gujeratis n punjabisn the rest.not that im trying to instigate hatred...but jz knowing the perception of an average malaysian

    i understand sammy is grad frm usm...did usm jz got the apex status? sigh
    probally there is sum truth as why uitm is against opening up to non malays...izit because they perceive sammy represents the mentality of her community?

  82. Hi aeromaverick,

    Below comments was posted on sept 07, 2008

    People also must be rational with what Ahmad ismail have said and not be hypocrite as most of us we are racist at one time or other. The difference is that we do not say it out in public as we do not want to hurt other ethnic feeling and this fellow is bold to say it out loud. But on the other hand, what is the meaning of "Freedom of Speech" when some body cannot speak their mind out?

    Isn't it better that people speak their heart out so that we can see what are the problems. Most Malays ( not only in UMNO ) considered that the non-malay are immigrant, it is not new, because the foundation of Malaysia hasn't been laid correctly. To me how shall we tackle the misconception and change the mind set to accommodate todays environment are more important and not force or fake apologies. Perhaps a campaign from both side of the fence to educate the public how the non-malay struggled during pre and post independent, fight for the country during both world war, sacrifices and contributed greatly to built this nation and Malaysia is the home for all Malaysian would be more fruitful.

    Thats the change I looking for and not from bad to worst with the act of toppling the government by undemocratic means while many of the differences still remains..

    Lets built and not destroy, lets engage and not confrontation, lets be partners to complete, let live together and not kill each other.......

    2:17 PM, September 07, 2008

  83. Hi XieAn,

    Thank you for the previous postings. I would like to compliment you on the depth of the same.

    Never the less, I am sure we can agree to disagree with full courtesy.

    Change needs to be initiated at all quarters, top down, and vice versa. The government and politicians alone cannot be allowed to make the changes for the future of our society. This is a far too important issue, on how to teach out children the values of the Malaysian Way, our way!

    I think PR needs to do its best to come in power through democratic principles, and floor crossing is not undemocratic in any manner so to speak. Any individuals who feels otherwise need to also take into consideration on the possible facts whether our Election Process is fault free to the extend the benchmarked equation at the moment is true image of the possibly reality if the last GE was conducted without any contraversies.


  84. Kaytee, you're too polite to HINDRAF, my friend.

    I have stronger words for those idiots.

    Handling Freedom Of Speech

  85. who cares if she's a racist? she's hot!

  86. Got to give her a break! Don't be hypocrits because all of us be it chinese, malays or indians and others have that reflect inner action to whack anyone with such verbal missiles.
    We should stop pointing our fingers at her as though we have'nt done it in our lifes.I will be dammed if i would not vent my anger if any mother@%$#$ stole my hard earned phone! Would you?

  87. A few facts about Sammy.

    1. Shes a graduate of Taylors College,in the USM Degree of Persuasive Communication aka a mass communication undergrad.

    2. 70% of the mass comm lecturers in Taylor's College are indians (see the irony here?)

    3. She just graduated this year.

    Firstly i like to praise those who have commented about the whole Sammy fiasco in this blog,many were spot on target while the others just defended her and supported her stereotypes and went along with how its just and she shouldn't be punished.

    I'm a fellow mass commer and i feel disgusted by her especially when shes from my college. We mass commers are taught on how to avoid stereotypes and how to communicate with the public through media so that our message would be clear cut. She is lying when she says that words has no tone nor sincerity,i believe she was taught social semiotics which basically means the construction of meaning be it through words or objects.

    Plus,shes 22 years old and has just graduated from mass communication,how could someone of that background insinuate such hatred and racism through her blog? We are taught to avoid stereotypes or making any,dont tell me she forgot what the lecturers were saying especially when she just graduated thats bullcrap.

    Her apologies arent sincere,try to find the first two apologies,you can see that she defends her statements and dont show any sign of regret and alleged that educated Indians need not worry about what she wrote as it only condemns indians who are not educated. What suddenly indians are two separate groups? Its not a spur of the moment thing,look at her counter arguments in her commentary it was a free for all,she kept defending her racist remarks. She even said that shes a sometimes racist kinda person,its either you are racist or you are not theres no such thing called temporary racism that comes and goes.

    In her last apology which she made after coming under fire and getting wide publicity, she said that she wears saree to her friends birthday and that means shes not a racist,a dress is still a dress,wearing it doesnt mean you something that you are not,i can wear western clothes that doesnt mean i accept all their values neither does it mean i tolerate their mindset.

    I believe we can all come to a consensus that a person of her stature should face the music? You have to be accept responsibility for your actions,if you are punished for it,just accept it hopefully you turn out a better person. If kept talking about how her parents feel then we should let all the prisoners lose cause their family feel the same way right?