Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blind candles man man lai?

Jaded! Perhaps a bit sick (medically).

That’s how I am today, and generally pissed off with politics. I see the Lion of Gelugor has been suspended from Parliament for 2 days – read Malaysiakini Karpal slapped with two-day suspension which started with his objection to UMNO Chief Head Kicker using the word ‘blind’ to criticize another MP.

Then in Malaysiakini Q&A: Home ministers all 'candles in the wind' we read about Syed Hamid attempting to do an Elton John wakakaka.

He said “all ministers of home affairs will never take a populist view. We are never popular but we are like a candle - we burn ourselves in order to protect society.”

I wonder what the late Princess Diane would say … probably she’s moaning from her grave.

Then again in Malaysiakini Anwar now 'in no hurry' to topple BN …... ‘nuff said. After all, when he boasted of 916, someone did ask: “Which year?”

Aiyah man man lai lah!

Instead I want to write about the past, on at least three things that stunned me, a Penang young laddie, when I first arrived in KL to (seek) work.

Firstly, I was repulsed by the overpowering smell of chlorine. Initially I wondered where the hell that pungent odour came from … until my auntie informed me “it’s the KL water lah”.

To me, it was so strong and stinging that it nearly 'blinded' me ;-)

Secondly, I was shocked by the mee when Uncle took me down to the local (his fave) Hokkien Mee stall. Unlike the more fine (slimmer) Penang mee the KL mee was thick like cacin (earth worms). And fried in KL style with black sauce … it looked yeeech and yucky.

But I went ahead and ate it - WTF, I then thought to myself, we only lived like 'candles in the wind' ;-)

Thirdly, everything costs more. Could I afford to live in KL? Unc advised: "Aiyah man man lai lah!"

Mind you I liked and still do KL sweeties ;-)


  1. For Syed Hamid to burn himself to protect society would be slow and painful, something I would not encourage nor even recommend.

    I suggest he jumps from the top level of Menara KL.

  2. pls visit:

    This guy is so racist, i'm ashamed to be malaysian!!!

  3. Bar Council Double Standards!!!!!

    The above expose is frightening!!!! But where are those bloggers who champion for Law Reform macam Harris Ibrahim, zorro unmasked, Susan Loone, Anwar Ibrahim, Elizabeth Wong, Nathaniel? Mana dia orang? Senyap aja!

    Salleh Abas turns 80 next year. To say that he is dissapointed with the Bar Council is an understatement. A close friend of the Tun told me that the former Lord President felt cheated, betrayed even. The Bar had no qualms about using the Lord President's name and person to champion its cause, but was not willing to help him in a matter that it has discretion to.

    The Firm's last letter was sent to the Bar Council early this week. Excerpts:

    "Our Tun Salleh read your (9 Oct) letter ... with great disbelief.

    "In our several correspondences with the Bar Council over this matter, we have often alluded to the fact that in at least one instance (involving YBhg Datuk K.C. Vohrah), the Bar Council had evidently utilised its discretion under Rule 62 ... to allow an "unqualified" (under the said Rules) person to be a consultant to a legal firm.

    "Our Tun Salleh is of the view that the Bar Council's decision not to utilise similar discretion in the case of his application amounts to a rather despicable practice of double standards."

  4. We have a few Comical Alis in our Dewan Rakyat with S. Hamid Albar & Nazri leading the pack.

    The BAR council is a den of crooks.
    BN is a den of thieves.
    Both groups are licensed.

    That's the general perception but not all MPs and lawyers are bad people.

  5. Hi Ktemoc

    Take a look at this article:

    The family kitty is being raided
    (and no input from the kids - who actually own the money in the family kitty - is sought)
    Any comments from you?

    Phua Kai Lit
    Phua Kai Lit

  6. Don't make fun with my hometown hor... ;)

    Anyway, wonder why you did not blog about that Zul, and his newest debate in the house... LOL

  7. I think you have been sick in the brain for quite some time now....

  8. I'm pretty sure "Like a Candle in The Wind" and "Burning Oneself up like a Candle" have very different meanings.

    Both are colloquial terms, so there is no definitive dictionary interpretation, but they definitely do not mean the same thing, though the common word is "candle".

    Just trying to understand this post...

  9. I think this must rank among your worst blogs with all the hallmarks of mental fatigue.

    Nothing in it merits any discussion or comment. Take a break for a few days and start up after Depavali.

  10. Karpal Singh ni memang tak habis2 kurang ajar. Macam takda benda lain dah yang dia pandai buat. Kurang ajar je yang dia tau.