Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Colossus, Kim Il Wah or Brahma?

Why man, he doth bestride the narrow world
Like a Colossus, and we petty men
Walk under his huge legs and peep about
To find ourselves dishonourable graves

- W Shakespeare

According to the Star Online, this 12.2 metre high cutout positioned in front of Wisma Keringat at Batu Caves costs the taxpayers RM5,000.
And a sweetie secretly confided to me she though Malaysia had gone the way of North Korea with a Soviet style Kim Il Wah-ish iconic monument.
But Perlis Mufti Dr Asri Zainul Abidin told cult supporters to cease and desist in such extreme extent of 'idol-ising' their leader.
He warned them: “The action should be stopped immediately for fear that it would become a practise within the society. It can deviate the Muslim’s faith."

I wonder what the Kulim Wonder, Zulkifli Noordin would say?

Brahma at Batu Caves?

But the greatest sin would be
To do the blasphemous

To question, blame, sneer
At the one & most holy Grail,
The one with the pious wail
Four face Almighty Brahma

Hi to my dear buddy Paul
Assalaimu Alaikum yaa akhi
wo men dou shi yi jia ren
demi bangsa, bangsa & bangsa

Maybe kaytee can offer yet another poem?

I was Darth Vader yesterday
But now I am Luke Skywalker
Tho’ tomorrow, you’ll see me
As I ought to be, the Emperor

Activist in a forgotten history
Then Minister of Parachuting
Yes, I can metamaphose easily
From black, white to anything

Catch me if you can, I am the
Entertainer of the salacious,
Then like a flash of lightning
Becoming Mufti of all pious

My syrupy honey tongue, ten
Metres long – all the better
To catch you common lalat’s
With words sweet and tender

Of many hue, size and shape
Yes, I am indeed a chameleon
Breaking bread with an Islamist
Or bosom buddy of a neocon

Once I wallowed in a cesspool
'ere I was driven out by a tiger
Now I am your white Paladin
Not many can detect my odour

Like a mischievous Eris I flung
Into the anagrammatic KOJI
A Mongolian apple of discord
Which says Altan .. Kallisti

A word meaning ‘to the fairest’
Why, that’s me, aku, I, wah
Sweet words, all ye lemmings,
For your Most Majesty, Moi


  1. "costs the taxpayers RM5,000"

    I agree its a waste of money. We don't need more BN style cults.
    Plenty of giant Badawi and Najib pictures around.

    Please get one important thing right. It is a PKR-paid "advertisement" and was not paid from taxpayer funds.

  2. Star reported: "Sungai Burong assemblyman Datuk Mohd Shamsudin Lias said that it was a waste of public funds.

    “Although there is a claim that the cutout is to wish the people Selamat Hari Raya, there are many other ways to do it.

    “Besides everyone knows who Anwar Ibrahim is”

    public funds = taxpayers money

  3. Yes, but just because some idiot assemblyman said so, doesn't mean it's correct. However, I realise Batu Caves is under Selangor jurisdiction and you and I know who controls it.

    Still, RM5000 is peanuts compared to what BN has wasted, so if the newspapers thought they could milk some of our sympathy and righteous rage, it was totally lost on me.

  4. I propose that a colossal statue of KTemoc be constructed near Penang bridge. The artist should make him look scary (more scary than Darth Vader, John McCain and Pontianak combined). It won't be a waste of taxpayers' money, as the statue is guaranteed to increase Penang's tourism revenue. You can bet your last dollar that tourists from faraway places such as Mongolia and Zimbabwe would come to pay their homage to KTemoc's likeness. However, there is the dangerous possibility that some visitors might want to commit suicide after looking at the statue's frightful face.

  5. crankster.. come on!! you can come out with better excuse.. You mean, PKR can also waste taxpayers money as long as its less than what's BN has wasted? Then what make PKR or PR any different from BN? coz they are lesser evil? hmm.. i doubt that.

  6. I'm giving no excuses for PKR. These stupid statues and cut-outs and banners for politicians are third-world country necessities.

    PKR is starting to look like same shit, new branding.

    Sometimes I think the longer I live here, I can feel my IQ level drop.

  7. OMG! PKR a disaster! Crankster you may say RM5000 is peanuts compared to what BN has wasted. But twice shame on PKR for not learning from BN mistakes. You all are not supposed to waste a single cent of rakyat's money!!! What a stupid excuse.

    Disaster!! Disaster!!!

  8. I must agree that just because one assemblyman said it was taxpayers's money does not make it so. It needs to be investigated who paid for it-if it was out of the party's own coffers so be it though I would be asking PKR members if they think that is how their money should be spent.

    M'sia has a personality cult in its political outlook-any change in govt will not change that seeing that Anwar quite enjoys his Charles Manson cult leadership status.

    Unfortunately, too many anti-BN people pray at teh feet of the god-king Anwar Ibrahim. This is a dangerous game to play.

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  10. Hahahaha Wakakaka

    KT you do have very good imagination !!
    Its now kettle calling the pot black ! The cut out piece costing $5000 looks more like the Great Snake Oil Salesman whom I know ! Its good advertisement for the Great Oil Company , maybe sales will improve after this !!wakakaka !!!!!

  11. I have to delete pistolair's comments as they were too libellous - making all sorts of accusations, which may or may not be true but which I am not prepared to have on my blog as I cannot defend myself agaisnt suit when there's no evidence whatoever. Go post them at RPK's blog.