Sunday, October 19, 2008

UMNO's Hang Tuahs!

God defend me from my friends; from my enemies I can defend myself - Proverb

In this land of Hang Tuah, the knives are out (as usual) as Malaysiakini tells us of Intrigue at Umno to topple Abdullah.

Candidate for the UMNO NO 2 position, Muhyiddin Yassin, has asked for the party election to be brought forward to the original date of December instead of March next year.

While Muhyiddin claimed his proposal has to do with shortening the campaigning period, AAB reckoned it was to get rid of him a.s.a.p.

AAB believes that his Nemesis, Dr M, has been the provocateur.

Dr M of course wants to see Najib as PM soonest. He doesn’t trust AAB and his family to honour the March handover.

If we recall, when AAB was in power, his camp had gone to extraordinary length to ‘blockade’ Dr M’s voice being heard within the party, to the extent that Dr M was forced into accepting any platforms including the one organized by Raja Petra Kamarudin to criticize AAB and his children’s policies and actions.

For more, please read The UMNO Interdiction of Dr Mahathir!

The opposition, particularly PKR and PAS were so delighted to have Dr M lambasting UMNO that even PAS named Dr M as a ‘national treasure’ wakakaka. I want to see whether PAS will change its mind when Najib becomes PM and Dr M is seen as voicing his ‘opinions’ again.

Yes, that perfidy so famous in UMNO has also come unto KJ, at one time so powerful that almost everyone in UMNO were falling down in the mad rush to be seen by his side.

The Star Online reported in
Khairy dealt Putrajaya blow that 2 Umno Youth divisions, Putrajaya and Tapah hitherto seen as in KJ’s camp, gave KJ the Judas Kiss.

Putrajaya gave leng chai SIL a fatal blow when it picked Mukhriz Mahathir over Khairy as its choice for the Youth chief post. It’s interesting to note that the division Youth chief Ahmad Zaki Zahid is a close friend of KJ and special officer to AAB. He couldn't deliver.

Then the new Tapah Umno Youth chief Khairuddin Mohd Jali also cheekily said that the delegates felt that Khairy should remain in his current capacity as deputy Youth chief as he was still young and had a long way to go.

Hah, that perfidious political wind of change!

Talking about UMNO's brand of loyalty, I deem that bloke who had penned a poem on Teresa Kok as a dog had unwittingly paid her a great compliment because humorist Josh Billings informed us that “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

As for those anti-dog camp, I reckon the backstabbing must have been how Jebat felt when his best mate Tuah turned on him for a mere tyrant.

Biar mati anak: Jangan mati adat (Better your children die than your traditions).

Well, the UMNO tradition lives on!

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(2) No Hang Tuah for Dr Mahathir


  1. Good deeds never paid, instead evil will be rewarded.

    AAB did a bad move by not contesting the UNMO presidency. He should fight, a loser is still a better hero than quitter. Clearly he have been forced down and those vulture are going after his fresh and blood.

    With AAB gone, are we heading back to Mahathirism or Anwarism. We must not forget the days when these two leaders were at the helm, the vast practices of cronyism and nepotism, the financial market meltdown and operation lallang. I do not think Najib have the capability and courage to deal with the two shark.

    What I am witnessing is history repeating itself.

  2. In an inspiring documentary produced by Discovery Channel tracing the origins of the human 'Eve', archeologist Dr Majid established that the present-day Negritos are the descendants of the earliest human migrants from coastal Africa. This is based on mitochondria DNA as well as material history.

    Does this mean that the Negritos, being the first inhabitants of a geographic space that is now known as Malaysia, are the real 'Bumis'?

    Historians would have us believe that a second wave of migration from the Asian mainland saw the displacement of the Negritos by another group, also known as the Proto-malays. Today, we do not distinguish between the two groups and collectively call them all Orang Asli - the original peoples.

    Since this is a malay term and not a neo-colonialist construction, it simply means that the malays themselves acknowledge that they are not the original peoples as they had encountered the Orang Asli on their arrival in the malay Peninsula and differentiated themselves from this first two groups.

    Present-day malays, constituting a third wave, came much later, hence the term Deutro-malays. This means that successive waves of migrations have left sediments of linguistic, culture and beliefs imprints here in Malaysia. But because of the coherence of malay culture, the whole region came to be known as the malay world or 'Alam melayu'.

    This world was at the crossroads of international trade and the malays were active participants of this exchange of goods and services. Their world was open-minded, tolerant and plural. From animism, to Hindu-Buddhism and latterly Islam, the malay world was open to foreign influences.

    Without any doubt, the Indians and the Chinese have been welcome here for many centuries. Some traded, married local women and established long-standing ties with the malays. Some of these 'Peranakan' communities have been living in modern-day Malaysia far longer than some Indonesian communities.

    But to the malays, Indonesians of all shades whether Mandailing, Javanese or Batak are of the same root. They are not seen as immigrants although with the rising rate of crime in Malaysia and its attribution to Indonesian migrant workers, this view may soon change.

    There is no question about this underlying malay cultural context to modern Malaysia and Indonesia. The latter maybe a bit different due to the great influence of the Javanese but is essentially part of the malay world. With the emergence of the nation state, we have to define what is Malaysian.

    In the case of the latter, we have failed to achieve a consensus. If the divide between the bumi and non-bumi is to be enshrined as part of the national identity, then there is no such thing as 'Malaysian'. If a Malaysian is anyone with a Malaysian passport, then there needs to be equality among the ethnic groups.

    The real challenge is to think out of this box. Does it really matter if one's ancestor came from Indonesia, India or China? What really matters is the commitment to Malaysia and loyalty to the state, our imagined community.

  3. I have suggested in the past that Chinese Malaysians should just gather their wealth and leave Malaysia and let malays them become backwards.

    Singapore is desperately looking for skilled foreign workers due to dwindling birthrates. Many Indians are working over there. Seriously Chinese Malaysians should look into moving to Singapore.

    I am sure China can make good use of the wealth of Chinese Malaysians. Is there any policy the China government have enacted to encourage overseas Chinese to come back and make China their home once again?

    That will teach the Malaysians a lesson. Their economy will crumble and will put them back 50 years.

  4. Who wants to stay home and serve here where meritocracy gives way to racial preference? I am a two-time graduate in University Malaya (masters and bachelors degree) and I used to hope that my children could enter a local university someday.

    But with sliding university ranking and invisible barriers to keep non-malay students away, I have changed my mind. If I have the opportunity and money avails itself, I will send my children to overseas universities and ask them to emigrate there. We can rot and die here, but not the children.

    This brain drain is not a problem to Umno at all. In fact, Umno is happy to see more and more of our talents leaving. Their power base will then be more secure.

    All this started with Dr Mahathir. He believed that a half competent malay was better than a fully competent non-malay to serve the nation. This is clearly reflected in the progressive exclusion of non-malays from teaching profession academia, public service and other areas in the public sector as well GLCs since the early 1980s.

    During Dr Mahathir's ethnic cleansing of the Malaysia public service, thousands of qualified non-malays left the country for Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Such departure was view positively by Dr Mahathir - it meant that there were more positions available for malays. That short-term thinking has had dire consequences.

    During the regional economic boom of 1990s, Malaysia prospered. There was plenty of money. Incompetence and corruption did not matter - a failure could always be rectified through bailout; high costs (e.g. Proton) could always be neutralised through subsidies (for export) or higher prices (for local consumption).

    The scenario today is different. Competition is stiff. Newcomers such as Vietnam are breathing down our neck. Giants (India and China) have awakened and are marching unimpeded.

    Malaysia needs to exploit all its resources to meet the global challenge. Ignoring 40% of its most valuable resource (e.g. human capital - Indians, Chinese and East Malaysians) is no way to meet the challenge.

    Badawi needs to put in place a policy for exploiting the most valuable resource Malaysia has - its people, including the Indians, Chinese and others. Otherwise, this resource will move away to the competitors of Malaysia.

    If deployed properly, the talents will be a source of competitive advantage. If not deployed appropriately, the talents will become a source of relative competitive disadvantage for Malaysia when they end up in other countries.

    Majority of the non-malays work in multinational companies. With the rate our government and GLCs pissing off these MNCs! These MNCs are moving out of Malaysia.

    Get real! Why majority of the non-malays don't work inside GLCs? What do you think they would do when these MNCs are gone? Work in GLCs or emigrate outside Malaysia?

    Some of my friends are always skeptical of Singapore.

    Of course, Singapore intention is to protect their own interests (isn't what a government is for) - talented people are very mobile nowadays. Singapore also encounters brain drain to the West (US, EU, Australia), so they need new talents to come in.

    They prefer Malaysians, as there are cultural ties - easy to adapt to the environment (multiracialism, language, weather, etc), like their Mr Everest climbers.

    But they also welcome white mans, Thais, Indians, and Hong Kong Chinese too etc. Just take a MRT ride or go to the housing estate - you see many foreigners (not the illegal immigrant type).

    We have our own national interests and should protect it, but we have more outflow of talent than inflow. Just see how we treat the economist who had a different method of calculating the bumi ratio of the economy - how to attract talent?

    Some of my Malaysian friends have been offered citizenship and a few have accepted……….so those talents not going back to Malaysia.

    Singapore is following US policy, US still attracted the best brains from all over the world regardless of color, check out the composition of employment in term of nationality in Silicon Valley and Nasa, you will know why it succeed, America is land of immigrants.

    Umno policy is that if Umno cannot have it no other Malaysian should have it. Umno prefers a Mat Salleh (because that is a temporary situation) to have it rather than any other non-Umno Malaysian to have it.

    I have been advising my relatives and friends for a long time since years ago - to encourage their children to apply for a Singapore scholarship to attend a university in Singapore even it that means she/he has to serve Singapore for 10 years.

    At least, that will provide him for the future. So what is 10 years! He is free to utilise his talent as he pleases after that 10 years. I have 3 nephews who got Singapore scholarships, then served the Singapore government and are now working and being successful in Hong Kong and America.

    They are heads of multinational companies. They will never be allowed to succeed in Malaysia because there is identification of race with jobs. All jobs even slightly connected with the Umno government must have malay employees. That is the new NEP.

    Dear Malaysians, I don't understand why the brains should not leave this country. The malays are definitely feel threaten by these brains, so we rather let them leave the country.

    Malaysia pays peanuts and racially biased! That is why! Simple as that! Go to England, Australia and even the US hospitals and take a count of how many Malaysian born doctors are there, good doctors, man!

    I traveled the world over and have lived in UK, Australia and the US. I have talked and met to these doctors. They not being unpatriotic, it is the Malaysia that is not doing the right thing!

    I think Singapore should attack Malaysia and expand its territory to southern Johor. All the Indians and Chinese should migrate to southern Johor, and together with Singapore, forms a new Singapore.

    Ex-Malaysians in exiles like myself will support this feasible plan. I am sure millions of overseas and mainland Chinese and Indians are excited about my suggestion.

    When all the Muslim brothers from Uganda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia etc etc, become bumis and enjoy the handout from NEP, there will be the day when the malays realize that they are being marginalize by its own Umno policy.

    You can start counting the increasing numbers of Mamak in politics!

    In Malaysia, we Malaysian Chinese just need to compete with fellow Malaysians only (where mostly lazy people). Easy to become rich - as we are governed by stupid and lazy people.

    We can easily own several houses, luxury condos, own a bungalow at good location, as own and drive luxury cars in Malaysia.

    In Singapore, not so easy, we have to compete with Singapore Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, China Chinese and Taiwan Chinese. Not easy to become rich as Singapore government too smart.

    Malaysia will continue to lose its talents not only to Singapore, and other countries but the Umno malays don't give a damn. Their thinking is so long as the malays benefit, the country can go to the pigs and dogs.

    They hold the entrenched view that it is better for Malaysia to be another Zimbabwe or Nepal if being in the ranks of Singapore and Japan means malays losing out to the others.

    Lim Keng Yaik said that Singapore was a small country, so it was easily to govern. In fact, it is not so. Because of its size, it lacks most of the factors of production that we learn in economics.

    Land is scarce, and its domestic market is small. However, it recognises that what it has is its labours. No wonder that it is wooing all the brains from Malaysia, since Malaysia does not appreciate them.

    Instead, Malaysia seems to be attracting the top criminals as shown by the sharp increase in crime rate. Malaysia with its oil, tin, rubber, oil palm etc, will forever not be able to beat a small country like Singapore because of its incompetent leaders and their cronies who are only interested in their own pockets.

    Before the NEP, UM was one of the top universities in the world. After the NEP, it has become trash because it rejects the best minds. The only pro of NEP is if you are in Umno or a friend of theirs.

    All the Singaporeans I have met were very nice to me and treat me like one of theirs. We are the same people and I am always in favour of reunification with Singapore.

  5. You're very frustrated fargowin-I understand the exclusion, myself I have exiled myself in Australia though I'd prefer to return home but know that I'd never get an equal chance but please take the racism out of your argument.

    It is one thing to generalise in a blog posting, but your stereotyping is is people like you who give free ammunition to the fascists within UMNO. Your populist posting is not the answer. I take exception to the following:

    "In Malaysia, we Malaysian Chinese just need to compete with fellow Malaysians only (where mostly lazy people)."

    I think we know who you mean by lazy. I also wonder if it is not a western conception of lazy. Upon teh arrival of western settlement/colonisation/trading here, they probably so people relaxing once they had enough food to eat-plenty of agricultural land. If the people they met were satisfied with their allocation and did not seek more, I am sure they considered them 'lazy' by their perception of the world, but I consider it quite the stereotypical response.

    Having taught in malaysia and now in Australia, I've had many M'sian students-laziness and/or the ability to work hard is ethnically blind.

  6. I am with pavinder on this - let's leave racism out of our comments, especially the broadbrush type.

    In a similar vein, let's leave out comments based purely on non-objective hatred, as I have seen at Uncle Lim Kit Siang's blog where anything of/from BN, regardless of their merits (to be discussed), becomes fair game for shooting whilst anything from PKR is to be treated like manna instead of the bovine dust some of the latter had been made up of.

  7. I would say the same about Ktemoc's writing (the current post being a rare exception).

    ...anything of/from PKR, regardless of their merits (to be discussed), becomes fair game for shooting ...

  8. Quote"(the current post being a rare exception)"unquote

    ... proving precisely my point wakakakakakakakakakakakaka

    and my dear anon, I had even praised Anwar a couple of times before wakakaka

  9. mahathir ni siapa?bukan ahli umno pun, kenapa dia nak mengganggu semua hal dalam umno?dah keluar buat lah cara dah keluar, kenapa mesti dia pun sama sibuk nak buat macam2 untuk umno, umno ada ahli sendiri yang boleh uruskan semua tu.

  10. Sudahlah muhyiddin, jenis tak reti menghormati pemimpin. Disebabkan tamak nak naik pangkat cepat, dia beria2 suruh pak lah letak jawatan. Dia sendiri tak hormat pemimpin, macam mana nak rakyat hormat pada dia yang menjadi pemimpin nanti?

  11. Sibuk sangat Mahathir nak menyekat Pak Lah , siap suruh ketepikan orang2 Pak Lah lagi tu. Dia panas hati sebab Pak Lah dia tak dapat gunakan jadi boneka, dia nak orang2 dia juga yang memenuhi tampuk pemerintahan tu.