Friday, February 09, 2007

Beautiful rojak rejected as Malaysians

Olivia, one of my Ex’s is an Eurasian sweetie, whom I had mentioned briefly in an earlier posting All types of racism.

The current ethnic description for her seems to be pan-Asian rather than Eurasian. When or from where this term came about I am not sure; I have to confess it’s new to me.

I checked in the dictionary, which gave pan-Asian as 'of or pertaining to all Asian peoples' which is hardly a true description of an Eurasian,
but let’s leave that strange term alone and use the more familiar term.

There are many (though not all) Malaysians of Eurasian heritage who have been blessed in inheriting or receiving the best of the occidental and oriental features from their parents, becoming ‘improved’ visual versions or Model Mark II.

Erika Sawajiri - Japanese-Algerian-French beauty

I know because Olivia was (I haven’t seen her since she married for the third time) a ravishing beauty. Hey, KTemoc may be a loser but c’mon, surely not all the time.

Her beautiful fine smooth profile accentuated by her European (Dutch) sharper features, and enhanced by her dazzling sweet but cheeky-naughty smile, encased in a lithe willowy frame (and what a frame) with a light olive (Indonesian) complexion, and her long black tresses – jeeez, even after all these years, I just drool thinking of her and her 'assets'.

So, it’s hardly a wonder that in the world of showbiz, TV etc, that appeals to the visual senses, good lookers like Olivia would be in popular demand. And when a particular ‘look’ is sought after, the non-Eurasian look like the average Malay, Chinese or Indian (though is there a pure Malay, Chinese and Indian in Malaysia?) would not be in vogue and thus loses out.

Chinese-Scot Nancy Kwan 40 years ago - photo from macumbalove

Are non-Eurasian ladies jealous? Mind you, darlings, I have met very very beautiful Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban and Kadazan ladies – my luck ;-) – so I wonder what’s the fuss? They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and KTemoc likes to add on to that by saying true beauty lies more than skin deep.

So Goebb er I mean … Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin said last week he would coopt the Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry into conducting some ‘social engineering’ with emphasis on ‘ethnic facial landscaping’ and come up with ‘guidelines’ in a Malaysian Mein Kampf (My Struggle). The aim is to reduce the pan-Asian faces which he said dominate TV and billboards.

I wonder whether those Eurasians are Malaysians or aliens (Indons, southern Filipinos and Pakis exempted from the ‘alien’ label) or perhaps worse, second class citizens of
rojak pedigree?

Anyway, not unexpectedly, the Eurasian communities have been outraged by such an official discriminatory social Bantustan-ization, that will undoubtedly affect their livelihood, especially those who have been employed as models and multi-media presenters in Malaysia.

Kelly Hu - Chinese-English-Hawaiin beauty

The Goeb ... er ... clone bull-ed to Bernama: "I realise that many advertisements on TV now, especially on private TV, feature more faces which are not Malaysians. This, to me is downgrading local faces."

"... faces which are not Malaysians ..."? How insensitive, how hurtful, how racist!

I ask the minister again, aren’t those Eurasian sweeties you're aiming to 'reduce' from TV and billboards Malaysians?

If they are, then aren’t their ‘faces’ Malaysian? Please take your grubby hands off the lives of Malaysians. We don’t want to live like Germans under the Nazis.

photos credits for Erika Sawajiri and Kelly Hu - Wikipedia


  1. y'know... somehow the eurasians got hit the most even tho Zam also said to rid our media of "foreign elements". will that mean that'd include Bollywood stars too? i mean, look at how chap cheong the are!

  2. love this post for the Pics!

    Nancy Kwan's beautiful butt used to be my top wet-dream target but alas i grew up, boohoo.

    anyway dont sweat too much on this issue 'coz nobody gonne buy shampoos from a tudung model ad.

  3. mob matey

    I haven't, that is, grown up as far as Nancy Kwan is concerned. besides I always have a fantasy for 'mature' women - see my previous posting

  4. That idiot is just driving out some of the best looking. No surprise - 2 1/2 million of the best have left Malaysia. If you have trade (welder, hairdresser, chef),professional or busienss skills, speak English and are under 45, send me a brief email at "" for a free assessment. No obligation on you or me but this might be your chance to live in a free, liberal 1st world democracy.

  5. I love ZAM. Yep. Betul. Honest & all that. Australia can do with beautiful Malaysians, including Pan-Asians, any time. No discrimination against them (we might even discriminate in THEIR favour if they look this great)when they migrate here. That way ZAM and his ilk can have 100% (not just 30%)of the leftover monyets. ZAM for PM, Hurray!