Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who is sniping at Najib!

Yesterday I blogged Hatred, fear & avarice in Malaysian politics which I had planned to continue with a Part II.

But events which happened today have overtaken my plans. I read in Malaysiakini that a sweetie Journalist has resigned over Najib 'manifesto' report.

Poor sweetie Wong Choon Mei bravely took the blame for not verifying the authenticity of the so-called 'Najib manifesto' which was released purportedly for his party presidential campaign.

Wong had received it in an email, but alas, it turned out to be a dud, but worse than that, it was a malicious mischievous malevolent dud, a fabrication to make Najib look bad in people’s eyes – I’ll come to that soon.

I salute sweetie Wong because she accepted the entire responsibility – I won’t go into this any further.

I too must make an apology for doubting Najib’s aide denial of the DPM releasing any party campaign manifesto. The unauthorised manifesto had Najib allegedly vowing to defend ketuanan Melayu to the last drop of his blood – very ethnocentric and very distasteful to a large number of Malaysians.

It would appear that had been the ulterior motive of the malicious email which claimed the job of sweetie Wong as collateral damage.

The reason I had doubted Najib’s official denial, with an original explanation that it came from a support group, had been the invocation of his late father’s name, where Najib had purportedly asserted his willingness to sacrifice himself (to the last drop of his blood) to defend ketuanan Melayu as he had purportedly vowed to his late father.

I rubbished his aide’s denial as a piece of pure balderdash because I didn’t believe any ‘support group’ could have invoked his private promise to his dad, and therefore I accused Najib of playing to different galleries.

As I said I have to swallow humble pie and take it back with due apologies - unfortunately I had been cynical of any denials from UMNO leaders.

But it has now become more clear, that the so-called ‘support group’ has been one unwelcomed by the Najib camp. Much as I like to say 'I did consider this possibility' the fact has been I didn't!

His office acknowledged Malaysiakini as having apologised to the DPM, but nonetheless chided the news portal for unprofessional conduct in not verifying the authenticity of the email which carried the fabricated manifesto. Maybe there was an obscene haste in wanting to rubbish Najib?

Najib's office released the following (relevant extracts only):

'It is important for Malaysiakini to investigate the origin of the malicious e-mail in order for it to clear its name and reputation.' […]

'This false story is the latest move in what is obviously a concerted effort by certain quarters to tarnish the image of the deputy prime minister. Indeed, of late, ever since the Umno transition plan was brought forward to March 2009, there has been a consistent and continuous effort by some websites to concoct and publish false and malicious reports aimed at discrediting the deputy prime minister.'

'We hope the Malaysian public, in particular readers of these websites are able to distinguish truth from falsehood when reading the materials published.’

So … dear reader, who could be the malicious source of that fabricated email to blacken the prime-ministerial capacity of Najib?

Just who could it be, to indulge in such mischief by fabricating a message involving the distasteful spilling of blood?

Was it to infuriate other UMNO presidential candidates or even AAB himself?

Or more likely, was it to undermine the support of the non-Malay BN MPs for Najib? Would it be to persuade Sabah and Sarawak BN MPs and even those from MCA and Gerakan that Najib won’t make a good BN Chairperson and PM for the non-Malays?

Malaysiakini tells us that Najib wrote at his
blog yesterday, that the purported manifesto was a complete fabrication, and that there was no such ‘Najib support group'. is blog:

Najib wrote: "This manifesto is so clearly a fabrication, so clearly an attempt to define me, so clear in its intent to manipulate the public's emotions in a divisive and damaging way."

Just like the fabricated photo of a French dinner, and various other alleged Najib’s misdeed?

Now who could be so desperate as to keep piling on fabrications against Najib? Who would want to prevent Najib from filling UMNO's No 1 spot?


  1. KT, I salute you for admitting your mistake too. I am relieved that that manifesto is false. Hopefully it is VERY far from the truth. I fear for Malaysia otherwise.


  2. i doubt if there's conspiracy of cover up, and the sweetie was made scapegoat. how can an "experienced" reporter who had exemplary background (she was in edge, reuters) could commit basic journalism ethic error. it doesn't make sense! provided the email is from some high profiler with some credible background, do you think such journalist would take it for real just some scam mail from tom dick and harry?? and news is "first comes first reports" thing.

    bijan said "it's from support" group, but what support group it's not revealed. he came total denial after malaysiakini admitted is their mistake. who knows bijan and the botak have imposed some sort of intimidation to the chief editor that he has to renounce the authenticity of the story (the situtation with botak as minister is different from aab, the former is very efficient). pity malaysiakini. btw, i thought that web portal din have license and cannot succumb to "press license".....

  3. It is important for Malaysiakini to investigate the authenticity of info it receives b4 publication, but not Buntutsan?

    Why the double standards, especially where Buntutsan is trying to incite racist sentiments while conveying the Ketuanan Melayu sentiment that no one should question or challenge Malay owned businesses, even where they are brazenly WRONG resulting in a MP being ISA'd withour an iota of probable cause!!


  4. Ktemoc - sila jangan buta-buta tembak tanpa "evidence"...

  5. One must salute Malaysiakini for its response to the incident. Now one can only hope that the mainstream media acts the same. Fat chance of that happening though. Najib has every right to be pissed off about this & got his apology. Teresa Kok is stillw aiting for hers.

  6. good one, parvinder - Najib must now ensure Teresa receives her due apology as well - what's good for the gander ... etc

    But publishing a fabricated manifesto as coming from a false source, whether Najib, Anwar or anyone else, is in any language unethical, and worse, sinister.

    denzook, I don't thing MKINI is that easily intimidated - a couple of years ago it had strongly withstood UMNO pressure to reveal the author of a letter which questioned Malay 'special privileges', which resulted in its computer equipment confiscated by the police. I was one of many who donated money to MKINI to buy new equipment.

    The culprit has been probably that mad media game called 'scoop'. And it's not just the journalist who should be criticized but the editor releasing that news too. MKINI has been lucky not to have one of its editors sacked or sued.

  7. sPoIL bRatS...yOunG mAstEr's Culture!!!!!!
    A retiring Chinese media man once mentioned our Mr.Nice Guy politician from Pahang has a siu ye pei hei ( shao ye pi qi )meaning he has the temper of a young master! Normally young masters are pampered, spoiled , temperamental and twisted in character as a result of their conditioning in the family surrounded by ever attentive servants , privilege and protected with little compassion or false compassion and that speaks bundles of how mean, cold and cruel a young master can be if you encroach or cross his path.HE COULD BE A LITTLE TERROR AND A BIG DEVIL!!!

    In MCA we breed two prominent young masters over the years in the name of Chan Kong Choy and Ong Ka Ting. Both were borned with golden spoons and were anointed successors to ascent the political throne or inherit the political wealth of their Masters. One was the shadow of past President Tun Ling Liong Sik and another was shadowing the late Tan Sri Chan Siang Sun and the revered Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek.

    Both our young masters joined MCA when the party and the country were in a period of economic and political crisis culminated in the "Save MCA" protracted conflict between Tan Koon Swan and Neo Yee Pan whereby MCA was first infiltrated by Tun Ghafar Baba who was the acting MCA President for a moment of time.From the day they joined the MCA , we owe them their dues and expected political dues...

    Kong Choy's was brashly and overflowed with confidence to the extent of being ruthless and feared...He is a leader - all loud, overpowering and overshadowing in his presence. His political path was paved and chartered aggressively for he is a known ferocious young man in a hurry and no one dare step his way for he is known to be a fighter with special connections and was a graduate which was then a big deal. As a tutor, he was known as a Lecturer. In a very brief period he was made the Political Secretary, the State Assemblyman, the Exco of the Pahang State Government all in one go in a very brief period. Upon serving as a one term State Assemblyman and a junior Exco to Senior Exco he was later promoted to be a Member of Parliament and A Deputy Minister and doors are awaiting for him to ascend to the MCA throne and no one dare cross his path nor perceived to be or HELL SHALL BREAK LOOSE!!!!

    Ka Ting was of the opposite. He is more of a shadow, a schemer and has a latent inferior complex in him. He is more of a follower but he followed closely to a Leader which lends him confidence and he is able to scheme and design his way to the top. He is cold, calculated and an executioner known to have harbour ill intent if you slighted or accidentally hurt his fragile big ego for he is a kampung fatherless poor boy that make it big and desire to be bigger with a false or borrowed confidence of his throne and his Master . He has a dependent culture to the extent that he is dependent on CHAO CHAO to plan, design and execute his grand design for he is a purist by design but a realist at heart. All his campaign from changing the mindset to lifelong learning fell flat but he seems so harmless that no one truly bothers him and those who knew him knows that he does not take criticism kindly and he's not worth their salt.

    So the story goes, crisis commenced the moment Ka Ting was made the Minister ahead of Kong Choy. The clash of the two Young Masters began and Nanyang purchase was merely a means towards an end. The party was destroyed and emotions , anger , fire were set ablaze in a time where UMNO was at it's weakest and MCA was at it's strongest whereby we should have concentrated on negotiating, bargaining and bringing more influence, wealth and welfare at a time when the Prime Minister was at his lowest ebb and dependent on Chinese support to maintain the BN throne. But no no no..the clash of the two Young Master must began for their face have been scratched and no one nor the party is more important than the political destination of the YOUNG MASTER of MCA whose ego have not been fed and face have been scratched.

    Back to the MOU which I had posted on the 26th September here under "MCA..the day democracy was dead!!!" which explains why we have to ceased all party elections in the midst of election in order that these two YOUNG MASTERS were not sacrificed or be casualties in the democracy process. They are Crowned MCA Prince and we cannot do without them even though one is OR KUI TAO and the other is CHAO-CHAO!!!!!!

    and now we start clean....

    Posted by Ti Lian Ker

  8. ok, i know who to blame it on....the slick oil salesman (read "Now who could be so desperate as to keep piling on fabrications against Najib? Who would want to prevent Najib from filling UMNO's No 1 spot?"). i am neither for nor against this idea.

    denzook's "news is "first comes first reports" thing" is so right... get confirmation b4 publish? bullshit! yeah, agree with donplaypuks®, why the double std? if only Buntutsan had checked with the mosque in Kinrara after reading the toyol's piece, they would not have wrote about Teresa Kok petitioning to quiet down the azan!!! but why r we not seeing any Buntutsan personel resigning?... KT, pls write something on this since u r now so quick to swallow humble pie and take it back with due apologies on najib's 'menifesto'! dont be double std lah.

    and for those who doubted najib, i cant blame u after all he is JUST LIKE BALA (same credibility)...
    1. i dont know saiful - i met saiful when he came to me seeking help!
    2. those sms, it's personal (i didnt say it's not true)
    3. we wont get into recession - oh, oh EPF, pls pump in RM5mil people's hard earned income to the share market!
    ... and many more.

    i just cannot bring myself to trust and believe the PM-in waiting...

  9. KTemoc, you can't be faulted for being cynical about politicians' denials. This is not about the fat, bald guy but about politicians in general.

    It's like you telling a small child not to eat any more cookies because it's close to dinner time and it will spoil his appetite. A few moments later you catch him munching on a biscuit. So you admonish for disobeying your advice. But the child immediately retorted and denied he was eating any biscuit. But even when he was opening his mouth to make the denial you can clearly see the half chewed up cookies still in his mouth, unswallowed yet!

    Well, this is the way our political masters are like.

  10. the answer to your question:-

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