Thursday, October 16, 2008

Despicable Dumbsh*t Desperados

After reading Malaysiakini 'YB Josephine assassination story worse than ISA' I think I may, just this once, support the ISA after all, where I want the CEO of Malaysia Press Institute, Chamil Wariya, and relevant editor(s) of Utusan Malaysia to be incarcerated immediately for inciting assassination through a cerpen (short story) titled ‘YB Josephine’.

Malaysiakini reported that “the story
relates how a female Chinese parliamentarian is killed by a youth for promoting a new brand of non-race-based politics which he felt could disrupt the country's harmony.”

We know that sweetie Teresa Kok has been demonised repetitively (as an alleged anti-Malay anti-Islam DAP politician) and even threatened by Molotov cocktails being thrown into her family home garden.

Let's not pretend that the Josephine in the cerpen was not a reference to Teresa Kok, with the scary and provocative allusion/suggestion to her eventual assassination.

It seems UMNO Selangor is silly sh*t-scared of sweetie because she has made dramatic inroads into the heartland. But the insidious over-the-top campaign against Teresa is totally unprecedented and bespeaks a new evil unparalleled in Malaysian political history.

I'm trying to draw a comparison between the incitement to assassinate YB Josephine (YB Teresa Kok) and May 13, where political losers in a democratic contest abused free speech to provoke seditious sinister slaying of their political foes, but I reckon the latest must be the ultimate pits.

DAP Youth deputy chief Chong Chieng Jen said: "The said short story contains a seditious message and is aimed at instigating and inciting its readers to commit political assassination against the Member of Parliament for Seputeh Teresa Kok Suh Sim."

"All the narration that is produce here we can easily associate with our domestic political scenario and I don't think you need an expert in politics to identify the YB J referred here (in the story) as Teresa Kok."

Well-known sweetie Marina Mahathir had much earlier posted the cerpen as a piece of Despicable act.

She wrote: That's the only word I can use to describe the
cerpen by Chamil Warya published in Utusan Malaysia recently.

Am I imagining it or is there also a sexist element to all this? That because it is a woman who is outspoken, she is subject to a more violent response than anyone else?

There is no excuse for violence or even the suggestion of a violent solution to anyone who has a different view from you. To write a fictionalised account of such a 'what-if' scenario is also no excuse. Utusan Malaysia has lost whatever shred of moral high ground it might have had.

Well said, Marina!

Indeed Utusan Malaysia has crossed the line of acceptable civilised behaviour where now the editor and the author of that seditious inciting story must be apprehended as elements prejudicial to public safety.

For once in recent history, let’s put the ISA to good use and lock those ar$ehole$ up.

But can the Home Minister do the correct thing?


  1. But can the Home Minister do the correct thing?

    Ha! ha! ha! - Has the Home Minister EVER done ANY correct thing?

  2. LOL, the Malaysiakini posted news about new Utusan attack... got no money to subscribe to MK though~

  3. What ! The Chamil guy is CEO of Malaysia Press Institute ? Goodness ! He should be branded a terrorist !

  4. dragonsay.......where is the sedition act for this guy.najib as usual will keep quiet on this issue

  5. anon 6.28pm

    ha2 ha2. am totally with you on this.
    al-blur taking action against his own kind? day dream more, KT.
    beware with their strategy of hate mongering. sinister motive behind it.more than meets the eye, KT.

  6. I'm against use of the ISA even in this situation.

    But perhaps maybe just detain them for a day or two as a symbolic gesture. But then, I'm against ISAing that Wariya fellow himself... as there are two parties more deserving of it: the Toyol & Utusan

  7. i do ot support the ISA therefore it is unfair to be hypocritical ad advocate for its use for some and not for others. Just abolish it and use other means to seek justice. Is the story a parody reflecting how a certain race takes offence at those not of its own kind, outsiders, khafirs or migrants who have no right or business to interfere into some else's own affairs. The final solution and penalty for such interference, of corruption and tarnishing the purity of its identity is 'removal by assassination / death? see art imitating life 'The 'Victim Dah Condemned Plot' - Murder he wrote?

  8. to put another way, the author was particular concern on this issue embroiled among fanatics. so he composed the cerpen to have readers fanatic and non-fanatic to look at their own reflection if the ybj ought to be shot. the conclusion of the cerpen is such deed has serious repercussion and evil and should be rejected (and un-malaysian too), and it's childish and immature one will grab a gun after read the cerpen .....

    you and dap are just overhyped....

  9. it's subtle creativity (and moral teaching too)... you know some author used to write in some elegant way that common ppl difficult to comprehend, just like artist....

    what's more that there's call for "freedom in speech" advocate by so called "holier than thou" ppl, as voltaire preached "fight to death to protect your say"..... you should not have condemn him if you don't know his noble intention which probably to expose evil side of the fanatics and self-examination.....

  10. Baru orang nak sedar yang ISA ni mempunyai kepentingan yang baik juga. Selama ni ramai yang tak puas hati bila si Teresa ni masuk ISA. Sekarang baru orang nak tercari2 ISA balik.

  11. If I played a violent video game and then went out and shot people, can the producers of that game be charged? Like it or not, a cerpen is a literary exercise. If someone then goes on to shoot Teresa because of it, I would say Wariya has a moral responsibility for it, not legal, unless he knew full well that a certain individual would take that article to mean that Teresa must be executed, and that is a stretch. Certainly, it cannot be proven.

    Given I have suspended my principles to support the possible jumping of the kataks, I cannot criticise someone else who says that this time the ISA is appropriate. I can however say that this is hardly an exceptional circumstance.

  12. What will happen to poor me if I were to publish a short story entitled "The Assassination of the CEO of Malaysia Press Institute, Chamil Wariya"?

  13. lame, salahguna ISA yg merupa masalah - cocoknya editor UM dan penulis cerpen tu di-ISA-kan, dan bukan Teresa. Oleh karena ISA terlampau disalahgunakan, lebih untung bagi rakyat kalau ianya dihapuskan.

    denzook, do you really believe Malaysians have the mature mentality to philosophize and reflect over the depicted assassination as a mirror on evil. C'mon lah, it's an incitement to assassinate or harm Teresa or at best (assuming the word 'best' could even be employed to describe the cerpen) a sinister warning to Teresa.

  14. It's either (1) poor taste or
    (2) incitement of violence.

    Incitment of violence should be strongly condemned.

    BTW, Ktemoc, take a look at this interview with Zaid:

    Phua Kai Lit

  15. KT,

    Something sinister happening in Mukah and I hope you can help to publicize this through your blog.

    Hope you can come up with some bright ideas to lead the bird farmers.

  16. please shut up if u guys dont have any literary taste for such great works of literature/'sastera tanahair'...

    here's a TRIBUTE, to a great author:

    "Sewaktu pemeriksaan dibuat ke atas mayat anak muda yang tidak dikenali itu, terselit sehelai nota yang ditaip rapi, ditulis dalam bahasa Kebangsaan.

    (nota Juslo: this is the part where the author tells you (in case you still haven't got the drift) that all these were pre-planned. the assasin even 'neatly' (rapi) pre-typed the suicide note.)

    Ia berbunyi: DATUK CHAMIL WARIYA adalah ancaman terhadap keharmonian. Lebih baik riwayatnya ditamatkan supaya masyarakat berbilang kaum boleh tinggal aman damai di negara bertuah ini. Saya berkorban untuk masa depan."

    Politik baru Datuk Chamil Wariya

  17. Here's my turn to talk about high principles and upbraid the author for cherry picking his principles when it suits his political inclinations....

    I do not compromise on the subject of Detention without Trial (which is what the ISA is about). If the Government wants to lock a person up, it must prove him guilty of an offense beyond reasonable doubt in a fair and open trial. For the Crown to deprive a person of his liberty on its say-so goes back to the bad old days of Right to Rule by Divine Right...or correctly the law of the jungle.

    Back to Teresa Kok's case. The earlier Utusan reports on the Azan issue were far more insiduous and dangerous because they were reported as fact.

    There HAVE been successful prosecutions in other countries of Criminal Incitement, but the key test has been unambiguous named targetting (like "somebody should put an end to so-and-so). If the reference is indirect or dressed up as fiction, it is much harder to prove - there has to be no reasonable doubt as to the identity of the person whom violence or threat is being incited against.
    Overall, its very tough to proof Criminal Incitemen in court.

    Chamil Wariya deserves to be condemned for his dumb attempt at fiction.
    But I don't and will not agree to the ISA, and good luck to Teresa proving criminality in open court.

  18. come on, the cerpen is just an essay depicted possible scenario in malaysia when a politician pressed hard his/her interest and some fanatics unchecked. you have many examples of shooting in political scenes - martin luther king, gandhi, lincoln, kennedy, many more and the author "innovatively" used in the story. you may call it sinister warning, it may also serves "ybj" herself to ponder if she indeed has stepped beyond border, against spirit of multi-racial, and her act provoked the extremist and justified for martyrdom like MLK, lincoln and gandhi. nothing more than that, and to insinuate the author is "evil" and bent on revenge for the impending suit is uncalled for! if you have a fanatic and emo dissident, it's highly probable he will act in own hand to "shut" ybj for good. what do you expect then, that "ybj" succeeds her ambition and all's well end's well. that's "alice in wonderland" - even in u.s it took 100yrs long to get the "right thinking" into their head!

    and the cerpen certainly serves self-reflection to the readers, such fanatism and extremism is unacceptable in malaysian scene - for both the politician and the young man. in u.s before civil war, beating, whipping and lyching slaves are norm and acceptable but "uncle tom's cabin" changed that perspective. and "to kill a mocking bird" contemplated if it's correct to conceal a murder. it's "freedom of speech"!

  19. kt

    waiting for home minister to do the rigth thing.
    just to give a snapshot of his intellect, though one would have formed an opinion of him after how we lost an island to our neighbour.
    when asked why a police base was closed in a seedy part of KL, one of the reasons given by our PHD Home Minster was that the place is infested with criminals and this could pose a danger to the police.
    CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Police running away from criminals? No wonder, crime rate in Malaysia has gone thru the roof.
    Thank you, Al-Blur Home Minister

  20. U said:-
    sweetie Teresa

    Are you kidding me?


  21. And here you are worried about Anwar Ibrahim and PKR. Not in support of Anwar or PKR. However, when was the last time Anwar/PKR promoted outright murder fictional or otherwise. Perhaps you should blame Anwar for pushing UMNO into such desperate acts. There is a politically strategic reason for Anwar claiming he can topple the BN government. You can see it but you have obviously chosen to ignore the reason. The problem with you Kt is that you are not able to distinguish between the real world and your so-called ideals. This if I am not mistaken is called a naturalistic fallacy. If you think this story on killing Teresa Kok is bad wait till UMNO gets really desperate. With the army and police in the hands of UMNO never for a moment think UMNO is beyond ethnic genocide. Now that UMNO has planted the seeds of murder in the minds of the ultra Malays the next step is to spook the ultra Malays into picking up their parangs.

    I do not like Anwar but at least he has mostly been able to keep the Malay Ultras from getting to the Chinese and Indians. PAS on the other hand has been very succussful at calming the Muslims each time UMNO tries to provoke the Malay/Muslims into committing bloody murder, literally. You see Kt all political systems will have serious flaws but in the real world we work with what we have not what we would like to have.

    I do not expect you to agree but please think about what I have said.

  22. Could not agree more with you.

  23. Yes, UMNO is attempting to lay the groundwork for another MaGeraN ala May 13.
    Not that I think any decision has been made...but they are seriously ensuring that they have that option...

  24. Ktemoc comes across as someone who is very intelligent and has a lot of book knowledge, where he derives his strongly espoused ideals. But I think its pretty obvious Ktemoc has limited experience of making his way in the real world and real people.

    The real world, where things are not black and white, compromises are made with people you can't stand, and wouldn't care to invite to your home, because otherwise you can't move forward. You often cooperate with people who aren't ideal or are somewhat unclean and smelly (both figuratively and literally), but that's the best you have to go on at the moment....

  25. Observer is right to chide me for suggesting to use the ISA even as a once-off.

    I was being provocative in the post but if Observer had read in the comments section I had written in response to visitor lame: "salahguna ISA yg merupa masalah - cocoknya editor UM dan penulis cerpen tu di-ISA-kan, dan bukan Teresa. Oleh karena ISA terlampau disalahgunakan, lebih untung bagi rakyat kalau ianya dihapuskan. ;-)

  26. Hey how about as a rule:

    ISA - only for those who have used it on others :)

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