Monday, October 13, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim and numbers

Malaysiakini tells us that good olde Anwar Ibrahim has demanded of the new Finance Minister, his arch Nemesis Najib, a fresh budget. This was reported in Anwar calls for a fresh budget.

However, in his eagerness to make a high profile mark as the new Parliamentary Opposition Leader, Anwar seems to have forgotten one small detail, something he promised us .....

..... no, no, not 916 because I read in the Star Online the news article Anwar not revealing new date, that Anwar has since changed tack (momentarily in KL) by not adopting his usual fondness for defining specific date(s) to take over the government.

When asked at his his Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house at the Sultan Sulaiman Club in Kampung Baru he refused to offer his new deadline to become PM.

Mind you, on Friday in KB, he stated that the Pakatan Rakyat would set up a new federal government before Hari Raya Aidiladha on Dec 8 – so we have a new set of numbers, 128!

Hey, 128 is a very ‘ong’ number so the prospects may possibly be better. Maybe Anwar has consulted a (of course Islamic) ‘feng shui’ sinseh?

Maybe the sinseh must have said “Aiyah 916 velly sick one, yet yee part (128) velly ong one”.

OK, I read another Malaysiakini news titled Court dismisses Kulim petition, Zul keeps seat

Aiyoh, his name sounds familiar lah!

Hmmm, come to think of it, wasn’t he the PKR MP that Anwar Ibrahim promised he was going to discipline for behaving like a thug at the recent Bar Council forum?

But that was weeks and weeks ago. Maybe Anwar had man man lai, acting dunno on his Kulim Wonder because it could have something to do with a minor issue, namely, the figure 31 shouldn’t be disturbed by annoying the Kulim Wonder?

It seems that Zulkifli Noordin may defect to ... gasp, gawd, omigosh ... UMNO, as reported by The Politics Blog. Could this be the reason that Anwar has conveniently 'forgotten' his promise to deal with that bloke?

And dare we say that UMNO withdrew its court challenge against the Kulim Wonder because of this possibility?

But nonethless, Anwar should have realized that 31 wasn’t a good number – either 30 or 32 would have been better.

Besides, the Kulim Wonder insisted that his bad thuggish behaviour was his action as a Muslim and not as a Malay. Jeez, doesn't this bloke have any shame, invoking Islam to cover his hooliganism? It's precisely people like him who give compassionate Islam a bad name.

Anwar has an obligation ... er ... reformasi obligation to get stuck into the bloke! Such a shame he hasn't, won't, dare not!

But anyway, back to 'feng shui', nothing beats 8 for luck, because if you look at the minimum requirement for nominations to the UMNO presidency, it’s 58. Obviously someone has done his 'homework' wakakaka.

Actually I am being helpful to Anwar in pointing out this UMNO minimum requirement; after all he does aspire to the UMNO presidency.


Keep that in mind. It’s Anwar’s new target date that he announced in KB. Who knows, it may graduate to 58.

Got it - his maths will see 128 graduating to 58 - it's about a new thesis on Humbug Mathematics wakakaka.


  1. Another possibility is that BN realizes the public sentiment is against them and they cannot risk another humiliating defeat in another by-election, which would cast a cloud over Najib's "helming" of BN.

    Btw, it's good that you're still pointing out action has not been taken against Zulkifli yet, despite promises to do so.

  2. The last prior hearing of the Kulim election petition was held before the Permatang Pauh elections.
    After August 26, it was painfully obvious to UMNO that the "correlation of forces" is not in their favour. The last thing BN needs now is a series of By-election defeats.

    Its a pity your fixation on Anwar has led you to ignore the content of the message - whatever economic assumptions the 2009 Budget was based on is now almost meaningless in the midst of the global economic crisis. A full review or at least a supplementary Budget exercise needs to be done.

  3. KT, you may have got it wrong about the number 58. It's not auspicious at all.

    In another Chinese dialect than Hokkien, 5 rhymes with No or Not. So, 58 means Not propering or Never prosper!

  4. If one accepts kataks one must accept it if one hops over to the other side as well-I hope he goes, good riddance to him.

  5. i'm skeptical about Anwar.many years before,people wrere in favour of him and now the numbers of supports is decreasing each time.

    Anwar had promised us several times that there will be a new govt taking over the current govt.but still up to this date nothing is changing.BN still rule and PR is still the opposition.

    on Zulkifli,Anwar also said he would looked into the matter and Zulkifli would faced a discplinary act.but not ant action had been taken so far.

  6. 31-2=29

    now of course this is all merely speculation, and I think there's no sign that our dearest riding MP should feel compelled to jump, at least not now, but nevertheless, assuming such an event does transpire... will some people be rude enough to point out the significance of the above arithmetic?

  7. I'm getting the distinct impression many DAP members dislike Anwar far more than any argument they may have with BN.

    I suppose with friends like these, Anwar doesn't need enemies....

  8. Anwar use DAP, DAP also can use Anwar! Why not? No need to be friends as long as we have common ground to get something from each other.

    Anwar says he has been in constant touch with the Kulim Wonder and that he is not going to jump. If in constant touch, why no disciplinary action yet? This certainly also means he will get a slap on the wrist since he is now in a position of power.

  9. Nik Aziz used to say that there are people in PAS that is "jealous" towards.

    so Anwar,beware!.i dont think Anwar is truly 100% welcomed in PR right now.