Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another G.A.N attack against Najib?


The whole blogosphere has been buzzing with the mysteriously acquired transcript of a private SMS-ing between Najib and lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah over a period of nearly one month, starting from Nov 8 to Dec 2, 2006.

Malaysiakini headlined Altantuya-Najib allegations resurface in which it provides the transcript of a
string of SMS messages purportedly exchanged (I see Malaysiakini used the tap dancing word ‘purported’) between the DPM and the lawyer of one of the accused in the Altantuyaa case, Abdul Razak Baginda.

The transcript came from Malaysia-Today blog, where its blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin is currently detained under they ISA.

Malaysia-Today has been the principal website which has introduced me (through its articles) to the very existence of G.A.N or Gerakan Anti-Najib.

The stories that G.A.N. had 'shared' with us about Najib (all against of course – you don’t expect a blog which is so pro Anwar to be anything other than anti Najib) have been many, ranging from the serious to the preposterous.

In the articles plus those from other pro PKR blogs, I am not too sure what role Najib has been alleged to play in the murder of Altantuyaa. They (all allegations like the puerile doctored French dinner photograph) ranged from:

(i) Najib being the murderer and lover of Altantuyaa as well as father of the unborn child (I was under the impression Razak Baginda was married to Altantuyaa? Kongsi bini?), to

(ii) Najib’s wife as the archfiend who ordered the murder of Alatntuyaa, to

(iii) Najib covering for his buddy, Razak Baginda, to

(iv) Statutory Declarations, all of which amounted to “I have been reliably informed …”, and “I was told this and that …”, certainly a new role for Stat Decs), to

(v) God knows what else

… but all aiming to draw (perhaps wishfully) a line through the randomly scattered dots/stories to lead to and point out the alleged 'guilt' of Najib Razak as the murderer (if not, then next best is his wife had been the murderer) and hopefully his immediate hanging from a mango tree – mango tree, got it? ;-)

The aim? Well, maybe the path to (originally) the DPM position (and soon to be, the PM position) must be cleared of inconvenient obstacles like Najib bin Razak.

If you read those G.A.N-ish articles you may be forgiven for thinking that no one has yet been arrested or officially charged with Altantuyaa’s murder, that the murder has been unsolved.

The propaganda has gone on to an extent that the poor father of Altantuyaa might have been misled into believing that his daughter's murder has been not looked into.

Yes, what remains ignored has been the fact that the police are holding 3 men charged for the murder. One of them is Razak Baginda, a former advisor and close friend of Najib.

The current indiscipline or G.A.N-ish projection is the accusation that Najib had interfered with the case with the aim to whitewash his mate, Razak Baginda – what! Not Najib himself?

Let’s reproduce the relevant transcript here (minus the warmup parts which showed nothing dodgy, but inclusive of the typos) and kaytee will attempt to analyse it. We start off with the known fact that Najib and Razak Baginda have been good mates. Here goes:

[key: S2N = Muhammad Shafee Abdullah to Najib, N2S = Najib to Shafee, RB = Razak Baginda]

Thursday 9/11/2006
N2S Date: 9/11/2006 12:45:30
--> If RB's remand is up to Sunday, does it mean that he has to be charged by Fri or be released? i hope it is looking better for him.

Here’s Najib, the man alleged to have interfered with the police investigations, asking the lawyer what’s going on! Wasn't he (Najib) supposed to control what was going on?

S2N Date: 9/11/2006 13:11:23
--> 3 things can happen. Firstly, they can ask for more time for detention. We will resist. Second,they have to release him by Friday or thirdly charge him by Friday. Police took him to his office for document search. Nothing incriminating found. Now they are recording stmt from him. Later search in house. Under control so far Dato Seri. Salam, shafee

Anything dodgy yet? No? Police still in control without DPM interfering? OK then, let’s continue.

S2N Date: 9/11/2006 14:09:03
--> Dato Seri, Re RB need to meet up with you today. shafee

N2S Date: 9/11/2006 14:17:47
--> 630 pm at my house in PJaya this evening.

S2N Date: 9/11/2006 14:18:21
--> Thank you

Friday 10/11/2006
N2S Date: 10/11/2006 15:14:31
--> Any news about RB ?

Alleged master of everything sinister asking the lawyer on latest about Razak Baginda? Master of everything sinister?

S2N Date: 10/11/2006 15:19:40
--> Dato Seri, Negotiating for conditional release. If not police need 2 or 3 more days extention. I suspect its an exercise in public relation as they do not want public to think a VIP was given an easier time. Being a vip under these conditions is a liability. Otherwise we are on track according to plan. Salam, Shafee

Lawyer negotiating with police for conditional release? Didn’t they (he and Najib) have everything under control? Why not just a call from the DPM?

N2S Date: 10/11/2006 15:27:01
--> Thanks, he is very stressful according to his wife n would be a huge help if he could get a conditional release latest by sun.

Alleged master of everything asking the lawyer to try for a conditional release from the police?

N2S Date: 10/11/2006 21:35:52
--> Saw the news on tv. RB was sent for DNA. Not sure it was neccessary.

Not sure? Should have asked ‘someone’ (we know who, don’t we?) who’d tell you DNA should never be given! wakakaka

S2N Date: 10/11/2006 21:40:19
--> Unnessasary. But I think its on his lung infection. He has just been sent again to HUKM. Will know more later from inside contacts.

Hey, anything dodgy yet? Is it criminal for DPM to find out from either police or hospital inside contacts whether Razak Baginda had lung infection?

Saturday 11/11/2006
S2N Date: 11/11/2006 03:17:56
--> Dato Seri, I was at ghkl ccu 4th floor. RB was admitted due to lung infection: mild pneumonia and asthmatic. This was the pain he was suffering in the chest and unexplained coughing for months. He is under an able physician Dato Dr Jeyaindran Sinnadurai (head of Dept of Medicine) Its good he is resting there than in the lockup. Dna was done to eliminate that he was at scene of crime(paternity can be ruled out as well).Need to see Dato Seri on some concerns. Salam. Shafee

N2S Date: 11/11/2006 08:54:17
--> ANy chance of a release by sun ?

This ‘powerful’ DPM is hopeless – couldn’t he order the release of his mate? Another DPM would have done better wakakaka.

S2N Date: 11/11/2006 08:58:14
--> Police should release him by then except that I think the police is disturbeb by Media and public pressure. Other factors need be coomunicated to Dato Seri in person. Investigation wise we are on track for release.

S2N Date: 11/11/2006 09:26:52
--> It is clear that the Police will ask for extention t'row. I will resist strongly in view of the fact that the last few days investigation on RB have completed investigations that require RB's presence in custody. Secondly, from yesterday the Police has done nothing much with him except to do the dna. Thirdly, I am concerned with the Police carelessness yesterday in allowing the 3 other suspects to be freely mixing and therefore tainting their subsequent stmnts as they could be 'group coached'. But it also show Police no longer need to isolate the suspects. Even RB was handcuffed to the C/I. Salam . Shafee

I really hate to disappoint those hopeful of the smoking gun but up to this stage I haven’t come across anything sinister yet.

N2S Date: 11/11/2006 11:46:48
--> I Can see u today at my Taman duta hse at 6 pm.

S2N Date: 11/11/2006 11:59:08
--> OK Dato Seri.Insyaallah I will be there.

Sunday 12/11/2006
S2N Date: 12/11/2006 13:53:41
--> 2 days extention to Tuesday. They must release him by then maybe conditionally. Police asked for full 14 days. He has message.

This lawyer bloke sure didn’t know how to spell ‘extension’ ;-)

S2N Date: 12/11/2006 14:06:23
--> Will give Dato Seri in a while

S2N Date: 12/11/2006 15:10:17
--> 0320949418

Monday 13/11/2006
S2N Date: 13/11/2006 15:53:36
--> Am in his office now. Another search. AG will be unwilling to charge and lose a case yet again. It is a good idea to suggest to AG to hood on and let investigtion proceed with Razak Released on Bond.

N2S Tel: 60122143177 Date: 13/11/2006 16:23:29
--> How was the search ?

S2N Date: 13/11/2006 16:25:56
--> We provided them everything, including old pda and note books and a couple of bills. Nothing incriminating.

Wednesday 15/11/2006
S2N Date: 15/11/2006 13:21:32
--> Things going as expected. 2 male officer charged for murder in common intention. Razak's name not in. Lady officer released but rearrested under Emergency Ordinance to be used as Crown witness(exactly as predicted). I am expecting RB to be released on Bond. 4 of my lawyers are watching brief the proceedings in the murder case. Rb matter prob t'row. Pl call. Shafee Ps coming back now from Taipei.

N2S Date: 15/11/2006 23:31:09
--> So hopefully he will be released tmrw?

‘Hopefully’? Alamak, what a wimp of a DPM?

S2N Date: 15/11/2006 23:34:38
--> Dato Seri, I am driving up from S'pore ,no more flight to KL tonight. Hope for th best. Any indication? Shafee

N2S Date: 15/11/2006 23:36:52
--> Not heard anything untoward yet.

Thursday 16/11/2006
S2N Date: 16/11/2006 10:52:43
--> Anything Dato Seri? I am already in Court.

N2S Date: 16/11/2006 10:53:50
--> Pls do not say anything to the press today. i will explain later. RB will have to face a tentative charge but all is not lost.

Now, this is supposed to be the smoking gun?

Given the context of the ‘conversation’ thus far, would it be possible to speculate (no more speculative than those who claimed it's the smoking gun) that Najib was providing morale support, after hearing advice from the legal people.

But then that’s not convenient, isn’t it. We must ‘FIX’ Najib up good and proper, so we must put the worst possible light on that “… have to face a tentative charge but all is not lost”.

S2N Date: 16/11/2006 10:54:30
--> OK, TQ

Friday 17/11/2006
S2N Date: 17/11/2006 10:50:30
--> Dato Seri, Its important you speak to Yusoff Zainal Abidin as he knows the law a lot better in the Chambers. I am confident he is concerned with the negligible evidence agst Razak. The Raja Mahani and Tengku Ariston cases ought to be the guiding critera for AG. They cannot afford another scandallous loss by the Prosecution as in Norita, Ariston, Dato Balwant etc.

Woi, I thought all kow tim already? Why seek clarification from the DPP? So what if the DPP knows the law a lot better? Hasn't the DPM kow tim everything already?

N2S Date: 17/11/2006 11:39:46
--> OK will try. Meanwhile try to console the wife. She is hysterical.

S2N Date: 17/11/2006 11:41:29
--> I know Dato Seri. I will do everything I can.Salam, Shafee

S2N Date: 17/11/2006 12:57:49
--> Dato Seri, Razak has not been sent to Hospital. He is clearly not well. He is refusing to take Prison's medicine for fear of sabourtage. The chief Physician of GHKL Dato Dr Jaya Sinnadurai is shocked that they have not brought Razak back to GHKL. I have spoken to Haji Darussalam, Sg Buloh's Prison Director. Can You sound this to Dato Radzi Shek Ahmad? Need to see you of s'thing that I think had happened that led to her death. Utterly shocking if I am right. Shafee

“Need to see you of s'thing that I think had happened that led to her death. Utterly shocking if I am right.”

But I thought Najib had been the murderer? Why should he be shocked? Was the lawyer so dumbo that he was going to inform the DPM that he was right ("... if I am right") in suspecting the DPM’s wife ordered the murder?

S2N Date: 17/11/2006 15:45:34
--> Dato Seri, I am at Sg Buloh Prison. I have organised Razak to be in HUKL, He is on his way there now. The Pengarah Hj Darussallam and deputy Supt Gunasegaran very helpful. Shafee

N2S Date: 17/11/2006 21:27:02
--> My regards to him. He Is always in my thought.

S2N Date: 17/11/2006 21:34:44
--> Will tell him

Sunday 19/11/2006
S2N Date: 19/11/2006 16:25:08
--> Dato Seri, I need Dsp Musa ,your ADc to call me to clarify a point. He is not answering Shafee

Monday 20/11/2006
S2N Date: 20/11/2006 13:02:33
--> Any developement Dato Seri? Shafee

N2S Date: 20/11/2006 14:30:20
--> Not yet.

S2N Date: 20/11/2006 14:30:38
--> Thank you

S2N Date: 20/11/2006 21:05:17
--> Dato Seri.Razak is being transfered to Sg. Buloh t'row. Can Dr. Jaya do anything?

N2S Date: 20/11/2006 23:04:50
--> When is he being transffered?

S2N Date: 20/11/2006 23:05:48
--> T'row

N2S Date: 20/11/2006 23:07:01
--> What time?

S2N Date: 20/11/2006 23:08:01
--> Probably late morning

Thursday 23/11/2006
N2S Tel: 60122143177 Date: 23/11/2006 13:46:51
--> Your message read" Najib released on personal bond!".

S2N Date: 23/11/2006 13:50:00
--> Razak released on Bail of 1 million. On personal bond undertaking. Shafee? I am terribly sorry for that mistake. Whole night tak tidur preparing. My profuse apologies Sir. salam. shafee

N2S Date: 23/11/2006 14:00:25
--> ALhamdullillah , at least he is on bail. Big relief for him n family.

S2N Date: 23/11/2006 14:02:02
--> Dato, I need to brief you urgently b4 you speak to him. Shafee

N2S Date: 23/11/2006 14:12:32
--> OK but not intending to speak to him as yet.

Saturday 2/12/2006
S2N Date: 2/12/2006 18:59:15
--> Dato Seri, Got some info that are troubling. Quite serious. Are you in Taman Duta? Can we meet? Salam, Shafee

And then the author of the post at Malayia-Today added: ... those who know more, please come forward!

What? I thought the above transcript was definitive? Najib should have been hung by now, surely? Aha, I see, only a fishing trip eh?

With a few exceptions (eg. my blogging mate, Susan Loone), zillions of crocodile tears have been shed for Altantuyaa Shariibuu which I penned in a second Altantuyaa poem titled Murdering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu Again. Below are extracts from this poem (where Altantuyaa Shariibuu 'speaks' to us):

But the loudest noises are they calling for ‘justice’
Though, I smile cynically, ‘twas not meant for me
Their shrill proclamations & belated outrage (sigh)
Startled even great Gujir Tngri and the 77 siqar

Grandstanding acrobatics, their excuse to dispense
With all norms, purportedly all for me (wry smile)
I must confess I view with scepticism and distaste
As I would professional chest-pounding mourners

Gnashing Colgate mint-flavoured peroxide-d teeth
Wretchedly wringing manicured Ulan oiled hands
Shedding date-expired plastic bags of lo-salt tears
Proclaiming to be 11th hour paragons of ‘justice’

Even Ataya Tngri rolled his ancient eyes upwards
While Emegelji Eji cackled with caustic laughter
The ancient pair could see abacus shaped hearts
Clicking furiously and shaming Casio calculators

By sheer speed of their computation of advantage
What to extract, exploit, extricate from my name
Squeezing the very last speck of desiccated blood
From my hyper cold shattered fragments of bones

Eager hands raided the ossuary for me to be laid
As stepping stones for the progress of a demigod
On Ardha-Matanga, 4 tasks & seven white trunks
Saluting Brahma, walking to Amarawati by a lake

As the pseudo-pious pirouetting pachyderm crushes
What little good left of my name, what trust exists
In my family’s hope for requital of my cruel murder
I realize those raucous battle cries were not for me

Summoned by conjured justice to now serve Fenrir
To break asunder Gleipnir but only with my death
Re-evoked, for my soul to be murdered a 2nd time
To satiate the burning thirst of Angrboda’s 1st child

One also wonders what Telecommunication Act would have been violated by producing the transcript of the SMS-ing, unless of course it dropped off the back of a police truck?


  1. some questions, kt. did he speak to the IGP and the prosecutor? if so, why? is that morale support?
    why did the lawyer ask him to get ADC to cooperate and furnish information?
    the lawyer is smart. other key implicating issues are being discussed in Najib's house!
    like the article said, the truth will unravel in some mysterious manners. oh, may be breaking the telecommunication act is more insidious than this revelation.

  2. aiyo! anon 9.27pm... kt is saying all these sms transcripts are made up ah, get it? u still dont know kt meh?

  3. Ktemoc , protector of Najib and all things related...


    I expect we will have more and more protective posts now that Najib is in the ascendancy...

  4. the hopelessly incoherent ultra egoistic Xtra long windingly twisted self appointed Defence Attorney aka ktemoc

    strikes again !

  5. get bored with the case oledi, i thot june is the wrapup, then postpone to oct, then when ....

    btw, why they use anglais in sms, i thot they would use bm instead.....

  6. Anon of 1:27 am, please don't put words in my mouth that I had said the SMS transcript was made up - be honest in the discussion or debate, that is, if you can wakakaka

    Other than anon of 9:27 pm providing the only reasonable discussion points, I see some usual abusive comments.

    Now to answer (if I can wakakaka) his/her quesries:

    (i) kt. did he speak to the IGP and the prosecutor? if so, why? is that morale support?

    The transcript showed:

    N2S Date: 8/11/2006 21:06:11

    --> I have spoken to IGP. U can represent n meet RB in court

    This was before RB was charged, so I don't see anything dodgy in someone (so what if he's the DPM; could be the lawyer himself or even Mrs RB) asking the IGP when and which court the police was going to charge RB.

    (ii) why did the lawyer ask him to get ADC to cooperate and furnish information?

    We don't know, do we? But does that mean we should speculate something sinister? ;-)

    OK,. let's see what was in the transcript: Dato Seri, I need Dsp Musa ,your ADc to call me to clarify a point - maybe he wanted a police officer to help explain something a police officer would know? Why not use the DPM's aide instead of running around to ask another police officer.

    We can speculate one way or another, depending on our attitude towards the people involved. If we want to hentam Najib, then we can conjure up sinister scenarios. I am not into that as I am not a member of G.A.N or anwarista or have anything against Najib

    (iii) the lawyer is smart. other key implicating issues are being discussed in Najib's house!

    Now, what did I say about speculating one way or another and conjuring up sinister scenarios?

    Have you considered that the SMS might have been handy for point-form messages to update someone, but hardly ideal for lengthy in depth discourses or discussions? The reason could have been as innocuous as that, a practical limitation in use of the SMS facility.

    (iv) oh, may be breaking the telecommunication act is more insidious than this revelation

    Breaking the law is always insidious. One cannot cherry pick, which unfortunately anwaristas seem to be always doing. For example, if BN encourages frogs to jump (as DPM Anwar did in Sabah in 1994), it's evil, but if Anwar in 2008 as the PR leader does the same, it's okay and justified, with even explantions why it would be so, like "we cannot wait until 2013" or "we have a right to defect to Party B for the people's good" but ignoring that the 'people' had voted for Party A instead of Party B - in other words, democracy (like non-observation of lawful conduct) must take a break when it suits you?

    The self rationalising deceit is the most insidious political sin because it would mean deliberately deceiving and cheating yourself. And for what purpose other than the personal glory and interest of a man now known to be anything but a reformer.

  7. One question that just bugs me is what happened to her immigration records? It's not anyone that can make those dissapear-I'd say clearly there has been interference from the corridors of power-someone, somewhere, someplace. Since Najib is suspect, most think he did it-perhaps, perhaps not.

    I agree that this should be about justice for Altantuya, not a political conspiracy-if he is involved, then great, let's kill 2 birds with one stone, but otherwise, justice first, political expediency later.

  8. need to say thanks, kt. I"m afraid I'm one of those who went: "Sure kena oredy... here's the proof."
    Your line by line analysis has made me see the thing in a different light/perspective. Lesson: Shd not be hasty.
    U may be quite right.

  9. We have a government and public authorities whose credibility are highly questionable. We have a prime minister who says something and does the opposite the following day.

    We have a deputy prime minister whose close associates are on suspicion in an inhuman murder.

    We have a judiciary that is absolutely tarnished and appears to be dictated by a "correct, correct, correct" lawyer. We have a police force that is supposed to fight crime but are busy blocking roads to parliament.

    We have an attorney-general chambers that is supposed to effectively prosecute the murderers, kidnappers and the corrupt but are only efficient on petty cases of statutory declarations and sodomy.

    We have immigration heads who are supposed to protect the country borders but are busy collecting monies from immigrants or their agents.

    We have a foreign ministry and authorities that are supposed to safeguard the country sovereignty but loose territories through inadequate arguments in international courts.

    We have a parliament that is supposed to debate constructively on the budget or law but is busy practising "classrooms-type" quarrels.

    We have various departments (like the Biro Tata Negara, Rela, JKK, etc) that are supposed to enhance unity but are busy spreading distrust among the races.

    We have the education authorities (higher and school level) who are supposed to educate our children with proper skills and values but are busy producing robots.

    We have ministers who champion the national schools but send their children to be educated in international schools and overseas.

    We have transport authorities who are supposed to provide us with economical and excellent public transport but are instead busy collecting tolls.

    We have an international trade ministry that is supposed to bring in foreign investment but is busy "looking for buyers" for our national car project. We have the treasury that is supposed to protect the country coffers but is busy bailing out crony companies.

    We have local councilors who are supposed to manage the systematic development in our towns but are busy acquiring lands for dubious purposes.

    We have petroleum and gas that are supposed to assist us in our daily lives but have become catalysts to a higher cost of living (through price increases of essential goods).

    And we have an ex-prime minister who is supposed to be the country statesman but is busy defending his past blunders.

    Sadly the list goes on for our beloved country reaching 51 years.

  10. ktemoc - "Breaking the law is always insidious. One cannot cherry pick, "

    That's not strictly always true...though admittedly it is a difficult decision.

    Many times in history have misdeeds been perpetrated, or conveniently ignored by people who said "I'm just obeying orders" or "I'm just obeying the law".
    Or "If I go public on this, I'll be breaking the law"

    Good has often been done by brave people who, technically speaking, were breaking the law or disobeying legal orders that they were subject to at the time.

    Not knowing more about the truth or otherwise of these allgeations, I won't try to pre-judge the morality or otherwise of the whistleblower here.

  11. kittykat, don’t mistake the whistle-blowing involved in exposing a crime or lawful misconduct with that of reckless and illegal acquisition of material just to cast aspersions on a person.

    The benchmark for whistle blowing is that it contains the smoking gun for a crime.

    Therefore, can anyone show that the SMS transcript contains said smoking gun as to the criminal culpability of Najib in unlawfully interfering with the legal process?

    If not, then the obtaining of the SMS transcript represents an act of wilful violation of a law for illegal purpose.

  12. As a smoker if you do not care about yourself its fine but what about your family? The environmental cigarette smoke can lead to passive smoking which may result in risk of lung cancer, heart disease, miscarriages and birth defects, developing asthma in children and adults, ear infections, aggravated asthma, allergies, and other conditions like learning difficulty in children and lung infection.

  13. Ni mana lagi lah diorang dapat cerita kartun lagi ni. Hebat betul, macam2 benda dia tau ye. Baik2 la, jangan sampai meyebar fitnah sudah la..

  14. anon 1.27 am

    the transcript is still a make-up? najib didnt deny it, did he?

  15. hmmm.. ktemoc has valid points in this article