Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Najib's golden opportunity?

Malaysiakini tells us that Najib accepts its apology, and, to most people’s surprise also showed unexpected chivalry by praising Malaysiakini journalist Wong Choon Mei for ‘high values of professionalism’ in claiming responsibility for the 'Najib manifesto' error and resigning.

Poor sweetie Wong was unfortunately sucked into a nasty dud of the fabricated ‘blood dripping manifesto’. How I wish there could be a happier ending for sweetie, like Najib telling her not to resign, but I supposed she fell on her journalist sword.

Has Najib shown a new style of tolerance by merely chiding Malaysiakini without the usual sledgehammer approach favoured by Syed Hamid or the more aggro UMNO ministers, and then putting the icing on the cake by complimenting the Malaysiakini journalist?

Namawewe and Sin Chew journalist Tan Hoon Cheng, eat your hearts out!

But I reckon that even if Najib maintains this tolerant style, it may take quite a while for his detractors (but of course never his foes) to accept, let alone appreciate the milder than usual UMNO reaction.

His foes had done such a hatchet job on him, to an extent where even Malaysiakini's apology was either railed at for editorial cowardice or attributed to sinister and heavy handed government pressure.

Has Najib cleverly and deliberately moved up to higher moral grounds to demonstrate to the other BN component parties that he would be a better, far more accommodating and reasonable BN chairperson cum PM?

Is he neutralizing someone's preemptive accusations of his PM-ship to be likely a harsh and intolerant one a la the Mahathir years?

If he were to seek my advice, wakakaka, I would propose that he stuns Malaysia with the following moves:

(a) Demand that Utusan Melayu and the responsible reporter both immediately apologize to Teresa Kok for falsely accusing her of disrespect to Islam and the Malays,

(b) Call for the police to investigate Chamil Wariya for suspected incitement to violence in the 'YB Josephine' cerpen - he can only call for the police investigation as he isn’t the PM or Home Affairs Minister,

(c) Call for the release of the Hindraf 5 – He could play a clever game (i.e protecting his backside from the rightwing elements in his party) by stating that he supports the banning of Hindraf but saw no national security necessity to detain the five,

(d) As Finance Minister, convene a Federal-State high powered economic conference with all the Menteri Besar’s and State CM’s to formulate a national strategy to deal with the global economic problems. By making it a conference of Federal and State government leaders he will cleverly cut off you know who without appearing to be vindictive or mean spirited – wakakaka,

(d) etc.

By doing all the above, he would effectively chop off the political legs of the Pakatan Rakyat, in particular PKR and its de facto leader – wakakaka.

But alas, while I hope so for Malaysians to come together to face the humongous economic tsunami that’s going to hit everyone, I won’t hold my breath … well, not for too long anyway ;-)


  1. We can hope and pray


  2. If he does all that I believe he won't be in UMNO liao..

  3. A diversionary tactics.
    Only full will buy it.
    Facing humongous economic problem with tainted strategy from tainted leaders.

  4. The way some of you comment, it's as if you know him personally or been by his side all these years since he first learned to wash his own pangsai or something. Haha

    I haven't the slightest clue why his response should elicit such dismay and / or disbelief? So if he behaves like a gentleman, he cannot be from UMNO was one of the implied (sarcastic?) comments I read above.

    Just because TDM was a ruthless leader, so Abdullah must follow his style is it? And as we have seen, he didn't.

    Just because Hamid Albar confronts things in his way, so Najib must follow suit is it?

    The point I'm making is, let Najib be his own man. Most of us haven't even seen his leadership style, but from his strong following among the grassroots in Pahang and elsewhere, it can be inferred that he has been doing something right. We're not talking KJ here, our Parachutist Supreme. This man has built up his reputation and his following over a large number of years.

    All this while, the public has only seen him in the guise of the obedient second man. And so they figure, ah him... He's going to be a lallang. Can only follow.

    But hold on. Think back, what was his position at the time? Second man, yes, a follower. And what is the main job of a follower? Obviously it's to follow and to give support to his superior.

    Unless of course, all the observers here rather see him go the way of that other supposed to be "good follower", Mr Frog Trainer and execute the same type of action to go against his chief at the time? Haha

    I say, give the man a break. No need to compare him or be prejudiced against him, for no other reason than believing paid words from the royal hack currently enjoying his better than TK's dog food somewhere in Perak. Although I must say, that man sure knows how to write. I was kept enthralled by his Khairy's Chronicles, and like a good novel, I sometimes wished it hadn't ended.

  5. kt,
    You got to be kidding?? A leopard never changes its spots lor!He is just play acting as a very nice guy.When an ULTRA extreamist mentioned those words like blood dripping from the chinese with his kriss, he means its slaughtering time.
    You see kt people will never forgive or forget him on that.I was there and witness this threat at the padang years ago when he was an upstart.It send chills to my bones and hell ! his followers were panting for more.And today this trouble rouser wants to be PM.Only in bolehland can this happen!

  6. ;-) yes, I heard about that one, but then didn't Anwar too tell the Chinese "Cina balik Tiongsun" and threatened the Indians he would stop the bells in Hindu temple from ringing?

    Tell me, who can we say has changed for the better?

  7. "who can we say has changed for the better?"

    Definitely Anwar Ibrahim - 4 years of very consistent support for transparency and going beyond racial politics.

    Najib ? Just a flash in the pan ? Time will tell...

  8. What is perhaps Najib's first major decision as Finance Minister is a very unwise move - lending EPF money to Valuecap to prop-up the Stock Market.

  9. Sure everyone should be given a fair go once they get leadership-they must be given the chance to prove themselves, but if their leadership means more of the same then I fail to see why we should be too patient.

    This isn't a case of Juan Carlos succeeding General Franco and dismantling the Falangist regime in Spain. This is the case of a man who will, in all likelihood, bring about paper reforms without making any significant change to the structure, and when it is the structure which is the real malaise, what's the point of giving leader A, B or C much of a chance?

    I'd extend this to those smitten by Barack Obama as if the whole world will change for the better if he becomes president-if he does not change the rotten system, it does not matter who is in charge. Rhetoric is empty irrespective of who's mouth it is emanating from (e.g. Badawi, najib, Anwar, Obama). It must be matched with action

  10. It is good for you to praise a small positive move by Najib.

    But the way you condemn anything and everything Anwar does, shows you are very mch a very one-side thinker.

  11. wrong, I had praised anwar at least a couple of times - gotcha, wakakaka

  12. Masalahnya Anwar memang hampeh. Satu habuk tak guna, yang dia tau kelentong je. Tapi hasil tak pernah nampak. Memang layak dikutuk je Anwar ni. Dia lah penyebab banyak kekecohan berlaku sejak akhir2 ni.