Monday, October 27, 2008

Giving 200 MARA students each a Romanian car?

I don’t believe this!

Humongous alamak lah!

Bernama reported that next year MARA Will Sponsor 200 Students To Romania to take up medicine and petroleum & gas studies at Carol Davila University and Ploiesti University respectively.

No doubt the former has a mid-1800 origin (apparently set up by a Frenchman Carol Davila in 1857), but that country has since gone to the dogs, especially during the Cold War period.

It seems that in the Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2006, there was no Romanian university placed in the first 500 top universities, and that the No 1 Romanian university, Bucharest University, could only achieve half the score of the last university in the world top 500.

A Hungarian friend told me that during the Warsaw Pact days if you wanted to punish someone you gave him a Romanian made car – wakakakakakakaka.

I wonder whether Noh Omar Entrepreneur and Cooperatives Development Minister who made that sponsorship declaration has been properly briefed on the quality of Romania’s educational system or for that matter, any of its systems?

Is he giving the 200 MARA students each a Romanian car? wakakaka


  1. What? Romania? Medicine and Petroleum and Gas studies? Biaq betui orang tua tu!

    I think our local Unis fare better than any of the Romanians.

    It would be better for the Romanians to come and study medicine here, i.e at the IIU.

  2. BTW, which university did YOU attend ?
    Is it in the top 5000 ?

  3. Romanian... OMG! Doesnt any these folks do any googling at all. I pity the student that got selected.

  4. kt,

    no wakakaka if you look whos the marketing agent for the romanian university. do you know whats the going rate for each enrolment? its big money and you know tons are needed now for the UMNO election.
    Good luck you 200 genuis. It aint your fault that you lot are not going to LBS.

  5. this is the result of having NEP for MARA students

  6. Why not the University of Haiti or the Robert Mugabe University of Zimbabwe? Much cheaper there!

  7. anon of 1:09 AM, October 28, 2008 - this has nothing to do with the NEP lah! It's a bizarre choice - why pick universities of a country in Europe (together with Albania) that's basically at the bottom of the everything rung (except for gymnastics)?

    anon of 8:47 PM, October 27, 2008 - don't be so defensive - this is not about you or me, but about educational/professional value for Malaysia, especially for those 200 Malaysian students.

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  10. Well they had to get degrees for the saifuls of uitm, no?, welL they looked all around for someplace where the passing marks were lower than timbuktu, and walla, there was RUMANIA. These are our jaguh kampungs, so after all the free scholarships and all, the norm was to apply for those internet degrees from the states, but that lobang got bocored during the permatang pauh buy-election by our local idiot ariff or whatever his name was, you know, the one we have forgotten his name already, the mamak who spoke hokkien, whose brother swindled the country with the lumut shipyard scam. TYPICAL UITM. UNIVERSITI Ipun TAK MAU