Thursday, May 19, 2005

Young, White, Pretty and has Big Boobs

Derryn Hinch, host of a Melbourne radio news programme, who once had the most popular TV exposé show in Australia, with his famous signature scolding of “Shame, Shame, Shame” when he latched on to some unethical politician or unscrupulous businessman, shocked the nation last night in a TV show called “Schapelle's Nightmare: The Untold Story”.

The TV programme was of course meant to - let us place the real priority right - gardner TV ratings by championing Schapelle Corby, a 27-year old Aussie woman charged by the Indonesian police when she was apprehended with more than 4 kg of marijuana in Bali. The Indonesian court will deliver its verdict on her charge tomorrow on Friday 27 May.

Though the TV show purported to analyse and dissect the case, it has more to do with stimulating the raw emotions of the Aussie audience. Well, last night 92% of viewers deemed Corby innocent, as if their ‘verdict’ could be anything else – my only surprise is that it wasn't 100%.

But Hinch played the odd man out by expressing his opinion that Corby is guilty.

Oh la la, the proverbial sure hit the fan with Aussies outraged by his opinion, but Hinch, true to form, came back swinging, and responded to accusations that he was sexist to what most Australians considered as the “beautiful, innocent girl”. In his usual fiery blunt manner, Hinch stated that “Corby has been getting all this attention because she is young, white, pretty and has big boobs”.

He has since been receiving hate mails and abuses – read some of them here.

Welcome back, Derryn!

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