Thursday, May 12, 2005

No Pagan Please, We're Christians

Albright College, an American liberal arts Methodist college has been accused of discriminating against non-Christian teaching staff. The college Provost has refused to renew the teaching tenure of a Hindu-convert, Roxanne Gupta despite the College faculty committee unanimously supporting her application. The Provost has gone against precedence.

Gupta mentioned that the college President, who sided with the Provost, made numerous sexist remarks and “had a reputation among the faculty for having different expectations of men and women.” Hmmm, maybe he was just following literally the teachings of the Old Testament, and probably voted Bush.

Gupta accused him of openly disdaining non-Christian religious beliefs at college forums that were organised by her. She stated that another teacher, a Buddhist, had also experienced the same fate.

The college president who had resigned abruptly last year could not be contacted by the press.

I wonder why, with such alleged religious bias, that the college has bothered to include non-Christian teachings?

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