Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Iraq: Vietnam II?

Sad for my American friends, but this article provides an erudite and realistic assessment of the actual situation confronting American personnel in Iraq. It lists the why’s and wherefore’s of a very gloomy picture, quite the opposite of the false optimism the Bush Administration has been painting for Americans.

Remember the horrors of Vietnam?

Unfortunately, Iraq is far too valuable for Bush and his neo-cons to bite the bullet, cut US’ loses and make the decision to cleanly exit as Nixon did in Vietnam, as the appointment of Ahmad Chalabi as Iraqi Oil Minister has indicated.

Greed kills, and unfortunately in the Iraqi case, someone else's son or daughter!


  1. Much as I would like not to think so, but Iraq is, indeed, going to become another Vietnam.

    In fact, Iraq will be worse than Vietnam as in Iraq, the Americans are facing enemies who are more than willing to die and seem to be everywhere (can't distinguish the good from bad guys).

    Abandonning Iraq would be a disaster as that would just hand-over Iraq to the mullahs (worse than handing over Vietnam to the Communists).

    Let's see how this Iraq debacle will unfold itself further.

  2. The U.S is not in Iraq for any good purpose. Pure greed. Bush is a nasty piece of work, I can feel it by looking at him, and Howard is an idiot. Nothing good will come of this war, nothing good ever comes from war, just misery and pain for the victims.

  3. Greed? Greed about what? Oil? With the amount of money the US is "wasting" in Iraq, they could have purchased as much crude oil as possible in the open market.

    Bush Junior merely wanted to finish off where his old man didn't.

  4. Brother PK, I tend to agree with Julie. It’s all about oil. I have written a letter to Malaysiakini on the 2nd Cold War regarding the silent but fairly aggressive confrontation between the USA and her allies, and China (with possible inclusion of India on China's side one day) over oil rather than the political ideology of the 1st Cold War.

    If Malaysiakini does not publish my letter, I’ll blog it here. If it is published that I’ll provide a link or even expand on it.

    The 200 billion the US has spent on the war thus far (not counting the loss of global goodwill for her and, at the risk of sounding callous, those killed and wounded on both sides) is nothing to what’s at stake. The future of American economic and thus military power, and its desire to dominate globally is at stake unless she can secure her required and assured supply of CHEAP oil.

    We have already seen some alternative US strategy to cope with a reduced supply being hinted at, like reviving the generally unpopular use of N-energy, and to a lesser degree of sognificance, the humungous oil reserves she has built