Sunday, May 08, 2005

Will US Army now Sacrifice Pigs to Gods?

From the International Herald Tribune:

Viveca Novak's new book ‘Inside the Wire’, written in collaboration with Erik Saar details the latter's six-month tour in the US military prison at notorious Guantánamo.

The book claims the former commander, Major General Geoffrey Miller, who ran the prison on the base from late 2002 until March 2004, participated in hiding detainees from the Red Cross after guards had shaved their hair and eyebrows as punishment.

Erik Saar, an interpreter at the camp stated:

"The missing eyebrow trick made some camp officials nervous because of the potential for the Red Cross to take note, so on occasion these detainees were slapped in a special isolation cell, hidden away from Red Cross scrutiny.”

"Miller had also exaggerated the value of the information interrogation teams gleaned about Al Qaeda and the Taliban in order to justify the operation's heavy cost, both in terms of taxpayer dollars and international criticism of President George W. Bush's decision that the Geneva conventions generally did not apply in Afghanistan.”

The account of what occurred in Guantánamo Bay was horrifying! Beatings, torture, deliberate humiliations, etc just like the infamous Abu Ghraib prison.

I wonder what the recently demoted former commander of Abu Ghraib prison, Colonel (former Brig Gen) Janis Karpinski will say to the double standards.

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