Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Schapelle Corby Story - Who do we believe?

The links are 2 days old - this posting had been prepared earlier.

Are Schapelle Corby’s cellmates giving her hell as this Murdoch’s online news (Herald Sun) has asserted? It claimed that the Corby’s Indon inmates are taunting her with racial slurs and abuses.

On the other hand, this Fairfax online news (Sydney Morning Herald) provided a totally different picture. It stated that Corby is fairly popular with her cellmates, who like her for her generosity and caring character. They have become sort of buddies, with the Indons even cooking her favourite chilli nasi goring (chillie fried rice) for her. The day she went to court for her verdict, they fixed her hair a la Balinese style.

Given that both are Aussie newspapers, who do we believe?

The latter, SMH, provided such detailed information that I am inclined to believe it. Also, this would be in keeping with the kind and sweet nature of Balinese-Indon women.

Since this article was prepared, I have read that Schapelle Corby has gained another English speaking friend, Sinyo, at the prison Church services. Also, her cellmates, believing that she was going back to the Gold Coast where Corby informed would now be experiencing winter, had knitted for her a jumper.

These two additional updates are also from the Fairfax Sydney Morning Herald (SMH). These are examples of how quite different news coverage from certain newspapers can easily provoke Aussies into believing the Indons are being particularly nasty to Corby . The SMH seems to be fairly balanced in its coverage.

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