Sunday, May 15, 2005

USA - Consistently Inconsistent! (4)

Here again is another example of double standards hypocrisy!

The perpetrator? The United States of America, again!

Critics pointed out that while State Department website accuses Uzbek police and security services of using 'torture as a routine investigation technique', the USA provides the same law enforcement services millions of dollars in aid.

US captives requiring ‘specialised’ interrogations techniques a la Kempeitai or the Gestapo are flown quietly to Uzbekistan for torture, an American arrangement known by its secretive and euphemistic name of renditions programme which in reality possesses the most sinister and brutal characteristics.

The ‘renditions programme’ is the US globalised outsourcing of torture to their Third World brutal allies - the USA has a string of such countries like Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Iraq and even on-the-surface enemy, Syria. The CIA ships terrorist suspects there so that torture may be employed during interrogation which are not allowed in the US.

Uzbekistan has also been courted by the USA as part of the latter’s grand strategy of encircling China, and keeping a closer eye on the oil-rich region. The country’s leader, Islam Karimov, is one of the world’s most corrupt and evil dictators.

Eat your heart out, Saddam Hussein!

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