Monday, May 16, 2005

Japan: A Whale of a BS-ter

Japan claims it has a long tradition of eating whales. Whale meat is considered a delicacy, costing the earth in Japan. But in recent times, nations all over the globe save for a few whaling nations like Japan, Iceland and Norway have recognized that most whales have been hunted close to extinction. Besides, the whale is not a fish but a mammal, with a high degree of intelligence and characteristics of social community, very much like humans.

For years the International Whaling Commission (IWC) has restricted Japan’s whaling catch to about 400 minke whales, one of the more common species, purportedly for Japan's scientific research. However, these whales invariably ended up immediately in Japan’s meat markets. In short, Japan has lied its whaling ways to the dinner plates.

Of late, rich Japan has been buying votes at the IWC among the poorer countries, some of whom have no whaling tradition or concerns at all, into supporting a lifting of the current restriction to allow its BS ‘scientific research’ to include hunting the tastier humpback whales, an endangered species.

The Australians and New Zealanders, who love whales, apart from the fact that the giant sea mammals are a major part of their tourist attraction, are livid with outrage and grave concern. The Australian government, very economically beholden to Japan, has signaled to its public that it won’t be able to stop Japan should the whale-gobbling and whale-slaughtering nation hunt the humpback whales.

An Australian senator accused Japan of being ‘obscene’ and ‘insulting’ in its unbelievable attempt to sell the BS idea that it was only hunting whales for ‘scientific’ purposes.

Well, Senator, you’ll find a large number of Koreans, Chinese and SE Asians agreeing with you because they too think Japan has always been, and continues to be ‘obscene’ and ‘insulting’ by attempting to BS and whitewash their WWII heinous atrocities as only ‘incidents’.

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