Monday, May 09, 2005

US Submarine Sank Russian Submarine Kursk?

The sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk in 2000 was originally attributed to a perilous state of disrepair and unaffordable maintenance in the Russian Navy. The accident also caused enormous political damage to President Putin.

There is now a newly revealed cause of the sinking. It was not an internal chemical explosion in the torpedo bay as supected but rather the hostile action of the USN nuclear submarine Memphis.

The aggravated confrontation arose from the standard shadowing of the Kursk during a naval exercise by 2 USN subs. Following an accident, a mild collision with one, the Russian intentions were misunderstood by the other USN sub, the Memphis, whose captain decided to pull the trigger. The Kursk didn’t stand a chance from the unexpected US torpedoing at virtually point blank range.

When then didn’t WW III erupt? Apparently the Washington-Moscow hotline rang really hot, with Bill Clinton and Putin covering up the scandal for reasons of diplomacy and improving relationship. The USA cancelled a US$10 billion Russian debt for Putin as covert compensation.

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