Monday, May 02, 2005

25 Saddam Husseins in Today's Iraq!

An Iraqi businessman Mohammed Jawad, a Shiite, used the analogy of camels to describe corruption in Iraq today:

"Iraq is like a sick camel. If it is healthy, no one can kill it. But when it is sick on the ground, the camel dies by a thousand knives."

He then identified Iraq's current corrupt ministers and their cronies as the wielder of the knives.

Jawad claimed that under Saddam Hussein, only 10% of business were corrupt, while today that figure has shot up to a staggering 90%. His explanation for this astounding escalation of corruption?

There are now 25 Saddam Hussein’s, courtesy of the Bush Administration.

Vice-President Cheney’s old company, Halliburton has also been mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald article for nonsensical billing of the Pentagon. One of its subsidiaries has billed the Pentagon for more than $US27 million to transport less than $US100,000 worth of fuel for the short haul from Kuwait to Iraq.

Jawad is despondent that the Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari has appointed Ahmad Chalabi, a convicted fraudster as acting oil minister. Chalabi was better-known for his role in the multi-million dollar collapse of Jordan's Petra Bank, and is deemed a criminal in Jordan.

I blogged on the frightening case of Chalabi in an earlier post titled Iraq: Putting the Fox in charge of the Henhouse.

As the newspapers (links above) put it, Dick Cheney is nothing more than another fox, and we know that foxes of the same fur eat the chickens (or camels) together.

Did someone mention ’regime change’ for Iraq?

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