Saturday, May 21, 2005

Don't F*** Around With A Blogger!

Don’t f*** around with a blogger – literally.

Robert Steinbuch, a counsel for Republican Senator Michael DeWine, had a ... eh ... relationship with Jessica Cutler, also of the same office.

Cutler uses the nom de plume of 'Washingtonienne' (obviously a lover of the French language) to blog in intimate details her simultaneous sexual relationships with up to six men around town, including an unidentified Bush administration appointee with the initials of R.S.

Wow! What an Amazonite appetite!

Steinbuch claimed the initials plus other details have revealed his identity, and filed a civil suit against Cutler, citing invasion of privacy and humiliation.

Intimate details? Humiliation?

Does that mean Washingtonienne depicted Washingtonian’s … ehWashington Monument as a mere puny teeny weeny ’weapon of mass deception'?

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