Friday, May 13, 2005

US: How to Win Enemies and Piss Off People (2)

News that US interrogators at Guantanamo Bay prison had desecrated the Koran to upset Muslim prisoners, brought about a wave of stone-throwing violence in Afghanistan against US soldiers. The Afghanistan police shot into the crowd of protesting students, killing 4 and wounding dozens.

Instead of quelling the rioters, the killing further inflamed them to set fire to the Jalalabad Governor’s residence and smashed up a number of offices belonging to foreign aid agencies, and diplomatic consulates, including Pakistan’s.

The enraged rioters learned from Newsweek magazine that the US interrogators had placed the Koran in lavatories and even flushed one down the toilet bowl. Very unprofessional and redneck.

It seems that the anti-American protest has now spread to Kabul and probably into Pakistan as well.

Bet you Dale Carnegie must be rolling in his grave at the thought of his countrymen not winning friends and influencing people.

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