Monday, May 09, 2005

Eternal Sweetheart of the Two China's

"By day, Deng Xiaoping rules mainland China, but by night, Teresa Teng rules!"

Teresa Teng, undoubtedly the best known and most loved singer in the Chinese world, was also affectionately known as Little Teng while Teng Hsiao-ping or Deng Xiaoping was Big Teng.

She was beautiful, had the voice of a nightingale, and was deeply adored by both sides of the bamboo curtain even during the Cold War days. The Taiwanese government used to drop recorded cassettes of her songs into mainland China with the use of balloons as part of the cross-straits propaganda war.

Teresa Teng, passed away in Bangkok on 08 May, yesterday 10 years ago as a result of severe asthmatic complications. Her fans from both China’s continue to remember her through her songs, commemorative music parks, website and the strangest thing for Chinese (and an amazing indication of their affection for her), visits to her gravesite.

They call her their eternal sweetheart.

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