Thursday, April 05, 2018

Crispy Haiku

MM Online - Masterchef UK host tries to backtrack from ‘crispy’ rendang row:

where's Curly? 

From Wikipedia:

Traditional haiku consist of 17 on (also known as morae though often loosely translated as "syllables"), in three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 on, respectively.

Looked for crispy skin
In a bowl of wonton soup
With tomato sauce

Say sayonara
It's the Saharan welcome
Like f**k you baby

How to spell crispy
It's B-O-D-O-H lah
Pandai chong budak

Meat falling apart
Like melting ice cream in sun
MasterChef my foot

Britain's Japanese tofu stir fried in kimchi


  1. Chef you a bigot
    Rendang no KFC la
    Crispy cock my foot

  2. One thing I give these gweilos. They will never admit they're wrong no matter what.

    Perchance our ambassador to England can invite the 2 esteemed judges to a meal of nasi lemak with rendang and then later as dessert, a huge slice of humble pie.

  3. I thought this youtube says it all......Aiyaa.....does it matter?