Sunday, March 13, 2016

When will Najib sack Muhyiddin?

TMI - Muhyiddin mulls tabling no-confidence vote against Najib, says daily (extracts):

The Malay daily reported that Muhyiddin, who is Pagoh MP, admitted the attempt might be difficult because there were too many lawmakers unwilling to support it, as the move required majority support.

“It is one of it (the no-confidence motion), if the numbers are enough to bring change, but I foresee that it will be difficult because the MPs are not ready or brave enough to do it, unlike those in more advanced countries."

“In Malaysia, the culture of political patriotism runs deep. Cash is king and it answers all questions."

“We have 222 seats in Parliament and we need 112 to achieve simple majority to make a change."

Note last sentence above - Muhyiddin has been referring to a no-confidence motion in the federal parliament, not the UMNO party.

I can't remember when a sitting member of a ruling party has ever passed a no-confidence motion in parliament against his own party leader. This is overt rebellion against his own party chief, wakakaka.

Did that happen to former MB Khalid Ibrahim in Selangor, that was, prior to him being booted out from PKR? Of course not, because it would have opened the Pakatan state government to probable fresh re-elections. 

If my memory serves me well, Muhyiddin's mulling on moving against PM Najib, his own party leader, in parliament via a combination of BN and Pakatan votes which by parliamentary convention would also be against the BN majority ruling party, may be considered as an unprecedented intention.

Then this will be a first, a Malaysian first to be recorded in Mahathir's Book of Malaysian Records, wakakaka, and should be to Pakatan Harapan's delight.

Indeed, once that's done, Pakatan should seek HM the Agong's agreement to dissolve parliament since a majority has passed a no-confidence motion against the Najib's government, and therefore there is a need to re-seek the people's preference via a fresh general election.

Given this, I wonder what's keeping Ah Jib Gor from sacking Muhyiddin and Mukhriz from UMNO for their overt and wilful insubordination to their own party leader and thus party discipline?

Najib, unlike Mahathir, is notorious for his reluctance and heels-dragging in confronting his own party rebels but let's face it, there's a snowflake chance in hell of reconciliation between him and Muhyiddin or for that matter, with Mahathir/Mukhriz, so Ah Jib Gor needn't cater for that impossible dream.

If we remember, Mahathir moved decisively to sack Anwar Ibrahim in 1998 when the latter attempted to force him out on allegations of Mahathir's practice of nepotism and cronyism, allegations which subsequently bounced back against Anwar himself when the wily old fox showed documentary evidence that his accusers were guilty of the same accusations.

my dear boy, keep your nose squeaky clean and let Moody do the dirty work, then you reap the outcome but don't forget to make my ... er ... your 'brother' deputy

yes Uncle



  1. yeah, let his dad do the dirty work wakaka

  2. Dear TSMY,

    You come from a religious family background and thus I would like to remind you of the surah Family of Imran Verse 26.

    Say, "O Allah, Owner of Sovereignty, You give sovereignty to whom You will and You take sovereignty away from whom You will. You honour whom You will and You humble whom You will. In Your hand is [all] good. Indeed, You are over all things competent.”

    Don’t ever try to play God because you cannot. Accept your political faith and live invisible for the rest of your political twilight years. Leave it to God Almighty.

    Namun yang saya nampak sekarang, Tan Sri berani hendak melancarkan lancang untuk menerjang badai.

    Nasihat saya sebagai seorang muslim, kepada Tan Sri, pastikan dahulu yang Tan Sri betul-betul faham; jika Tan Sri kurang faham dan tali kemudi Tan Sri tidak berlilit tiga, maka alamat lancang Tan Sri akan tenggelam.

    1. If, as Muhyiddin says, the briefings that he received while he was DPM show proof that Najib's personal bank account received money from 1MDB and SRC.
      Isn't it right and righteous that he speak up on this ?

      Isn't "menegakkan kebenaran" right by Islam ?

      I only fault Muhyiddin for not speaking up earlier, but that is a minor sin compared to someone stealing Billions of Ringgit.

    2. One must be charged and be given a fair trial first, (for example like AI’s sodomy case), before we are allowed to come to any conclusion.

      In the absence of that process, it shall be considered fitnah/mengadu domba/membawa mulut/slander/libel/ casting aspersion/sedition, etc..etc.. which is HARAM in Islam.

      Bahawa sesungguhnya fitnah itu adalah lebih besar dosanya daripada membunuh.

  3. Muhyiddin will be sack in the next few weeks.He will not last past end of April.By May 1st,Mr Moo will be definitely out.

  4. Why is Ktemoc attacking Mahathir and Muhyiddin, taking sides in what is fundamentally an UMNO internal power struggle ?

    What more, Ktemoc doing the dirty work of the Thief of Putrajaya is nauseating.

    1. isn't it a legitimate non-aligned question, asking why Najib has not sack Moody when the latter is voicing his intention to go against his own chief?

      By the by, an English word for you to learn today, wakakaka - namely "sool" as in KT is sooling Najib wakakaka

  5. Ktemoc's side i.e. those condemning the Citizen's Declaration, are now painting it as a Chinese attempt at power grab.
    It's supposedly DAP and Lim Kit Siang making use of Mahathir.

    1. h dear I've poor memory, please show em where I said that, to wit, "... as a Chinese attempt at power grab. It's supposedly DAP and Lim Kit Siang making use of Mahathir."

      If you can't, please stop bullshitting lah, WAKAKAKA

  6. Do not forget what Muhyiddin did to Stanford Holdings when he was Johore MB.He was the chief extortion king then.Now,he knows that what comes around goes around.What it feels like to be on the receiving end.Serves him right.

  7. In a laudable effort for Parliament to be more accountable to the People, the UK House of Commons Speaker is now required to allow the tabling and debate over petitions which receive a minimum number of signatories, above 100,000. It just requires a House MP to sponsor the motion.

    Previously, just as in Malaysia, usually only Government business get to be moved.