Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The power of 3

At the beginning of this month I posted Good things come in threes, all about Mahathir and his reign.

'Omne trium perfectum'
'everything that comes in threes is perfect'


Today I just want to touch on another three things, those that might kill him through a heart attack, which of course I don't wish on him much as I lament his refusal to retire gracefully like former PMs Tunku, Hussein and AAB.

The three things likely to cause him heart burns would be:

(1) removing him from Petronas and replacing his vacated position with AAB whom he detest.

Yes, kicking him out as Petronas advisor per se won't rile him as much as also appointing AAB to take up his previous post as advisor to Petronas, wakakaka - injure then insult, adoi.

And haven't we heard his bitter, most bitter sarcasm that AAB should also be appointed as advisor to the Poms? Oh, to make such a caustic and childish comment, how his heart must have ached, his heart burned, all causing him mucho geram and bitterness. Tsk tsk! Najib has been far too cruel.

(2) denying Proton any further government bailout and allowing the company to fold in. For more, see my post The Minus Touch.

Mind, this may cause considerable domino effect on the Malaysian economy and employment situation, but OTOH sometimes economic rationalization has to be painful.

And Mahathir will be f**king mad if such were to happened, even though Proton has been another of his Minus Touch.

OTOH, if Najib decides to bail Proton out with a billion or two, BUT with the CONDITION that AAB be appointed as Proton's advisor ..... Oh Oh Oh, I dare not even imagine the impact on Mahathir, wakakaka - THAT, my dear readers, will be the ultimate cruelty to him by Najib.

(3) and finally, if somehow Najib falls, and Ku Li is unanimously selected by a majority of BN and Pakatan people as the seventh PM, whoa whoa whoa, wakakaka - that will definitely be the last straw for Mahathir.

3 times heart aches & heart burns will cause heart failure.


  1. The best chance of the PR capturing Putrajaya was in GE13.But Manmanlai and the dwarf screwed up big time.So if everything,or rather good or bad things come in threes,then the opposition will have to wait at least until GE16 to have even the slightest thought of getting another shot.As I had said before,the opposition lacks good leaders,and will have to wait at least two or three GE's for the younger leaders to grow up.

  2. Sköhns Canteen, Swimming Pool and Feng Shui!

  3. Item (2) can be pre-empted by Mahathir by resigning first, thus making a clean break from his pet project and letting Najib hold the baby. Najib will then have to make the hard decisions to save Proton or not.

    Item (3) can be a double edge sword : Ku Li as new PM might initiate investigations into Mahathir's past excesses or remove Najib's immunity, or both. Furthermore the shock factor may not be there anymore as the bad blood between them is 30 years ago. Any Mahathir will go on a blitz against Ku Li.

    Don't underestimate what the old fox is capable of. He may also be not sentimental enough or care much if Proton fails (like Perwaja).

  4. You mean the whole deklarasi episode was about replacing Umno Pm with another Umno PM...this gotta be Pas deceitful strategy to UG and give talian hayat to Umno...i know i cant trust those ulamaks...damned Pas. We were all taken for a ride. Haiya..what a twisted tongues...

  5. Let us all clear our perception first and have a clear head for a while. Underneath all of this politicking hoo haa...we all must understand that both Pas and Dap is aiming for the same block of voters...disgruntled Umno members against their own party leaders. Only and only with their vote can the giant be brought down flat.
    Forget abt why Dap and Pas cant work together which shud hv been the best. Depending on which side of the fence you are...you may do your own research and come out with your own conclusions or recommendations. But it is academic now.

    1. "... we all must understand that both Pas and Dap is aiming for the same block of voters ..."???

      wakakaka, you are sure drawing a very very long bow