Saturday, March 05, 2016

Bersih blesses Mahathir?

Last year in October I wrote about Maria Chin Abdullah, the person who took over the NGO BERSIH. I stated that it appeared as if she wanted to be a political king-maker.

Maria Chin has forgiven me so you can all join me in my movement go remove Najib even if I don't promise any reforms on the wrongs I did during my PM days

BERSIH used to be an NGO which had objectives as follows:

  • Clean up of the electoral roll
  • Reform of postal ballot
  • Use of indelible ink
  • Minimum 21 days of campaign period
  • Free and fair access to mass media for all parties
  • Strengthening of public institutions
  • No corruption
  • No dirty politics

That had been why BERSIH could and was supported by politicians of all hue, as it sought only to ensure elections are held clean and fair. If you recall, under Ambiga Sreenevasan, she was scrupulously non-aligned, once telling Anwar Ibrahim off for his attempt to hijack BERSIH for his own political gains

But WTF is Bersih doing today under Maria Chin Abdullah?

For a start she expanded the ambit of the NGO into being anti Najib. There's actually nothing wrong being anti Najib but, indeed BUT was that the objective of BERSIH?

Now Maria Chin doesn't want us to keep harping on Mahathir's mistakes during his days as PM (365.25 x 22, wakakaka) and the associated calls by activists for him to apologise or at least to acknowledge his role in ruining Malaysia’s institutions, and in concentrating power in the prime minister’s hands during his years of rule. 

Those calls against Mahathir were demanded by activists as a pre-condition for joining Mahathir’s new movement to remove PM Najib.

I had previously written of her: She seems to be either a confused activist which has been why I see Bersih 4.0 as a confused NGO, or as I suspect, she wants to be a political KINGMAKER, one who wants to change PM, one who pontificates pompously on the timing of Pakatan Harapan's political formation as if that's her business, one who ... god only knows what she wants next?

Well, as BERSIH chairperson she's still confused, and now she wants us to additionally forgive Mahathir and forget his role in ruining Malaysia's institutions such as the judiciary and for putting far too much power in a PM's hands (originally his own hands, wakakaka).

Nonetheless, it seems many have heeded her call ..... under the deceitful guise that those Pakatan people who have joined Mahathir despite his refusal to apologise for his deformasi or even to agree to freeing Anwar Ibrahim as one of the objectives of his (Mahathir's) new anti Najib movement, have pretended they have joined not as representatives of Pakatan but as individuals. Bullshit!

And by logical deduction, it would seem Maria Chin Abdullah doesn't give two figs about the possibility of Mahathir's men taking over from Najib BUT continuing to run UMNO as the party was, had been, is and will be, regardless of whether it had been under Mahathir or currently under Najib or in the future, once again under Mahathir or his proxy.

And finally, with thanks (and just in case, apologies) to the scriptwriters of The Sound of Music:

Baroness: My dear, is there anything you can't do 
Maria: Well, I'm not sure I'll make a very good nun.
Baroness: Oh, if you have any problems, I'd be happy to help you.


  1. i think maria chin is referring to those that non stop harping on mahathir but close both eyes on what najib did, they r much worst than pakatan supporter.

  2. Maybe it is time for Maria Chin Abdullah to step down,as she had proven to be not effective in her mission to kick out Najib.Maybe,she will appoint Mr Muhyiddin as her successor.

    As head of Bersih,Mr Muhyiddin can and will keep on mooing,then maybe,only maybe the cows will decide to come home.

  3. Is there anything like signing a declaration to forcefully remove a sitting PM?What the fuck is happening to our moronic politicians?They think Malaysia is another pariah Middle East country,where uprisings are like taking walks in the park with the family?

    I have said it before,and I will say it again.With the impotent opposition leadership we have,and until there is a change in leadership,with new young capable leaders,the ruling Umno/BN will be in power forever.

  4. Maria Chin's actual words can be viewed on Youtube as well as KiniTV.
    There is no need to depend on RPK's dishonest misrepresentation and Ktemoc's hostile prejudice.

    Maria Chin chose her words carefully and precisely - she asked activists not to be obsessed with Mahathir's past to the extent that they become incapable of standing up to oppose the serious wrong that Najib is engaged in.

    She did NOT ask anyone to forgive and forget Mahathir's past actions.

    Go look at the video and tell me where , which minute and second, she said that.

    By the way, her advice is excellent for Ktemoc to listen to , as he seems to be stuck somewhere in a time-warp before 2004, incapable of speaking up a single pathetic squeak on the wrongs that are being perpetrated by Najib TODAY.

    1. Maria Chin as BERSIH Chief (that is, if she still remembers BERSIH's role?) is to also look into Ops IC in Sabah. and who had been responsible for that which has rendered elections there unfair and lopsided. Instead she has gone outside BERSIH's role to assume a pro Mahathir and thus anti Najib stand

    2. Bersih's objectives are most certainly relevant to the opposition to Najib.
      The RM 2.6 Billion in Najib GE13 funds, if as it looks like, sourced from government-owned 1MDB would amount to the most titanic Electoral funding misdeed in the history of the country.
      Almost anything Mahathir may have done in terms of dirty elections pales by comparison.

      The sheer magnitude of the RM 2.6 B would render the GE13 outcome highly questionable.

      Who and what was the RM 2,600,000,000 used to buy ?
      Such titanic amounts of money would be sufficient to buy almost anybody's compliance to do whatever mischief Najib was up to before and during GE13.

      Yes, Bersih is very right to take up the cudgel against this single most serious threat to clean and fair elections.

    3. Indeed 2.6 billion is far more than the 300 million allocated for Anwar's 916, wakakaka, but one could argue the former was for a nationwide general and states elections, while 916 was just about 30 already-elected MPs. wakakaka again - and where was BERSIH then (re 916)?

    4. For all the talk of Hundreds of millions with Anwar's 916, the Malaysian authorities never found anything they could charge him with, and not for any lack of trying.
      Instead they came up with Belakang-gate, with Najib orchestrating from behind. In any case, none of the alleged 916 funds came from Rakyat's money.

      In the RM 2.6 Billion, Najib is having to employ all kinds of nefarious maneuvers to close down the investigation against him.

      On the issue of issue of illegal immigrants in Sabah, Bersih was instrumental in pressuring the government to set up the inquiry, which led to the Royal Commission being approinted.
      That the RCI ultimately failed, because the authorities had no interest in bringing guilty parties to book, and no interest in truly solving the problem of illegals.
      There was a ridiculous attempt to divert all the blame to Anwar Ibrahim.
      Anwar was probably no innocent in the whole episode, but the attempt to hijack the commission's focus into one direction led to its failure.

    5. how many UMNO bigwigs have been caught with hundreds if not thousands of millions? There is an OMERTA on some matters in UMNO that even enemies within cannot divulge

  5. Look at it this way:

    1) Who honestly believes that Mahathir will apologise for his past misdeeds? You all know the stuff that Mahathir is made of. His so-called 'apologies' so far are all done in sarcasm rather than true repentance.

    2) Is UMNO's behaviour at present very much different from that of Mahathir's era, so to warrant the fear of the "possibility of Mahathir's men taking over from Najib ... continuing to run UMNO ..."?

    3) After all, Mahathir's misdeeds did not result in him being voted out, he even ruled right into the internet era as mahafiruan etc and retired on his terms, at the height of his popularity. And sarcastically called himself an elected dictator, the populace voting him in each time despite the misdeeds looming so fresh in their minds.

    4) Not only Maria, but most of the personalities there including Ambiga, the iconic champion of Bersih's ideals, also joined in parrying the awkward M question (she even added the freeing of Anwar as a demand!). Isn't her presence taken as sort of endorsing the anti-Najib policies of that gathering?

    5) Maria said the aim is to remove Najib "simply because we have given him too many chances to restore this rotten system but he didn't do it..." She should realise that the ability of Najib to carry out far-reaching reforms is hampered by the fact that Najib is the product of the system. To some extent, Najib is the system.

    Much as we like to have a better Malaysia, we have to realise the situation is much more complex than would be able to change it by deposing a leader. Maria is not the only one being chimerical in that Friday charade, where everyone had to pander to the biggest elephant in that room.

    1. The innovation, width , depth and sophistication of the fraudulent maneuvers used in 1MDB clearly shows Najib is no passive or reluctant prisoner of the corrupt system that he heads.

      Najib is no reformer. He made some misleading noises about reform in the beginning because he understood real well disappointment with Badawi's reform attempts was the major cause of BN's losses in GE12.
      Badawi was a genuine case of someone who wanted to generate reforms, but failed.

      Najib is not one like that at all.

      Since then we had the hardening of the Sedition Act, Prevention of Terrorism Act, Abu Graib-style torture of SOSMA prisoners, use of SOSMA against political critics of the government.

      Najib a reformer ? Bullshit.

      The thousand 'li journey for a better Malaysia begins with the first step, and the first step is to call for Najib's removal.