Saturday, March 26, 2016

Gerakan Anti LGE (GALGE)

Malaysiakini - Johor DAP decries 'trial by media' of Guan Eng as malicious (extracts):

"We welcome fair and unbiased investigation into Guan Eng’s purchase of his house.

"However, the 'trial by media' in the past week, with unsubstantiated and twisted facts, is malicious," Johor opposition leader Gan Peck Cheng said in a statement today.

Gan claimed that the criticism Lim is facing over the bungalow purchase, said to be below market price, is the "most serious crisis since 2008 with the aim of finishing him off politically".

"Such massive attacks serve to divert attention from the multiple political crises faced by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, especially arising from the Citizens' Declaration on March 4,” he said.

Gan claimed the attacks are aimed at discrediting Guan Eng and the DAP in the upcoming Sarawak state election.

The last line is spot on, BUT it's more than just Sarawak, namely:

(1) UMNO in general has been very uncomfy with young Malays joining DAP, and UMNO in Penang is shitting bricks.

(2) MCA and Gerakan are both on a do-or-die last effort. In Penang and Selangor they've already been wiped off. By the finish of GE-14 they'll be gone from the Malaysian political scene forevermore.

But alas for UMNO-BN, the more they persecute Lim Guan Eng, the more Penangites will rally behind him.


  1. to deflect these malicious attacks, its wise to step aside temporarily and let the deputy take over, i am sure they can arrange an interim advisor role for him in the mean time, of course no one believes for one minute he could interfere or hamper investigations unlike the anointed one but it'll show that the dap means well and stop making unnecessary statements, if questions being ask, just say let the authorities investigate full stop

    1. Walk the talk...dun become ayam jantan..cock this cock that but his ass also shitty

  2. Anon 538pm, i do not want the game being played out to be dictated by bn politicians. They want to sabotage pg state govt. Yr call 4 lge to step aside is playing into their evil hands.

    1. sabotaging the state gomen is a given, in fact i would go as far as stating that its from ppl close to him who can't stand his arrogant misdemeanor, envy or perhaps an axe to grind, imagine the monetary gain working covertly on the other side
      if stepping aside TEMPORARILY is not an option, may i suggest a gag order before everyone who cares to offer an opinion are made to look like fools by the main stream media, they are gonna have a field day

    2. Led by example bcoz dap is the one making noise asking najib to step aside but when the table turn around...suddenly u all behaved exactly like what make u diff in behaviour than umnonians

  3. The MACC,PDRM and AG are puppets of the same master,Umno.So there is no way for an outsider like LGE to interfere,hamper or intimidate the investigations of the said institutions.If our MACC are as independent as the Singapore or Hong Kong ACA,our parliament and state assemblies will be at least ninety percent empty.And our prison cells will be bursting at their seams.

    1. Stop zigzagging...and start focusing on the issue...making allegations to cover one allegation make u no diff in behaviour than amno people...lge is just a human not a demigod who might be infallable to ur believe...but how the party behave is what ppl will they become a knee jerker or do they come to their sense and let the law rule. Then baru can really talk cock..
      You see abuse of power can happen to anybody in any get over the denial stage...start accepting and mkve on...the more u resist the more u look double standard and the longer the issue linger and the badder the party will look....but not...i repeat do not use this as a malay in power trying to crush chinese in power rhetoric to get sympathy from chinese voter

  4. Latest headlines : "Guan Eng clarifies that he knew bungalow’s market value" which reported that he "refuted news reports that highlighted his ignorance of the market value of the property, saying that the facts had been distorted."

    This will surely invite another round of attacks from the BN side, more trials-by-media, more ridicules, more distractions etc. For the situation he is in, he should have calibrated his responses throughout the whole episode, or maybe best to just say: "let the authorities do the investigations" and just shut up.

  5. the lack of DAP understanding of the Malay psylogical preferences is mind boggling. it look like they are more adapt at shouting themselves in the leg. the Malay expected fair play and highly distaste hypocrite and are easily annoyed with whiners. do note that YM RPK "attack" on DAP all resolved around these. at this point with all the statements given by DAP top leader are hurting DAP more and more without BN having to do anything.

  6. wakaka ahh? Let me give you a reason:

    Alamak! LGE to Kok ... aiya this is how you help me aaahhh!!! Can you use something that sounds less fishy or not!!! come you know things even the buyer and seller never mentioned up to now? Tolong lah...jangan tolong if this is how you tolong.

    Let me: wakakakakakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. "the more they persecute Lim Guan Eng, the more Penangites will rally behind him."

    Now you know why corruption is so Malaysian. It doesn't matter WHETHER there is corruption. It only matters WHO is corrupt.

    UMNO DAP sama. Only difference is customer base - wakakakakakkakakaka!!!!!!!!

  8. "the more they persecute Lim Guan Eng, the more Penangites will rally behind him."

    Like Joseph Smith and Siyyid `Alí Muḥammad Shírází. Wakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!

    Tribal politics at its best! Elected officials are not our servants, they are tribal leaders who require our faith - wakakakakakaka!!!!

  9. ""However, the 'trial by media' in the past week, with unsubstantiated and twisted facts, is malicious," Johor opposition leader Gan Peck Cheng said in a statement today."

    And then Teresa Kok buka mulut and said: Feng Shui! Wakakakakakakaka!!!!!!

    Aiyo...I don't want this to end....wakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!

  10. RPK naughty boy:

    "What is even more interesting is that Rahim’s defence was that he did not know (that the girl was underage because she did not give her age). Muhammad’s defence was that he did not know (that it was against the law to bring large sums of money into Australia because he did not speak English and it was his daughter who filled in the declaration form). Guan Eng’s defence is also he did not know (the market value of his house because he is not a property agent or valuer and that it was his wife who negotiated the deal — maybe because Betty no longer trusts Guan Eng around other women after that earlier reported episode)."

    Aiyo...nakal lah RPK wakakakakaka!!!

    1. Re "Guan Eng’s defence is also he did not know (the market value of his house because he is not a property agent or valuer" I believe since then LGE has stated BN deliberately twisted his words

    2. Sure...only bn is capable of twisting spinning konar baring other ppl words...surely not dap..we all know dat (wink)

    3. Jahat sungguh bn teresa kok also said her words on fengshui being twisted...haiya...either dap's bahasa is so poor or thri english is so victorian

  11. There is a brighter side to the "Trial by Media" which Lim Guan Eng is facing. His accusers have essentially revealled their hand, so, other than a surprise smoking gun, we have a pretty good idea of what case they have and haven't.

    I will refer back to the UK for what I think are world class guidelines for integrity in government.
    When the UK investigates one of its officials for possible wrong-doing, whether elected or crown officials, there are two different standards at play.

    The first is criminality - were any laws broken, be it corruption , criminal breach of trust or abuse of power. Such findings are referred to the Crown Prosecutors.

    A second , lower standard involves a breach of ethics. No law may have been broken, but the official acted in a way that is a breach of "what is right" - ethical standards. Recommended action taken may be an official reprimand, demotion, transfer out , or esp. for an elected official, relinquishing the relevant appointed position.

    The person is always given the right to be heard and defend themselves.

    In Lim Guan Eng's case, so far , I don't see any element of criminality. The Taman Manggis land transfer was subject to open tender, and Lim Guan Eng was not a participant in the decision making. The house owner was not involved in that deal. The price the owner sold to Lim Guan Eng in itself is a private agreement between buyer and seller.

    In the Khir Toyol case, the previous house owner testified in court that he sold the property at a much lower price because he otherwise feared for his other housing business in Selangor.

    Of course if Phang Li Koon comes out later and says she "was concerned about her other businesses in Penang" then Lim Guan Eng is Toast, Finished. Back to Jail he goes.
    Moves to pressure her to turn against Lim may have already started.

    As far as Criminality goes, it currently looks like there is no real case against Lim, but ethics is another matter. And I have some concerns here.

    What was Lim Guan Eng thinking , buying a house from an owner whose principal business partner is also the main shareholder of the Corporation which bought the Taman Manggis land ?

    Maybe Lim didn't know, but he should have checked, before signing the purchase.

    It may not be corruption but it doesn't pass the smell good test.

    All in all, I think Lim Guan Eng will come out of this episode without any criminal case to answer, but with a damaged reputation.

    This especially among people who are not already committed DAP supporters - and DAP is heavily dependent on this group to hang on to its GE12 and GE13 gains.