Monday, March 14, 2016

NGOs distancing themselves from Maria Chin Abdullah

Late last year on 06 October I posted The woman who would be king ... maker? in which I lamented Maria Chin Abdullah taking the politically neutral BERSIH a la Star Trek to places where the NGO on fair & clean elections has never gone before.

In fact, in 2013 when she took over BERSIH she was reported as follows:

Maria agrees that Bersih's struggles are similar to that of Pakatan Rakyat, but said that it remains independent.

"We have invited Barsian Nasional to join us. Unfortunately, they see us as the enemy. We are giving them constructive feedback on how we can improve together. They do not accept it because it challenges their power base, so they resort to poor tactics. They defame you. They deny you media space. They brand you and they sue you. That is not the behaviour of a mature government.”

Is BERSIH today, under Maria Chin Abdullah, as independent as she had claimed 3 years ago? Malaysian mudah lupa?

And would anyone blame BN for refusing to support BERSIH

Regrettably Maria Chin Abdullah has become like Lim KS, my one-time hero and icon, frenetic frenzied frantic headless chooks running around without clear directions.

Both are running around desperately allying themselves with all and sundry to depose Najib including (a) the man who incarcerated LKS for 17 months in 1987 under Ops Lalang (admittedly Anwar Ibrahim as Education Minister started the issue which led to Ops Lalang), who he (LKS) had severely lambasted for making the 929 and 617 Declarations, who had previously condemned BERSIH, and (b) the MACC who is yet to answer for the strange death (or murder) of Teoh Beng Hock at MACC Headquarters, etc.

Like Lim KS, Maria Chin was said to have allegedly forgiven Mahathir for his wrongs during his PM days. I wonder whether Maria Chin remembers the Sabah elections 1994 (admittedly Anwar Ibrahim was BN director of elections there) and that infamous Ops IC in Sabah (when the Royal Commission showed one Melayu mudah lupa).

Anyway, back to BERSIH - many NGOs endorsing BERSIH have distanced themselves from Maria Chin, saying she did it on her own and not on behalf of BERSIH and that BERSIH will not participate in any of Mahathir's Citizens' protests.

The term 'distanced themselves' means they don't want to be associated with Maria Chin's bizarre support of Mahathir.

Really, I can't blame them, Any neutral party could see easily that Mahathir has promoted the so-called Citizens' Declaration for his own (his sons') interests and not for reforms or democracy. I can understand Azmin Ali and PKR supporting Mahathir but why would Lim KS and Maria Chin?

As my visitor bruno would exclaim "Go figure". Wakakaka.

Headless chooks? Wakakaka again.

which way?

this way, no no, that way, no no never mind, any way lah!

dei Maria and Kit, stop stealing my limelights



  1. u understand azmin? or u misunderstood lks n dap all tis while? having said that, what lks n maria did is still much better than u n rpk, a najib xxx xxxxxx.

  2. lks kena siksa teruk dgn mahathir & it is his right & prerogative to become the latter's best friend for now, kenapa KT bising2, adakah KT juga kena siksa? hehehe!


    The true story is that, more than a week ago on March 4, Maria Chin already made it clear she signed the Citizen's Declaration in her own personal capacity.

    She also made clear her reasons for supporting the Citizens Declaration. It is NOT a case of Bersih NGOs now distancing themselves from her.

    It is still very suspicious why Ktemoc continues to aggressively attack Mahathir and Muhyiddin, taking sideds in the UMNO internal power struggle.

    There I$ $omething happening which Ktemoc I$ probably not telling u$.

    1. just as V Gayathry, former South-East Asian Press Alliance (Seapa) executive director. commented on th4 signing of Mahathir's Citizens' Declaration by people like Maria Chin just a week ago:

      I expect political parties to make negotiations and compromises, sometimes wrongly, but they do have a constituency and I do believe in the power of the elections - through which I can tell them what I think.

      Now, with the NGOs, it’s another story. Who are they accountable to? How can they be effective checks and balances if they sit at the same table - not to discuss implementation of reforms, but merely to offer legitimacy to what I think is an undemocratic group?

      You can’t be leaders of influential movements and claim to be individuals only in this political move.


      Indeed, who is Maria Chin Abdullah if she is not the leader of BERSIH?

    2. "You can’t be leaders of influential movements and claim to be individuals only in this political move"

      then y u single out lks n not the entire dap? y u publish santiagogo writes? apa itu dap stance?

    3. that's why LKS is behaving like a headless chook, unlike Charles Santiago and Gobind Deo who both did NOT sign because they refused to be allied to Mahathir for teh things he had done

    4. Maria Chin Abdullah is also ....Maria Chin Abdullah ..

      I differ from V Gaythry's views. Those are strictly her opinions. Don't try to impose them on the rest of us.

      Everybody in this world has a certain standing as their own person, even the most humble , lowly individual.
      They are not just a label, not just a person who holds a position.

      In fact, Maria Chin would not have been elected the Chairperson of Bersih if she did not have that level of personal standing. Similarly with her predecessor, Ambiga.

      There is an important point where a person may be holding public views which are incompatible or contrary to their status as a leader in the organisation. That could be damaging both to the person and the organisation.

      Maria Chin took pains to consult the Bersih committee to make sure she was not crossing any line of unacceptable behaviour or unacceptable views.

      She has a right to her personal opinions.

    5. i compare bersih vs dap vis a vis lks vs maria, where r u hello?

    6. everyone knew Ambiga way before she became head of BERSIH but Maria Chin ...?

      Once Anwar attempted to hijack BERSIH (which he and Azmin succeeded in BERSIH 3.0, with one of their kutus breaking the police erected barrier and resulting in civil chaos) but was told off by Ambiga. She correctly kept it non-partisan as it was meant to be.

      The way I see it, Maria became deputy to Ambiga and took over from the latter, effectively hijacking BERSIH and turned it from non-partisan to being anti-Najib. Mark my words, the reputation of BERSIH will suffer under her chairpersonship

    7. Gayathry is applying check-and-balance principle to NGOs? Isn't this check-and-balance thing meant to control only those entities that wield enormous power (i.e. 3 branches of government), based on the assumption that those entrusted with power cannot be trusted if left to their own devices? NGOs do not have coercive power, their role is only making noise,
      rabble-rousing. For her rhetorical question of 'who these NGOs are accountable to', it is as if NGOs are public officials drawing public salaries, wielding power over the people and
      managing public resources....... and oh, what about Perkasa, ISMA etc they are accountable to who?

  4. Why is Ktemoc running around desperately like a headless chook , attacking anybody, everybody , every organisation , all and sundry who criticises Najib ?

    Go figure...

    1. Since 2005 I have been blogging my views but not specifically against those who criticize Najib, but if it's a person who criticizes Najib, well, it's just a coincidence, wakakaka


    Malaysian Insider shuts down for good tonight.

    More than ever, Malaysia needs independent and transparent news reporting, but sadly , this is the end of the road for one such.

    More and more, we are being left with Najib-inspired spin, like Ktemoc's blog.....

    1. we still have the star, utusan, nst, msia today, harakah, helen ang wakaka.

    2. TV 1, TV 2, TV 3, TV ALHIJRAH, Radio IKIM and many more lah... wakakaka