Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Kernels of truth about Mahathir

A quote from TMI's
Why should anyone trust Mahathir!

“Personally, I would not link up with Dr Mahathir,” said political scientist Dr James Chin.

“For the simple reason is that the mess Malaysia is in now is caused by him. If we do not acknowledge the past, we will make the same mistakes.”

rom Malaysiakini's Save Malaysia - ‘Realpolitik’ cannot be devoid of principle

Proarte writes: I think Micawberism has taken hold of the opposition. They never seem to learn.

The unprincipled 'my enemy's enemy is my friend' approach which characterised Pakatan Rakyat's DAP, PAS and PKR coming together, ended up in tears with Pakatan Rakyat disintegrating because PAS wanted to introduce hudud in Malaysia.

Despite being unconstitutional and a clear contravention of DAP’s political philosophy, DAP and PAS managed to convince themselves to ‘agree to disagree’ on fundamental principles. Naturally this resulted in an unstable Pakatan coalition which self-destructed after so many wasted years.

Collaborating with Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a man who was responsible in large part for the mess we are in may be 'realpolitik' but it cannot be devoid of principle.

A new paradigm which is based on equality of each citizen and affirmative action based on need and not race must be agreed by Mahathir before any meaningful collaboration can take place. This has to be the opposition’s non-negotiable position.


  1. Many "defenders of principle" are coming out of the woodwork over this declaration.
    Some I can respect, because the have been speaking up for what is wrong , without fear or favour. James Chin is one of those.

    Some I have no respect, like Ktemoc and Proarte. They come out so loudly against this declaration , but have been Deaf , Blind and Mute on the wrongs that have been perpetrated by the Najib Administration.

    See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Say No Evil.

    PODAH to Proarte and Ktemoc.

  2. my enemy's enemy is also my enemy or my friend's enemy is my friend, e.g. paman sam, malaysia & china.

  3. Mahathir did some good things for the country.He also did some bad things for the country.People do not remember the good things he did for the country,but people always remember the bad things he did for the country.

    The good things Mahathir did for the country were Ist world infrastructure with leaders of third world mentality.

    The bad things he did for the country was punishing Anwar for his sins five years late.

  4. Very soon,the triplets of Umno gone bad,are going to get the sack.And Najib's face will be blushing red,like he just had his first ejaculation.

    Like it or not,Najib is here to stay and going nowhere.And what can Mahathir and his gang of impotent opposition leaders do?Shiok sendiri?

    1. many r taking the risk going against an authoritarian regime, wat to shiok?

  5. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/333151

    Apparently, DAESH planned to kidnap Jibby last year.

  6. A survey of what has been written on-line criticising the "Citizen's Declaration" is interesting.

    Like so much else in Malaysia, it is divided along racial/religious lines.

    Ktemoc's furious posts attacking it is quite typical of the "principles" line , mostly Non-Malays who have been heavily against Mahathir for ages, some much more unfavourable towards Mahathir than they are towards Najib.

    Malays who criticise the group are mostly those who feel betrayed by Mahathir for cozying up to DAP, their perpetual enemy. How could Mahathir stand together with "chauvinist" DAP ? Traitor ! Senile !

    1. against mahathir n love najib is 2 diff thing, the former is understandable, the latter is hmmm

  7. This joint declaration to demand Najib to step down is just a distraction from the losers.To distract their supporters from their failed attempt to oust Najib.

    If this simple thing on a piece of paper demanding this and that can work,why go through all the troubles of the past years of screaming and wailing,buying and doctoring stolen documents,and going all over the world making police reports?

  8. No matter what,Dr Mahathir will always be the man.All Najib's enemies,whether they are from outcast from Umno or the Pakatan will flock to him.Like horny Johns attracted to whores.

    And the horny Johns excuses are,"the enemy of my enemy is my friend".It is better these horny Johns not waste their energy and money.Just jump into the nearest bushes and go shiok sendiri,or better go fuck your ownselves.

    1. It seems they would rather have Mahatiu f*CK them.....again, this time willingly, than to jump in the bush to shiok sendiri

  9. Has anyone considered the Declaration from the point of view of Non-Partisan Politics ?

    Then there is no need to forgive or forget Mahathir's past, no need to insist on Mahathir atone for his past sins before we can start to hold Najib accountable for the sins of the present. Its not a sequential process.

    I've seen plenty wrong in the past, so I can easily recognise a crooked job when I see one. 1MDB , SRC and Donations have "Fraud" written all over it.

    Is it proven ? No, at least not yet.

    But it is a practical impossibility in Malaysia for a thorough and impartial investigation into possible fraud and corruption by a PM still in office, nor an unbiased prosecution nor an impartial Trial.

    Yes, you can partly blame Mahathir for that.
    But even in UK or Australia, which have much stronger institutions, no one will believe the authorities can honestly investigate and take action against their Big Boss, as long as he remains The Big Boss.

    Don't expect an AG to prosecute his boss, who can fire him and create all kinds of trouble against him within an instant.

    So, Najib has to stand down, or stand aside, go on long leave etc. in order for a proper investigation, indictment and trial to be conducted.

    As long as Najib clings to power, he is a crook.

  10. PM Najib will keep his job. The situation as it is now is neutral. TDM had done 'bad' things but for the nation and so is PM Najib. One day, the Malays will understand why. The non Malays know but they do not want to understand. For TDM he has got other considerations.

    1. aduh bro, understand each n every word u wrote but really still dun know what u talking abt. just in case i read u correctly, may i know how this understanding help the malay? tunku was smart enough to ensure the malay rule, his successor shd spend their time n energy on governance, but almost each n everyone just care abt themselves, no?

    2. Many of the Malays 'understand' what u meant:

      "when the fellows enter our houses and sleep with our wives and daughters or sons, we will excuse their trespass because they are of the same race and religion."

      & here's the gem:

      "What kind of race is that and what kind of religion is that?"

      This is the quote from Dato Sakmongkol AK47.

    3. HY.. as Shahruddin Maaruf said.. Tunku "merely continued the development philosophy of the former colonial powers and shared its biases and prejudices...he overlooked the suffering of the masses under centuries of colonial capitalism". Say what you want, but his successor(s) had/have brought development and wealth to the Malay world, so to speak.

      CK.. whatever lah you and Arif think! Celebrity writers and commentators. No?

    4. You are talking to the walls,
      For they are never appreciative but forever want more,
      Their minds are sanitised,
      Their souls are BTNised,
      This World owes them a living,
      Their race will never be disappearing,
      In this spectrum of KT,
      Hasan, TM and unknown are their kings.

    5. Peter.. please.. you are very wrong. For the last two elections I have voted opposition. I have told HY about that. Me and HY have been cyber friends for a long time.

      But for this coming GE14 me and my whatsapp group members - ALL are going to vote for PM Najib. We are going to work for BN Victory. Sorry to say that we don't like the way LGE treated Hadi/PAS and we don't like Mat Sabu/PAN.

      For PKR and HY... we can still live with it for as long as AI is not around. But we are all out for PM Najib until the court has proven him guilty as charged, if any though? If that comes, we are prepared to do a u-turn.

      It has got nothing to do with mind sanitisation, BTN-nization, race or kings or Hadi/PAS. We do not support Shia, IS or DAESH whatsover either! But we will defend Hadi/PAS and of course Hudud.

    6. hasan, u know i am all for nep or any kind of affirmative action. but what we r having now is just another form of capitalism. n is that not the cause of infighting among umno n malay? i cant tell if pr is the solution, i prefer to have a choice.

      najib win mean pas or in some case, pkr loss. if next ge amanah dun join the battle in seri serdang, i rather go shopping at mines on the voting days.

    7. Celebrity writer?

      U have one glaring at u from Manchester, with his big bruised ego!

      Celebrity builts on ego & now rebirth ketuanan freak, disguised as Malay nationalist.

      Said whatsoever u want, bigot is bigot IS BIGOT.

  11. Yesterday morning I had Roti Canai together with some veterans of the late 1990's "Reformasi" street protests. They have grey hair now, but they can still smell the tear gas and feel the burning chemical-laced water.

    At the height of the protests, Mahathir had ordered the police to "teach the protesters a lesson." Tear gas canisters were fired straight into the faces of protestors, just like the Israeli forces during intifada. Some protestors had burning chemical water poured into their eyes when they were caught, causing permanent eye damage and blindness in a few cases.

    Nobody has ever had to face accountability for those inhuman acts. Someday, while they are still alive, these aging men hope for justice to be done. Waiting for divine justice at "Akhirat" is a long time from now.

    But they understand one thing - it is impossible to get the justice they demand while UMNO is still in power.

    And getting Najib removed from power and face justice for his crimes is a necessary step.

    How does that work out when it involves cooperating with Mahathir ?
    Working with Evil No. 1 in order to Remove Evil No. 2.