Tuesday, March 22, 2016

'Melayu First' sans adat?

Malaysiakini - Muhyiddin: I was offered Penang governor post (extract):

Seri Mutiara

kt used to catch fishes in the river that flows through the YDP residence
outside its grounds of course wakakaka
and at both ends too

Former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin revealed that he had been offered plum positions including the governor of Penang.

Of course he boasted he rejected that offer which had also included being the generously-paid chairperson of Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB).

But the best part was the following statement by Muhyiddin (also in same article) mulling over his offered Yang Dipertua Negeri-ship in Penang:

“I had even imagined (Penang Chief Minister Lim) Guan Eng in front of me, kneeling and sembah* (prostrating) to me."

* Incidentally, the reporter, sweetie Alyaa Azhar's 'sembah' is translated by MKINI (might not necessarily be her) as 'prostrating', which the dictionary defines as 'to cast (oneself) face down on the ground in humility, submission, or adoration'.

That action seems to miss out the the folded hands a la the Thai 'wai' raised to the forehead in a respectful mark of obeisance.

OK, back to topic.

Moody imaging LGE '... kneeling and sembah-ing him'?

And did he also imagine himself dressed in ceremonial yellow?

Omigosh, had he become Penang's Yang Dipertua Negeri, it's staggering, flabbergasting and preposterous to think he would have expected his audience to kneel and sembah him.

Who the f**k does he think he would be as the YDN of a state?

As a 'Malay First' he doesn't even know his adat Melayu.

Thank goodness we Penangites have been spared this bloke's nonsense. Podah!


  1. If Mr Moo was smart,he would be sitting on the PM's comfortable, million ringgit arm chair,in the PM's office in Putrajaya.But,the reason he is where he is,is because he was sacked and chased out with a broomstick,by Najib himself.Was Mr Moo sacked because he was smart?Go figure.

  2. We have to sit down,relax and ponder about what Mr Moo said.

    Do anyone remember that Mr Moo was sacked by Najib,his boss from the DPM post?And even if Mr Moo were offered the Governor's post,is he not ashamed to accept the post?From a DPM to an appointed post of Governor.

    Chairperson of PNB?The way he extorted the Chinaman's company when he was MB of Johore,investors will flee for the exits if he was put in charge of PNB.

  3. On the matter of the RM 2.8 Million Bungalow, Lim Guan Eng should go on leave. I agree with the Bar Council's Steven Thiru. It will allow Lim and DAP to take the moral high ground.
    At the same time shame Najib like nobody else has been able to, including Muhyiddin and Mahathir.

    If Lim has been a competent administrator for Penang, he should have a backup structure in place to allow the administration to continue smoothly while he is on leave.

    The RM 2.8 Million Bungalow is no idle allegation. Of course, bearing in mind the case must be investigated before jumping to conclusions. There was an actual sale, and the price may well have been unusually low.

    "Willing Seller, Willing Buyer" may be common commercial practice, but for a public elected official who has substantial influence, the bar is set much higher than that.

    Whether there was any elements of corruption involved is up to the investigators to ferret out.

  4. Aiyah...everybody has his wet dreams, which they may sometimes speak out aloud.

    As a unrepentant UMNO apparatchik, Muhyiddin's is apparently to have the DAP leader paying obeisance to him.

    Some PKR's may be to see Najib in prison garb going in to Hotel Sungai Buloh, just as DSAI is being freed.

    Ktemoc's equivalent is probably XXX-rated.....wakakakaa...

    1. A committed PKR supporter's dream....imagine being the prison guard who gets the onerous duty to haul the convicted Najib in handcuffs and chains into Sungai Buloh prison.

      With appropriate harshness and sternness, of course.
      Can't treat these Corrupt Convicts with kid gloves.

      Imagination is free....Wakakakaka....