Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cacing kena abu

Well, you have all heard of ABU as in our recent political campaign (the acronym for 'Anyone But UMNO' or in Malay 'Asal Bukan UMNO', a unique acronym with the same meaning in both the English and Malay languages).

There's a well-known Malay proverb 'cacing kena abu' which literally means 'worm in ashes' with the unmentioned but implied high temperature of the ashes, to wit 'hot ashes'.

Chuck an earth worm into hot ashes and you'll know what this proverb means when applied to a person as someone akin to a 'cacing kena abu'.

This proverbial 'abu' currently has a political context too.

PAS can be said to be like a 'cacing kena abu'. PKR is almost one.

Both parties realize, with PAS being the one affected more, that they'll lose more than a few of their current state seats (especially in Selangor, and for PKR, in Penang) without Chinese support. For more, see my last month's post titled Another Malaysian father-in-law story.

Looks like the Chinese will be blamed again - aiyah, apa lagi Cina mahu? Wakakaka.

PAS is a lost case vis-a-vis Chinese support. That is not to say it'll perish as a political party as it'll continue to have staunch supporters in the Heartland of Kelantan, and perhaps in Kedah. Perlis and Terengganu.

But I suspect it'll lose a significant number of its 15 seats in Selangor. Ikatan won't be able to help it much. I suspect UMNO may well be behind Ikatan's pairing up with PAS.

As for PKR, if the DAP were to go to open war with it (though unlikely in Peninsula because LKS still dreams of being in a coalition which can defeat BN, but a coalition which doesn't have the balls to define its shadow cabinet), PKR will come off worse vis-a-vis the Chinese voters, Tian Chua or not, wakakaka.

And those 4 treacherous PKR Chinese ADUN in Penang will likely disappear like Gerakan like MCA, wakakaka. Good riddance.


  1. It is a no brainer that Umno/BN will reign tall this coming GE.Penang will still be under DAP.But the main question is will the Selangor gomen still be under the PKR?

    The opposition this coming GE will be losing many seats back to the Umno/BN.But the bulk of the losing seats will be from the PKR,PAS and some from the DAP.

    No matter how much we want the Umno/BN to be kick out,it is not going to happen,at least not in the next two or three GE's.The opposition fucked up big time in GE13,and that was the best chance they had in their miserable political lives.But instead,they preferred to fight among themselves over allocation of seats.Now those fuckups have to live with it,and so do we.

  2. it is ok if pas is like cacing kena abu as it will wriggle with pleasure...

  3. it is dap yang macam cacing kena abu after getting rid of pas. it even appointed a former army pilot as an information officer. in selangor there are more than 57% malays. it is dap who needs the malay and indian votes! more than two millions have migrated.. just wondering who are they? most have aussied of course..

    1. in sheer numbers that may be so, but thanks to Mahathir who liked constituencies where Chinese could play king-makers (eg. 60 to 40 or 65 to 35% Malay-Chinese ratio), wakakaka (because in the old days, the Chinese voted mainly for BN) DAP and Amanah can win big, wakakaka gain