Thursday, May 21, 2015

Vicious Cycle for Najib

Malaysiakini - 11MP marginalises Pakatan states

Opposition figures claim states held by Pakatan Rakyat have been left out of the 11th Malaysia Plan while BN-strongholds are the focus of development projects.

For instance, none of the six new hospitals announced were located in the states of Kelantan, Selangor and Penang, said Bayan Baru MP Sim Tze Tzin.

"The 11th Malaysia Plan should be a national economic blueprint, not a BN-stronghold blueprint," he told reporters athe Parliament lobby today.

Similarly, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said his state was literally abandoned in 11MP.

"It's imbalanced. Penang has no allocation whatsoever... I also feel that the plan is not very dynamic, lacks innovation," he said.

Lim said that to be dynamic and innovative, the plan must do away with the traditional method of crony capitalism.

Similarly, Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang said the decision to exclude Penang as one of the "growth catalyst cities" had "defied logic".

"I also want to finish off DAP in Penang... But pls do it properly. Excluding Penang as growth catalyst cities under 11MP is going to backfire!" wrote Tan, who originates from Penang, on Twitter.

Either Najib has succumbed to Dr Mahathir's regular complaint that Ah Jib Gor had been foolish pampering to the Chinese when they don't support him, or Najib has finally grown fed up with the lack of support from Penangites.

he did it
he told em to

My statement above may be a bit misleading because I could have unwittingly misrepresented Penangites as Chinese or mainly Chinese when that's no longer true today, because Penang's demographics have changed significantly over the last 2 and half decades. The statistics in 2010 showed Malays comprising 43.6% of Penang's population, comparable to the Chinese at 45.6%.

Often I have blogged that the rancorous ruthless retaliatory mentality of BN-UMNO, the (federal) ruling party, towards constituencies held by the federal opposition has been plain silly and short sighted in its vindictive punishment of those constituencies, because a sizeable portion of the voters there have actually been BN-UMNO supporters. In its childish politically immature anger UMNO has been punishing its own supporters!

Let's take an extreme example where BN supporters are fewest, as in Seputeh, a federal constituency in WP KL held by sweetie sassy Teresa Kok. In the 2013 GE, registered voters numbered nearly 86,000 of which Nicole Wong Siaw Ting (BN–MCA) picked up 15%, almost 10,000 votes.

aiyoh, how can we not vote for her

If the BN punishes the voters of Seputeh for allowing sweetie sassy Teresa to win elections after elections with the biggest majority in the entire country, it must realize it is also punishing 10,000 BN supporters.

And it can be assured that sweetie sassy Teresa will continue to win because of those punishments. Malaysian voters, especially those of today, aren't easily intimidated and can be quite stubborn or if you like, resilient against such budak kecil deprivation. And it wouldn't surprise me if some of those 10,000 BN supporters may eventually be fed up of becoming 'collateral damage' and be 'driven' into voting for the DAP.

By now 'punishing' Penangites in his 11MP, Najib is effectively also punishing 230,000 BN supporters (31.54%) out of the total 727,000 who voted in the 2013 GE.

And that has been why the Gerakan man has screamed out, wakakaka. Meanwhile, MCA has been stuck dumb like a mute stung by a tebuan, realizing they'll have a far more torrid time with voters for the next general elections, wakakaka again.

Ah Jib Gor, life's not only a bitch for you but politically a vicious cycle vis-a-vis Chinese support - kerajaan don't support them, they don't support you, you don't support them, so they don't support you, so on so forth.

Well done, dumbo!


  1. Is there any proposals submitted by PR or DAP, or perhaps by LGE himself? Personally, I did submit a few pages of my thoughts on 11 MP to the FG.

    1. in Westminster parliamentary procedure there would be a reply to the government's budget by the opposition leader. I'm not sure whether this will be forthcoming in our parliament.

      anyway, Ong Kian Ming (DAP) did pen his budgetary 6-points wish list in

    2. I did mine on-line. There are eight categories. But I just focus on education, rural development, health, transport and Wawasan 2020.

  2. Most Malaysians are just simple folks (myself included). We need/ want simple political platforms. "Vote BN for Development" is clear and straight to the point.

    Sabah and Sarawak natives, even those in remote villages and longhouses, understand it.
    Penang people may be a bit dimmer, so they still don't get "it" , especially in GE12 and GE13. So it is necessary for Najib to reinforce the message to Penang folks, utilising the RMK11 plans.

    Another effective Najib platform is "You help me, I help You". Simple and straight to the point.

    Penang people should know what to do. If they still don't, further communication and reinforcement may be necessary.

    **** Grin ******

  3. "Biting the hand that feeds you"
    "Trying to have your cake and eat it"

    These are all negative as well as accurate descriptions of the Chinese community's hypocritical stance towards BN, especially Najib.

    Raja Nong Chik, is a former Federal Territories Minister and BN candidate for Lembah Pantai during the 2013 General Elections.
    He had made a strong campaign to be elected to the Dewan Rakyat, as his existing position was then via a Senate appointment.

    He recounts how the Chinese community often came to seek assistance on a variety of issues, especially relating to Chinese schools. He was always approachable and helpful on such matters, including facilitating his influence on matters outside the purview of his Ministry. Nobody who knows Raja Nong Chik can ever accuse him of being a racist.

    He received a shock on polling day GE13, where he was up against Nurul Izzah. Anwar Ibrahim's daughter.
    The Malay vote in his constituency was split down the middle, with a slight majority in his favour, which was foreseen.

    What was not foreseen was that in heavily Chinese polling areas, the number of votes he received was sometimes down to single digits. An estimated 95-98% of Chinese in the Bangsar side of Lembah Pantai voted for the PKR candidate.

    That is how 2 BN full Ministers lost in Lembah Pantai over two successive General Elections.

    What have I done to deserve this from the Chinese ? , he wondered ...

    The Chinese community can hardly expect to get treated well by BN if this is how they vote.

  4. Who the fuck is lim kok wing? Hehehehe........


    Fuck Kaytee la as it is all kaytee's fault