Saturday, May 16, 2015

Malaysians who care for Rohingya

Some Malaysians (not bloody politicians) have decided to take humanitarian actions into their own hands on the plight of the Rohingya.

One of them is 22-year old law student Tan Zhong Yan who, the Malay Mail online reported,started his petition on on Thursday after reading news that Malaysia and Indonesia were turning boatful of refugees away.

Tan has been the good bloke who was so pissed with the authorities' and opposition's inaction that he was moved to write the article entitled “Refugees are human beings!“, also published by the Malay Mail Online.

Tan lamented to the Malay Mail Online yesterday: “But I felt that is not enough. I should do more. That’s how I started the online petition yesterday (Thursday) hoping to raise awareness and put some pressure on the governments and Asean, if that is going to work.

“I really don’t know if it will work and change anything but at least by doing that I can tell myself that I have tried my best.”

Tan’s petition is addressed to Putrajaya, Asean secretary-general Le Luong Minh and all Asean member states.

Another 2 conscionable and humanitarian Malaysians are Debbie YM Loh and Philip Teh who posted another petition on

Malay Mail Online reported that their petition entitled “Rescue the Rohingyans” lists four key demands, including a call on the administration to provide the migrants with “shelter, adequate medical care, clothing, food and water”.

Debbie Loh and Philip Teh said in the petition: “We implore the Malaysian government to declare its commitment to the rescue and care of future refugees and vulnerable migrants who will enter Malaysia’s maritime borders by reforming local laws and strengthening foreign diplomacy for their sakes.”

Good on you, mateys. You've admirably shown that some Malaysians do care.


  1. I refused to sign the petition and scolded an acquaintance who tried to convince me to sign.
    Lets get some facts right.
    These are thousands of economic migrants who have paid criminal human trafficking syndicates to transport them to Malaysia. They don't want to go to Thailand or Indonesia.
    Why Malaysia ? We have a reputation for being Soft on Illegal Immigrants. There are millions of migrant workers in Malaysia, legal and illegal, to the extent these are now indistinguishable. Once they manage to submerge themselves in the existing Burmese migrant worker population here (legal and illegal) they are virtually untraceable.
    The serial murders in Penang a few months ago involving Burmese illegals were just a small peek into the problem. The victims were unidentifiable (illegal) . The killer was unidentifiable (illegal). "Somebody" was arrested and charged by police for the serial murders. To this date nobody can be really sure about the case.

    There may be a very small number of genuine refugees among them (as defined by the UN Refugee Convention. The rest have to go home to where they came from.

    Malaysia absolutely cannot be aiding, abetting and letting the human trafficking trade profit.

    1. I got a solution. Sent them to Kaytee's house in Australia. Hahahahaha!