Thursday, May 14, 2015

Romanticisation of scoundrels

FMT - Man sentenced to 199 years in prison for child pornography

MEXICO CITY: An American who took pornographic photos of a girl with her mother’s consent, was sentenced to 199 years in prison, authorities in Mexico said Wednesday.

The man had been arrested in Manzanillo, in the western state of Colima for “taking images of a minor girl which he then sent to other countries on the Internet,” the prosecutor’s office said. It did not name the man, or provide the girl’s age.

In addition to his prison term, he was fined the equivalent of $96,000.

The mother was convicted as well for allowing the images to be taken of a minor since the girl was under the age of 18.

Mexico’s special prosecutor’s office for crimes against women and people trafficking, in the past five years has documented more than 4,000 pages of made-in-Mexico child pornography.

Malaysia doesn't have such a law to punish child pornography, so the police tells us.

Not only that, statutory rapes in some 'bright future' cases aren't statutory rapes but consensual sex. Read Malaysiakini's Unicef disturbed by Sibu child rape acquittal and my post 2nd chance as "boys will be boys".

In very-boleh Malaysia lil' 13-year old girls must have been considered so mature and intelligent that they could be relied upon to make very mature and considered decisions to have sex with an adult.

And perhaps that's the precise reason why a Year One lil' girl, admittedly not yet 13 year old (but why quibble over such triviality when it's obvious it's her bloody fault, ain't it), was treated like a common thief by her amazing teacher, just because she allegedly took her classmate eraser.

See The Star Online's Year One girl treated like a common thief which reported:

Does she deserve it?: The girl showing her bruised wrists (also closeup) after a teacher allegedly tied up her hands over a small matter at school.
Does she deserve it?: The girl showing her bruised wrists (also closeup) after a teacher allegedly tied up her hands over a small matter at school.
GEORGE TOWN: A Year One pupil has claimed a teacher tied up her hands for allegedly taking an eraser belonging to a classmate at a school in Sungai Nibong here.

Furious at seeing the reddish marks on the girl’s wrists, her mother, known only as Chan, decided to lodge a police report over the matter.

Chan, 25, said her daughter was not even allowed to untie herself when she wanted to go to the toilet at the primary school.

“I noticed the injury when I went to pick her up at 6.40pm on Monday. She managed to free herself before school ended.

“Is the offence so serious that my daughter had to be tied up? Most children are mischievous but that does not mean they had to be punished in such a way,” she said when met outside the school yesterday.

Well, the lil' sweetie sure as hell didn't enjoy a 2nd chance unlike (statutory) rapist Noor Afizal Azizan or, if the public had not protested against the outrageous suggestion by one MARA councillor, convicted child pornography collector Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin.

For more of these two sleazy slimy slugs, see my post 2nd chance as "boys will be boys".

As for the so-called f* maths wonder, read Malaysiakini's article by Rom Naim titled Genius Boy Scholar? Rom scoffed at the nonsense of this so-called genius when he wrote:

Among the unfortunate aspects of media coverage of the convicted felon, Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin, have been the careless, even erroneous, descriptions of this child pornographer and possible paedophile.

The word ‘scholar’ in most discussions would invariably denote someone wise, an intellectual, an academic, a sage even.

Certainly, it would connote someone respectable and deserving of our respect.

How Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin could be described as a ‘scholar’ - as he continues to be described in a number of news reports - beggars belief.

He was a third year university undergraduate when he was arrested, for heaven’s sake, so let’s please not elevate his status.

He has also been described as a ‘genius’, which, again, when you look at his actual achievements, is quite far off the mark.

Apparently he is quite good in maths and took part in this international math competition, but ended up very low down the table, with quite non-genius scores.

That’s about it. Nothing remarkable, nothing indicating a genius.

Then there’s yet another annoying description of this man that is way off the mark and seems to imply that he was just being naughty by making, downloading, and possibly distributing all that child porn.

And that is that he is a ‘boy’. A boy? He’s a 23 year-old man, for crying out loud. He’s eligible to vote, he could have a driving licence.

Indeed, he could legally go into any cinema in England and watch an X-rated movie. Which he probably did more than once.

The romanticisation of this person must stop. He’s a felon, convicted for the heinous acts of making, collecting and, I’m sure, distributing child pornography.

And, thus far, there have been no reports of him indicating his remorse for what he has done. Neither has there been any sign of regret - either from him or his sponsors.

Indeed, as if to illustrate their ignorance of what his crime really is, members of the institution/organisation sponsoring him, Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara), almost immediately came to his defence.

One - now infamous - Mara council member likened Nur Fitri to “a kid who played truant.”

“Played truant”? “A kid’’? This sounds exactly like the pathetic, idiotic whining of someone who evidently had not done his research.

He's f* lucky the Brits gave him only 5 years for his shameful crime when he deserves the 199 years that Mexican authorities gave to his fellow sleaze.

The term 'romanticisation of scoundrels' should also apply to the outrageous pronouncement of attributing a 'bright future' to (statutory) rapist Noor Afizal Azizan to ameliorate his very serious criminal act.



    According to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib, the incidents of sexual offences against children are the product of Liberalisation.

    He's lumped the issue together with Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transexuals (LGBTs)

    BTW, I'm a sort of "Liberal".
    I think LGBT relationships between consenting adults are no business of the state.
    I don't encourage it, I don't support those who promote it, but there should be no criminality attached to it.

    What does the public think ?
    Am I inadvertently or unknowingly promoting or being "soft" on child pornography or other sexual offences against children and minors ?

    1. I'm with you on your views. I think Najib was attempting to have his cake and eat it as well, reaching out to the Heartland Muslims while at the same time condemning the child pornographic colector for the values of the urbanites

    2. I have been waiting for Mr ES ( elegant silence) to open his mouth for quite some time now....but after persistently mum while all sorts of controversies rage about the country, he has to come out with this.... liberalization threat to muslims ! He must be chuckling now how the mak cik and pak cik must be eating out of his hands, totally convinced by his liberal = perversion/psychological problem, Western ( liberal ) = bad, non Western ( like Malay-sia) = good. This country have deep-seated problems...not least is the decades of indoctrination and propaganda started off by the duo dr M & son (anwar ) team, although the "son" is now in jail.

  2. KT… I can read that you are grinding your axe on Nor Afizal Azizan. Why’re you so geram on him one? Wakakaka…

    The crux of your write is that you want Afizal to be ostracised from the society whilst rehabilitating him into a responsible citizen. I think you clearly haven’t understood the case and real cause of the crime? Perhaps, you should read slowly and carefully and understand the case before you hentam Afizal and the courts.

    The salient points are the girl was 13 years and 4 months and Afizal was 19 years when he committed that secret offence on 05/07/2010. They had consensual sex at a hotel. The girl wanted it and did not complain to anybody after doing it. Did Afizal score a virgin goal?

    Later, it was the girl’s father who found out after reading her diary, that she had had sex with Afizal, and lodged a police report, and Afizal surrendered himself to the police immediately, and pleaded guilty to the charge.

    BTW, imo, the victim’s father before making that police report should have thought and considered that prevention of pre-marital under age sex begins at home. Parents should impose discipline and religious virtues to ensure their teenagers are not thrown into such an offence.

    Okay, granted, it was indeed an offence of statutory rape chargeable under Section 376 of the Penal Code, and it was indeed under this Section that Afizal was charged in which the punishment is custodial sentence which may extend up to 20 years and also sebat(s).

    Now, 228 months and 160 months, is only a difference of 68 months. Both are first time young offenders. Please tell me, how mature and wise are you my dearie KT when you are 228 months old?

    If you were presiding the case what would you do to a young boy who had regretted his wrongful deed, had pleaded guilty and asked for court’s forgiveness and mercy?

    Sentencing/punishing is not an easy job. Bukan boleh buat dengan sesuka hati punya kerja! What will be the main basis and guidance?

    There are many cases against sending first time young felons to the prison. To quote a few, perhaps you can read PP v Mohamed Nor & Ors (1985); Winston Rajah @ Ben v PP (1998); Teoh Ah Kow v PP (1961), and there are many more.

    However, there is a 60 year old case, which has been used as a guiding stare decisis. In Tukiran Bin Taib v PP (1955), it was held that: “it is desirable that young offenders….between ages of 17 and 21, who are also first offenders should be kept out of prison, if possible”. Perhaps, we should review this 60 year old case and classified it as bad precedent, eh KT?

    Based on the above, I can accept the court’s discretion/decision in sentencing Afizal under Section 294 of the CPC. Section 294 does not “ameliorate” Afizal of the offence that shall remain as Afizal’s criminal record for the rest of his life. And what about the great embarrassment and all the look-downs/shoot-downs suffered by Afizal and the girl and their families? Isn’t that not a punishment too?

    Moreover, the sentence - RM25,000.00 bond for good behaviour for a period of 5 years - is indeed a suspended sentence. This principle was clearly stated in Jayanthan v PP (1973):- ”…if the offender behaves himself during such period, he would escape punishment for his offence. If he fails to observe the conditions of his bond, he would be liable to be apprehended and dealt with for his original offence”.

    Seriously KT… do you think the decision of the court on Afizal is actively undermining his rehabilitation into a responsible citizen?

    1. Hahahahahaha!

      Okay, cibai kaytee go and accuse all catholics. Hahahaha

    2. A significant number of Catholic priest throughout the world and also Methodist preachers like lil' boys and lil' girls. We should castrate them including cibai looes like eunuchs of olden days

    3. what a esoteric perspective wakaka

      girl you'll be a woman soooooooooooooooon

  3. I am disappointed with you too in your referring to the statutory rape as "consensual sex". 13-year kids can't agree to sex, full stop.

    Secondly I was disappointed in the judges using the term "bright future" in Noor Afizal's case.

    Thirdly why was Chua Guan Jui (initially enjoying the benefits of stare decisis from Noor Afizal's case by being bound over) was jailed for 5 years after the prosecution appealed (but who did not in Noor Afzal's case). Chua at 22 was around the young age of Noor, so why that double standards. Wasn't the term "bright future" of Noor a sad romanticisation to mitigate against his act of rape?

    1. 21 is not a teenage. And the girl was only 12. The fact of the case is different.

    2. 22 and 19 are not much of a difference in age, nor would 13 and 12. Yet you disappoint me by saying one couple had consensual sex whilst the other was about statutory rape.

      MInd, I am not defending Chuah who I am glad had been jailed, but I;'m appalled that Noor Afizal got away with what was the same crime against a minor as Chuah's case, and sadly my dear sdr hasan you defended Noor

  4. Meanwhile in Kuching....."The teenage girl, whom Bunya Jalong was acquitted of raping, has grown withdrawn following the ruling by the Court of Appeal. The girl, now believed to be 18 or 19 years old, has not spoken publicly about the court decision.

    "I can sense that she has built a wall around herself," Sarawak’s Welfare, Women and Family Development Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah told reporters.

    Asked what the family had told her, Fatimah said: "They expressed anger, dissatisfaction. They don’t understand why this man was acquitted when the evidence showed that the child has his DNA.

    "Consent is immaterial. She was a minor (at the time), incapable of making informed decisions."

    The girl and her family are in the state capital this week to seek help from the authorities, having met, besides Fatimah, the Sarawak Women and Family Council.

    Bunya was accused of raping the girl in May, June, July and August 2011 at a hotel in Sibu. The girl gave birth at the Sibu Hospital on Feb 5, 2012, with a DNA test confirming Bunya to be the baby boy’s biological father.

    Last week, the Court of Appeal, which sat in Kuching, unanimously acquitted and discharged Bunya, reasoning that it was unsafe to convict him of the charges. "

    Hahaha....unsafe to convict him ? Our Mr ES ( elegant silence ) should ask his own court people how much more "LIBERAL" they are than those from the West ! Would not such liberal court decision really a threat to Muslim young girls ?

    Why is Mr ES only opened his big mouth, after keeping perfectly mum when his umno thugs go round bringing down Christian cross, his minister ( Kotak Ikan Mael ) not charged for sedition for spewinhg seditious crap against the Chinese, Mr ES opened his mouth to claim that liberalization is a threat to Muslims ? Is not divorce Malay style lagi liberal.....just one SMS via handphone sudah kesan.....with such 'liberalness' one need not wonder why the divorce rate among the Malays here are one of the highest in the world. What about the buang bayi this not a threat to the West.....if the West are exposed to this sort of 'liberalization', would this not threaten the lives of new born babies in the West ? If the West is exposed to the kind of court decisions where rapists are allowed a free pass because of 'bright future' or 'unsafe' to charge, then would not the West be threatened with such 'liberalization' ?

  5. Every young person has potentially "a bright future".

    A crime is still a crime, regardless of the age of the perpetrator, as long as they are old enough to be held responsible for it.
    As a general principle, I support the need to temper legal penalty with mercy when it comes to crimes committed by juveniles and young adults. That is why we have juvenile courts to try under-aged accused. In many cases the appropriate penalty is a form of rehabilitation and re-education instead of imprisonment.

    A young adult should be tried as and adult, however, if found guilty, their youth should be taken into account in sentencing. It does not do society any good to destroy the person's potential by turning them into hard-core jail-birds.
    Whether the person regrets the crime and can be rehabilitated should be considered.

    The crimes under discussion here - child pornography as well as sexual offences against children is a very nasty one. If this were committed by an older adult, I would say - no mercy, a long incarceration is warranted.
    However, for a young person, I'm not sure that is automatically the answer.