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2nd chance as "boys will be boys"

Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin

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Majlis Amanah Raya (Mara) councillor commented [in his personal capacity] on convicted child pornography collector Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin: "I feel he has to be given a second chance for his future. Everyone makes mistakes." 

Noor Afizal Azizan with a big ball

In an earlier incident in 2012, a maggot by the name of Noor Afizal Azizan was given a '2nd chance' because he only had consensual sex with a 13-year old - yes, 'consensual sex' with a 13-year old in the words of the judge.

It plainly showed the pathetic pariah-ish poverty of our legal system where the term 'consensual sex' was allowed to be employed in a case of statutory rape, in which a female minor, only 13 years of age, was well below the age required to legally consent to the act.

In fact, in statutory rape cases, unlike those of forcible rape cases involving adults, there is no requirement to prove force or threat had preceded or was involved in the rape. The laws automatically presume coercion, because a minor or an adult who doesn't have normal/mature mental capacity is legally incapable of giving consent to the act.

Additionally, we were told that Noor (perhaps like our Imperial College maths genius Nur) was assessed as having a 'bright future'. So 2nd chance for him eh?

The Malaysian Insider (TMI) reported in its news article Rapists freed by courts match medical definition of paedophiles that the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases (ICD) categorizes paedophilia as ‘a sexual preference for children boys or girls or both usually of pre-pubertal or early pubertal age’, ...

... while the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) used by mental health professionals globally states 'paedophilia is the sexual attraction to pubescent or pre-pubescents aged 13 or younger and the subject must be 16 or older with the child at least five years younger'.

TMI states the slimy maggot Noor fitted the medical profiles of paedophiles and that international research of paedophilia as a sexual disorder suggests that paedophiles start offending at a young age.

Let's return briefly to Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin the maths genius, where The Star Online reported the following:

UM law lecturer Azmi Sharom questioned why Mara was “bending over backwards” to help Nur Fitri.

“Paedophilia is a very serious crime and a person should therefore serve his punishment. As for his future, it is really his responsibility. I do not understand why Mara is bending over backwards to help someone, especially someone who has committed a crime this heinous,” he said, questioning the value systems of Malaysian education institutions.

Activist Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin was appalled by Mara’s move.

“In spite of the conviction, Mara has described Nur Fitri as an ‘exemplary student’.

“Clearly, the people running Mara have a warped sense of values,” she said, adding that education was not just about excellent academic results, but also building character and instilling good moral values in students.

She pointed out that
Nur Fitri was not just found with over 30,000 hardcore porn involving children, but also had a life-sized mannequin of a boy.

“He is obviously a pervert and for Mara to make excuses for his actions is totally repugnant,”
she said, adding that it was obvious Nur Fitri had a serious problem and needed treatment, not a place to continue his studies.

So Noor Afizal and Nur Fitri share the same taste for baby chooks?

Back to that bowling wonder who has a 'bright future' - needless to say, many of us were totally gob-smacked by the judge's explanation in Noor Afizal's case in which he (the judge) had dared, in a case of statutory rape, to offer the excuse that Noor Afizal did not use force and that it was consensual sex.

Were these new laws no one other than the judge was aware of?

I wonder whether Noor is still representing the states or even the nation with his bowling ball with which he managed to brilliantly strike down all the judges?

Around the same time as Noor's 'consensual sex' with a 13-year old lil' girl, another maggot by the name of Chuah Guan Jui was also bonking an underage lil' girl.

Initially, because Noor's '2nd chance' became a new astonishing stare decisis (legal precedent), Chuah was also given a '2nd chance' but subsequently had this withdrawn.

Thank goodness for commonsense and common law, Chuah was subsequently jailed for 5.5 years after public outcry over the moronic court ruling and consequently an appeal by the prosecutor. The f* maggot deserved it.

But what about the bloke with the 'bright future'? Surely what's good for the goose (Chuah Guan Jiu) should be good for the gander (Noor Afizal). Why was Chuah jailed but not Noor?

F* stare decisis in both cases, to wit, (i) Noor being probably the first person in Malaysia to avoid statutory rape punishment for bonking a 13-year old lil's girl, and (ii) Chuah's case was not governed by the legal precedent provided in Noor's '2nd chance'.

Malaysia Boleh!

Okay, let us review another sad case where the offender wasn't given any '2nd chance' nor was he deemed to have a 'bright future'.

In my post Malaysian Laws like Spider Webs? I pointed out that Zulhaidi Hamzah, an unemployed Malay man in Johor was jailed for FIVE YEARS for stealing less than a dozen cans of beer. He was charged under Section 380 of the Penal Code for theft, which carries a maximum 10 years’ jail or fine upon conviction.

For stealing 11 cans of beer, he was sentenced to 50% of the max jail term, that was, 5 years.

Those two arseholes, Noor Afizal and Chuah Guan Jiu were charged under Section 376(1) of the Penal Code where they could face up to 20 years' jail and whipping.

For raping little girls, did they get any fraction of the max sentence or whipping?

Yes for maggot Chuah who was jailed for 5.5 years, but only a mere 6 months more than Zulhaidi Hamzah for stealing less than a dozen cans of beer.

Noor Afizal? Well, he has a 'bright future' and we don't want to ruin that, even for a rapist, do we?

After all, "boys will be boys", 'immortal words' as stated by Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav last year (2014) when he opposed capital punishment for rape, notwithstanding a horrendous rape case where the rapists apart from sexually having their evil ways with the victim also shafted an iron rod into her private part which ripped right into her innards and tore them up - of course she perished but after a few days of suffering both the indignity and physical pain.

Mulayam Singh Yadav was reported as saying: “ladke, ladke hain… galti ho jati hai (boys will be boys … they commit mistakes).”

I suppose it was a coincidence the accused rapists were also from the same Yadav clan. The Times of India reported on 01 June 2014: The three suspects identified as Pappu Yadav, Awdesh Yadav, Urvesh Yadav detained so far in the attack are cousins in their 20s from an extended family, and they face murder and rape charges.

Babulal Gaur, the 'rape is sometimes okay' minister

hearing him say such words console me that maybe it's not all that bad in Malaysia

For more of the f* "boys will be boys" read my BolehTalk post Rape can sometimes be right, said Indian minister. 

Incidentally, charges against the accused in the alleged Baduan rape-murder case were dismissed due to "lack of evidence". The two girls (from a lower caste than the accused) were deemed to have committed suicide.

Anyway, the moral of the story we obtain from the Noor Afizal case must be that under Malaysian law, it's (criminally) safer to rape little girls than to steal a few cans of beer.

To quote 
Honor√© de Balzac, “Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught.”


  1. Perhaps chuah is an atheist. Beware, cibai kaytee

    1. I haven't heard of atheists being pedophiles but undeniably there are many reported and recorded cases of Christian pedophiles, wakakaka